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Seven Days of Love

Seven Days of Love
by Corie Who likes a good surprise? I know I do! Well, how would you like to give your spouse SEVEN days of love surprises? Shadeleaf Studios The three things you need: 1: A standard Monday-Sunday pill box 2: Candies such as M&M’s, Lemonheads, gum, etc. 3: Download the Seven Days of Love printable here Once you have printed the Seven Days of Love printable, cut out each love letter and place one in each box Monday-Sunday. I decided to put mine on my husband’s nightstand. You Might Also Like These Related Articles

Birthday Board Here ya go - - a Tutorial on how to make a Birthday Board! I guess it's about time I do a craft post for ya - I've enjoyed the break but am ready to show you some things that I've been up to - and I'm sure you're ready to read actual craft posts, since this is a craft blog and all :) I made this Birthday Board for Trevor's mom - Trevor is one of 9 kids, so there's a lot of them! Instead of doing the whole family's birthdays, I just did the grandkids and great-grandkids. The way it works is each disk represents a child. I originally pinned this idea from a link on etsy, and HERE's the Link!! You can search google or pinterest for "birthday board" and come up with lots of different ideas and variations. I liked the one with the wooden circle disks, and I found them in a bulk pack at Michaels - here's the package bag in case you go to look for them. There are tons of ideas on how to hook everything together. So go ahead and grab a discarded board and whip yourself up a birthday board.

A Kiss In Your Pocket Does your loved one run after you for a kiss the second you walk out the door? Do they call you at 1 am begging you to come over and kiss them goodnight? Do they stand on the train platform and blow you kisses 30 minutes after your train already left? If so, then this is the perfect Valentines day gift idea for you! Introducing a kiss in your pocket. First, take a picture of yourself blowing a kiss. Then print a bunch of little pictures and use a red marker to draw one heart on the first picture, two on the second and so on.. Punch holes on the end and tie it together with ribbon. No longer will your loved one feel clinically depressed when you're away since they'll have your kiss right in their pocket. Problem solved!

Radical Autumn Sign Re-do (with Mod Podge action!) Home » $5 and Under, Decor, Headline, Tutorials 21 September 2009 15,163 views 21 Comments by Amy Note from Heather: Welcome to Amy from Mod Podge Rocks, who is working up a series of amazing tutorials for us! This is Amy from Mod Podge Rocks, and let me start by saying that I am now obsessed with the dollar store. This sign will only take you a few hours at most, and I encourage you to use what you have on hand. Project Estimate: Leaf Sign, $1Acrylic paint colors - 2 coordinating, $2 or on handScrapbook paper - 1 sheet, on handAutumn stickers and embellishments, on handOutdoor Mod Podge, on handCraft glue, on handPaint brush, on handPencil or pen, on handTool set or small pliers, on handSandpaper, on hand Total cost: $3 and up Time Needed: 2 hours To Make: Start out with an unfinished sign. Remove the wires with pliers or whatever tool works best for you. Sand the pieces with a medium grit sandpaper. Flip the leaf over face down and trace on the BACK of the paper you are going to use.

Life {Sweet} Life: {Free Printable} I Love You Because Message Board I was browsing Pinterest the other day when I came across this pin from a content housewife, and knew it was something I couldn't wait to make. Patrick & I used to be great at leaving each other little notes, but it's definitely slowed down lately. I knew this idea was perfect, and something that we'll (hopefully) do on a regular basis. I've been trying to focus daily on all of the little things I'm thankful for. Blessings, big and small, are all around us, and there's so much I take for granted. So this works perfectly with my desire to be more "intentional" in showing my husband just how amazing I think he is and how I appreciate the things he does - no matter how little. And yes, that includes him putting his clothes IN the hamper. If you want to make one, it's quite simple. Enjoy!

Make a Sea Glass Pendant Home » $5 and Under, Accessories, Gifts to Make, Headline, Wearable Crafts, Weddings 15 May 2009 48,279 views 8 Comments by heather Gail at Can't Stop Making Things posted instructions for making these pretty sea glass pendants. How fun would these be for a wedding favor, wine glass charms, or as a bridesmaid gift? Gail even found her "sea glass" in the flower arranging section at the dollar store. If you don't already have them, you can find wire cutters and needle nose pliers at some dollar stores (they're in the craft section of my local store). Project Estimate: Beach glass, $116 gauge wire, $1-224 gauge wire, $1-2Metal charm (optional), $1Gel super glue, on handWire cutters & needle nose pliers, on hand Total: $3 and up Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links or other forms of sponsored content.

"50 Reasons Why I love You" Candy Jar Gift My husband and I are celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary today! I have heard from so many people that a good marriage takes a lot of hard work, but so far, being married to my husband is the easiest thing I have ever done. He has such a big heart and will do anything for his family. He frequently travels for business and works long hours to support and care for us. I feel so fortunate and thankful that because of him I am able to be a stay at home mom to our two boys. He even puts up with all my crafts and latest hobbies. I filled a jar full of 50 Reese's mini cups and on the bottom of each candy, on a dot sticker, I wrote a reason why I love him. The dot stickers were a perfect size (3/4" wide) and I was able to find a pack of over 300 at the dollar store. I imagine that this will sit on his desk and every time he grabs a candy, he will be reminded why I love him. I will never forget our first date on August 25th, 2005.

Make Oversized Faux Cupcakes Home » $10 and Beyond, Decor, From Our Readers, Headline 13 August 2009 15,567 views 2 Comments by heather Who doesn't need a giant faux cupcake? You'll need to visit your local home improvement store to find Great Stuff, which is an expanding foam in a can. Project Estimate: Plastic tub (paper paint bucket will work too), $1Plastic plate to fit top of tub, $1Swimming "noodle", $1Red rubber ball from a paddle ball set, $1Wooden skewer, on hand or $1Kraft paper, on hand or $1Great Stuff, about $6.50 a canWax paper, on handGlue gun, on handSerrated bread knife, on hand

Decorated Sugar Cubes: Sweet Hearts Decorated Sugar Cubes: Sweet Hearts Do you remember I showed you how to draw a ketchup heart with a toothpick? You can use the same technique to draw cookie icing hearts on sugar cubes! Valentine's I finally made a craft! It's been a while, since I'm now a working mom. But I needed something new for my front door for Valentine's month! So I created a simple heart-shaped wreath from 3/4 yard of fabric and 2 old wire hangers. Wanna make one? Here's what you'll need: -2 wire hangers -3 (1/4 yard pieces) of fabric in coordinating colors -Heavy-duty wire cutter/plyers -Sewing scissors or rotary cutter Preparing the Wire Heart: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Preparing the Fabric Strips: 1. 2. 3 . Putting it Together: 1. 2 . 3. Happy Valentine's Day!! Pin It

Valentine's Dates with Echo Park Hi Everyone I have a few Valentine's Day ideas coming up in the next week and this one is heaps of fun to make. Each little paper container inside the jar contains a date idea. If you have read my blog before - you will know that these "Sour Cream" containers are one of my favorite projects to make. Print and cut out 12 ideas for dates for you and your partnerRoll the date up and insert into the container (see here for the detailed tutorial)Seal up the other end Make 11 more! I have some more Valentine's ideas coming later in the week - and please post a comment with any questions. Lowri I am linking up this post to these websites here.