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Materia: global network in the area of innovative materials

Materia: global network in the area of innovative materials

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Textiles 'INSECTED' From bees and caterpillars, to beetles, dragonflies and glowworms, nature’s own eye-catchers are the inspiration behind ‘Insected’, a collection of women’s fashion textiles created for the modern femme fatale. The Dragonfly is inspired by the skeletal structure of the wings of a dragonfly. The material consists of a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with a core of polyester. This yarn is knitted by hand or by machine.

i.M.A.D.E » Archive » Abstractions + Constructions The subject of this foundational, skill-building course – an assignment entitled: “Flat Fabrication” – represented a shift from the immaterial digital realm of three-dimensional modeling software into the world of flat-sheet materials. It involved an investigation of non-planar, complex (“fat”) geometric assemblies and their translation into the “flat” sheet material constructs to be produced using two-dimensional fabrication (laser cutting). Through iterative stages over four weeks, the students developed (and redeveloped) a tectonic, geometric, manufacturing and assembly logic for producing a final material construct for the end of the semester. The students began by devising an appropriate geometric description of the abstraction using developable, planar elements (polygons, triangles, ruled surfaces, circular/spherical approximations) and/or the object’s three-dimensional isoparametric representation, contouring, or some other rationalization.

NSEPS by Silo Show RCA 2011: Royal College of Art graduates Attua Aparicio and Oscar Wanless have invented a new manufacturing process that involves steaming polystyrene beads inside fabric moulds. They used the process, called NSEPS (Not So Expanded Polystyrene), to create this range of furniture with sausage-like legs. Steaming causes the beads to melt, expand and fuse together, distorting their moulds to create writhing muscular shapes. The designers created a geometric pattern in the table top by fusing different coloured beads and slicing the resulting material to reveal its layers. Attua Aparicio and Oscar Wanless work together under the name Silo. More about Show RCA 2011 on Dezeen »

Free Stock Photo Resources I’m not sure if you’ve ever had a look at the prices on some non-stock photography sites (pictures of Gummy bears for $769.00 anyone?), but they reach far beyond the budget of the typical designer/developer. However, many places online allow you to obtain high-quality stock photos for free, giving the average starving artist a chance to create wonderful works of art/design without having to use next month’s rent on stock photos. In this article, we review the 15 best places to free stock photos online for designers. Note: Although these sites feature free stock photos, you should read the terms, limitations, and licensing of each work that you use; read the fine print!

How individual creative projects shape Lisbon’s community and cultural scene Bureaucratic issues related to the halted construction of a huge private condo on that same property drove him to another illegal action which became a hallmark of the Factory. Ten years later, after many appearances in court, as well as petitions from fans of the space, the squatter movement persists. “Disobedience has always been an integral part of the history of philosophy,” says Nuno. “Here, we demonstrate that unsubsidized but sustainable culture is possible.

Homeostatic Façade System Thursday, 06 January 2011 GreenMuze Staff The Homeostatic Façade System by Decker Yeadon Architects. The Homeostatic Façade is a building thermal control system that uses mechanical-muscle operated, exterior surface-mounted louvers and is a feature of Decker Yeadon Architects' intelligent green-building architectural design. 350+ Free Textures - Web Design Blog – 17 scratched and scraped textures grab bag 40 random free textures 14 free high res slate textures Aqueous Sun Texture Pack Volume 1 (50) Aqueous Sun Texture Pack Volume 2 (50) Aqueous Sun Presents Rust v.01 (28)

TRIANGULATION BLOG The coffee table "Sectionimal" was created in 2009 by the Chilean parametric design and digital studio gt_2P. Its design was created from digital modeling with parametric generative algorithms capable of section volumes. The Sectioninal's structure has a free volume sectioned and assembled from its manufacturing plans. This table is part of a series of parametric furniture generated by an algorithmic program of links called SECTION, designed also by the own studio gt_2P.

Laptop Loungechair by Rasmus Fenhann So many people lounge around with their laptops and iPads these days that designer Rasmus Fenhann designed a seating area specifically for this task called the Laptop Loungechair. He says “After a long working day at a desk, it can be nice to find an alternative and more relaxing way to sit and still being able to use the computer for entertainment or e-mails. Using traditional ways of construction and materials I have designed a lounge chair with a big working surface on the users left side. Massive Grunge Texture Pack: 40+ Textures I know things have been a little slow around here lately, but I promise I haven't forgotten about all of you textures lovers. I've been keeping myself busy with lots of side projects and freelance work lately, but I have managed to go out and shoot a whole bunch of new textures to give away. I thought I'd show my appreciation to you guys by releasing a massive pack of grunge textures. I'm pretty sure this is most textures I've posted at one time, not to mention some of my personal favorites.

Choose your Demo Perfect demos for your clients 201All73New2424 Concepts123Business102Creative40Portfolio20Blog25Shop29One Page Bridge Original Bridge Modern Furniture Bridge Craftsman Bridge Modern Photography Fibre Composite Adaptive Systems Designed by Maria Mingallon, Sakthivel Ramaswamy, Konstantinos Karatzas Fibre composite adaptive systems is a research project which emulates self-organisation processes in nature by developing a fibre composite that can sense, actuate and hence efficiently adapt to changing environmental conditions. Fibre composites which are anisotropic and heterogeneous offer the possibility for local variations in their material properties.

‘Entre les lignes’ by Keyne Dupont (FR 'Entre les lignes' by Keyne Dupont The French designer Keyne Dupont realised this table made from three layers of bent plywood which are smartly clamped to the solid wooden legs and fixed by a vertical metal pin. to the Keyne Dupont website

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