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Wacom Companion – Review & Testing This is my review of the new Wacom Companion. The version I have is the 256 GB Companion. In short, this computer is awesome. I highly recommend it and I will be using it for all of my professional work. Sorry for the dark video, I live in a cave.

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How to draw a portrait from different angles This is certainly a tricky skill to master, but it gets easier with time and practice. The key is to understand the proportions and how the volume and placement of a feature is depicted from various angles. A sharp, chiselled nose is certainly easier to depict in a side view. But knowing how to depict that same nose with the same proportions in the front view is the key to getting this right. Face facts

Tutorials tumblr PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T SCROLL PAST THIS.Scarleteen is a vital queer and trans positive sexual health resource. Their staff do an amazing job of creating really comprehensive and helpful articles on literally every sexual topic you can imagine. They also provide live chats, advice columns, moderated discussion forums, and SMS-based peer support. This site has helped me on countless occasions, and I refer at-risk queer and trans kids to this site every single day.Scarleteen is invaluable.And Scarleteen needs your help.During their annual donation drive this year, the site was only able to raise $1,500. Only fifty people out of Scarleteen’s 350,000 unique monthly visitors contributed to the fundraising drive.This means that unless Scarleteen sees a stable, sustained, 50% increase in donations, the site will essentially be forced to go dark on May 1. No more new content, no more advice columns, no more forums, no more live chat, no more SMS support.

Aretha Franklin' by Jason Seiler Step 6 I removed the palette at this stage because I had enough colours in my painting to work with. If I needed to change the value or saturation of a colour that I already had, I simply clicked on the colour picker and mixed or adjusted my colour there. Not much here has changed since Step 5 (Fig.06). I began to use my favourite Photoshop brush, #24 (follow the brush settings mentioned in Step 1).

Create paintings from photos Did you ever wanted to be a great artist? But unfortunately you are really bad at it? Well that's ok because now with Psykopaint you can be a great artist with no skills. But how does it work? Becoming an Artist Blog - InPursuitOfArt - Concept Art, Illustration, Visual Development & Becoming an Artist Blog by Volen CK Art is War Everyone can walk the path, but not everyone will. Art is war. It’s a daily grind against complacency, procrastination, taking it easy and conforming. Art Tutorials, Theories, and Book Recommendations The following are some of the best links on the internet we have found, that contain insightful, practical, and helpful information on various aspects of creating images. (The word 'Theory' in the title, though often used in this context, may be confusing to some; much of the info here has nothing theoretical about it, but is very much empirical.) If you have links you'd like to submit, please PM or email one of the Forum Leaders (Kai, Steven Stahlberg, Enalya, Lunatique, Cicinimo) , and once we have checked the links, they will be added here. General (All-In-One) Andrew Loomis books online The best resource bar none Link to PDF files for Loomis books

Pseudo HDR - Photoshop Tutorial In this tutorial I will show to how to transform any JPG photo in a HDR type of photo. End result: Author: Views: 51319 Score: 7.4 / 10 Author earned: $10 Mythology of Ningishzida Roman Mercury with caduceus wand; the goat hints of great-grandson (son), Pan [sim.Noah] (see also: Emerald Tablets) Enlil makes Enmeduranki (High Sage-King of Sumer; Nibiruki) into Ningishzidda (Immortal). The Art Reference Blog Anonymous: Hullo! I was wondering if you had refs for coyotes, jackals, and foxes? Thank you! Apprendre à dessiner - Dessin inAll categories Web development13 Courses Entrepreneurship2 Courses Business development1 Course