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Film Education

Film Education

Education through Film The use of films in education is widely discussed in schools. Below are news articles and editorials about the use of movies in education. Films in Schools are Inspiring Children with the Joy of Learning From The Guardian Newspaper "It may seem unlikely, but E.T. and Wall-E are being credited as playing an important role in aiding the educational development of today's schoolchildren." Click Here to Continue Reading I Learned It at the Movies – Hollywood as a Teacher From Scientific American "Even films that are historically inaccurate can be a valuable teaching tool. Click Here to Continue Reading Teaching Psychology Through Film, Video From Association for Psychological Science "Movies can be a wonderful tool for teaching psychology. Click Here to Continue Reading Learning from Films From "It wasn’t long into my education career as a teacher that I started to realize the importance and usefulness of film in my lessons. Click Here to Continue Reading

22 Alternatives to YouTube YouTube is definitely one of the most popular video platforms online but it is not the only one. There are several other alternatives teachers can use particularly in schools where YouTube is blocked. Here is a list we have curated for you. Enjoy SchoolTube is a great video resource for both students and teachers. TeachersTv is a great resource site for educators . Teachers Tube is another great video resource created by teachers for teachers. Next Vista is a great video resource for teachers having problems accessing YouTube videos in their schools . Academic Earth is an online repertoire of lectures and courses recorded in videos and organized into different categories .These courses and lectures are recorded from the most reputed American universities such as ; Yale, MIT, Berkeley , Harvard , Princeton, and Standford . Snag Films is a great resource for educative full length documentaries provided by popular producers such as National Geographic.

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