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10 Best Free Online Virtual Room Programs and Tools

10 Best Free Online Virtual Room Programs and Tools
In our modern day of looking at home improvements shows, surfing architecture and interior design websites, and spending countless hours on planning our spaces we live each day, wouldn’t you love to plan them virtually first? There are computer programs that you can purchase, books and tutorials you can buy, or you can look at this list of the best free online virtual programs for planning and designing your home. In this case, best means – user friendly without prior knowledge of using space planning software. Best also refers to ease of accomplishing more than one task, i.e. choosing from a gallery of decor and finishes and laying out rooms and spaces. If you want to upload your own floor plan, or play around with pre-loaded floor plans, this program is for you. Plan view and 3D view allow you to move camera to different angles. To make this program realistic, real products are used for inserting into your model. Want to share your idea with friends around the globe?

Paint | Preview Wall Colors in the Virtual Room Painter For The Painting ProE-news Sign Up Español Glidden Color Palette CloseShare Rules & Regulations Some restrictions apply. Close A product of PPG Architectural Coatings. ©2013 PPG Industries. loading Tutorial de photoshop para crear efecto texto de madera | Photoshop y Tutoriales En este tutorial de Photoshop aprenderemos a crear un texto de madera con la palabra arbol, la textura de madera que utilizaremos la extraje de una foto de arbol por lo que será una textura real, lo que ayudará a que el resultado del tutorial sea más realista. Comenzamos el tutorial abriendo photoshop cs5 y creando un documento de 600px * 300px, color blanco de fondo con 72 dpi. Una aclaración, en este tutorial de photoshop cs5 veremos como crear el efecto para texturizar una palabra previamente escrita en nuestro documento, puedes ver una composición mas detallada en el psd que puliqué anteriormente: cultiva un arbol Con esto aclarado seguimos adelante con el tutorial escribiendo la palabra “arbol” tipo de letra Verdana Bold, tamaño 180pt. El texto puede ser distinto, pero para efectos de seguir el tutorial te recomiendo hacerlo con esta palabra ya que es corta y te será más fácil de aprender la técnica para luego crear tu propia versión del mismo.

How to Turn your Bedroom into a Luxurious Retreat With the stress and the high paced life that we all live in, your bedroom is the one place to truly forget about life. Your bedroom is where you unwind, relax and recharge for the next day. If you could make your bedroom into a luxurious retreat, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? Through lighting, fabrics, and spa inspired décor, you can come home to a bedroom that you dream about all day! See if these tips will help you make your bedroom into the retreat you always dreamed of. Have multiple sources of light: Lighting in your bedroom can make the difference between a sterile room and a soothing sanctuary. Use soothing colors: Nature inspired are soothing colors and relaxing. Soothing sounds: Do you prefer soft classical music, or prefer the soft trickle of water flowing in a nearby fountain? Your bedroom should be the one place that there are no worries, and the world comes to a standstill until you are ready to join it again.

Engineering ToolBox Combining Black & White and colors Abstract Photoshop Tutorial « Abstract « Tutorials « PSD Box – Original Photoshop Tutorials In this tutorial I will show you how to create an abstract artwork in Photoshop by combining black and white and colors. This kind of technique can be used to create beautiful abstract artworks and minimalistic wallpapers. Final Result Stock images used Download video and source files This tutorial will not be as detailed as my previous ones, I will explain the basic and most important steps. Step 1 Create a new document 3000px wide by 2000px high. Step 2 Add some subtle texture to the background on a new layer using any watercolor or splatter/grunge brushes you have or try the ones provided. Step 3 Use the Ellipse vector tool to create two black circles. Step 4 Add the provided tree branches to your canvas or use your own and use Levels and Black&White adjustment layers as clipping mask to create a high contrast effect. Step 5 Use some images from the Paint Tossing pack from Media Militia and add some paint as shown on the image below. Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Step 11 Final result

Exterior Home Details to Make Your Neighbors Envious In every neighborhood there lies the playful competition between neighbors. Whether it’s over the lawn, the house, or who just bought a new riding lawnmower. The exterior of your home is the showcase of the neighborhood. LANDSCAPE & BUILDING LIGHTING: Have you ever driven through a neighborhood in the evening that has beautiful landscape and building lighting? MAILBOXES: Ground mounted and wall mounted mailboxes can come in a variety of architectural styles and varieties. ADDRESS NUMBERS: From the illuminated, ground mounted versions to the stone carved ones, address numbers are a unique way to set your home apart from the others. ENTRY LIGHTING:Walkway lights add ambiance and safety leading to the front of your home. WALKWAY/DRIVEWAY: Change up the usual concrete with colored concrete and/or pavers.

52 Ideas to organize your home: An organizing tip a week "Organizing" may make for fun Pinterest fodder, but for us folks back here in the real world, it's pretty much a four-letter word. Organizing sounds like a great idea in theory — especially while browsing hacks on the internet with a full glass of wine in hand. But without a solid plan in place — one made up of simplified organizing tips that can be used IRL — you're probably going to throw in the towel before the towel organizing is done. We promise we've made this whole organizing thing easy on you. By using just one of these tips a week (just one!), you can keep your humble home de-cluttered for 52 weeks of the year. Let's do this: Evenings/mornings: Make lunches, set out clothes and put everything you need for the next day in a designated area the night before. More: Decluttering guru Marie Kondo's new book promises to make tidying fun Bathrooms: To organize countertop clutter, purchase a plastic tub with a handle on top. More: 8 moving hacks that will keep you from losing your mind

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