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Fotoshop by Adobé

Fotoshop by Adobé

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Images of Men in Advertising "What is a man?" This may seem like an odd question to be asking, but it's one that's answered all the time in print ads and television commercials. Ads and commercials, with their images of cowboys, successful businessmen, construction workers, sophisticates in tuxedos, muscle men and others, advertisements may seem to be flashing by casually. But they actually represent countless – if often unconscious– decisions by writers, advertisers, producers, programmers and others about what men look like, say and even think. As each ad answers the questions: "What images of men will sell my product to men?

Street casting: the next big thing Unconventional process ... Tiong Bahru in Civic Life. Photograph: Independent Cinema Office Growing Up Brown: Desexualized and Hyper-sexualized Originally published on Feminspire and cross-posted here with their permission. I’m always surprised by the way I look. Sometimes I look down and notice that my thighs are taking up much more space than I would like. Or sometimes I glance at myself in the mirror and realize that my arms are fuller and rounder than I expected. I don’t expect to look like myself. I expect to look like other girls, girls who are on TV and in magazines, girls who people call “beautiful.” Stop-motion Magic! “Proteigon” is an entertaining film directed by Steven Briand and starring Luca Fiore. The music is well synchronized, and it was composed by Nodey and Omar and sound design by Moritz Reich. Film stills © Steven Briand Link via Colossal

Gender Gap Stops Growing A report being released today says that the gender gap in college enrollments has largely leveled off, with the key exception of Latino enrollments, where men are falling further behind women. The report by the American Council on Education comes amid much talk nationally about the significance of trends that have left men making up only about 43 percent of college enrollments and new college graduates. Some colleges have gone so far as to talk about affirmative action for men, which in turn has prompted an investigation by the U.S.

'Genderbent Disney' Transforms Classic Movie Characters Walt Disney has likely a profound impact on your childhood and development -- and the influence of this media giant continues to play a major role in our culture. As a result, Disney has always been a popular target for individuals and artists who want to push the boundaries of identity and what is considered "normal" in society, such as this viral video where Disney Princesses become fed up with being damsels in distress. Another popular subversion of Disney culture that has recently been circulating on Tumblr involves artists take images of classic Disney characters and visually "transforming" them into the opposite gender of what they're perceived and originally presented as along the male/female binary. In order to better understand this work, called "Genderbent Disney," HuffPost Gay Voices sat down with TT Bret, one of the artists involved, to discuss why this work is important and the goal of the transformations. Check out the interview under the images below.

14 Painful Examples Of Everyday Fat-Shaming If you've ever doubted that fat-shaming is something that happens every day, just listen to the hundreds of Twitter users who shared their stories last week. Blogger Melissa McEwan created the #FatMicroaggressions hashtag to start a conversation about the inappropriate and hurtful comments directed at overweight people on a regular basis. Microaggression, a term coined by Professor Chester Middlebrook Pierce in 1970, refers to small acts of aggression towards people of a certain group -- usually those of non-privileged races, classes or ethnicities. Fat acceptance blogger Living~400lbs posits that overweight people are particularly susceptible to microaggressions because it is acceptable to be openly prejudiced against fat. In a January 2009 blog post she explained: "The problem is that many people figure fat people are not 'really' people, or at least don’t deserve to be treated like people."

Adult Toys: Take A Peek Into Their Private Lives I need to warn you that if you watch this video, you can’t un-watch it. Somebody told me that a few months ago before I watched the trailer for The Human Centipede, but of course, I didn’t listen. I watched it anyway, and I’m forever scared. Although it’s not as bad as that, if you are a woman, it will definitely destroy the sweet childhood memories you have of not only Barbie, but some of your other toys too. This video, created by user mightyent, is called “Adult Toys.”

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