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La carte nationale: Collection historique de la carte topographique Historical Topographic Maps - Preserving the Past In 2009, USGS began the release of a new generation of topographic maps (US Topo) in electronic form, and in 2011, complemented them with the release of high-resolution scans of more than 178,000 historical topographic maps of the United States. The topographic map remains an indispensable tool for everyday use in government, science, industry, land management planning, and recreation. Historic maps are snapshots of the nation's physical and cultural features at a particular time. Maps of the same area can show how an area looked before development and provide a detailed view of changes over time. Historical maps are often useful to scientists, historians, environmentalists, genealogists and others researching a particular geographic location or area. GeoPDF® versions of HTMC maps can be downloaded free of charge from these applications: For tutorial information on download and product use, see the US Topo Users Guide.

GPS coordinates google maps, latitude and longitude, map coordinates GeoSilk GeoSilk is a set of icons designed for open source web-based geospatial software. The set is an extension of Mark James's Silk icons—probably the most widely used set of icons on the web—that incorporates metaphors for spatial constructs defined by Jody Garnett's uDig icons. Take a gander at the full set or download it from the SVN repository. Read GeoSilk: Icons for a shared geoweb on the OpenGeo Blog to learn more about this icon set. Common Spatial Tools ¶ Vector Icons ¶ GeoSilk provides icons for points, markers, lines, and polygons that expand on the vector and shape icons provided by Silk: Process Icons ¶ Modifiers ¶ These elements are used in the construction of new icons and usually represent an verb (i.e., action) or adjective (i.e., additional description). Previews ¶ /silk/geosilk (coming soon) /other (coming soon) Below are other icon sets not affiliated with GeoSilk. OSGeo Graphics Application Icons ¶ GIS Icons by Robert Szczepanek (CC 3.0 BY-SA) Cartography Icons ¶

How to Copyright? | Get Free Copyright Protection Online | Myows® Mapping Stereotypes by alphadesigner Get your copy on: Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon DE / Amazon FR / Amazon IT / Amazon ES / Amazon Canada / Amazon Japan / Amazon India / Amazon Brazil Atlas of Prejudice: The Complete Stereotype Map Collection Free RSS Reader. Read all your feeds online as a single stream. Now with real-time RSS feed search engine | Photo Editor | Polarr - Online Photo Editing Re-imagined. Media Nature : localisation et realite augmentee Mind Mapping Software - Create Mind Maps online Mondes sociaux – Améliorer l’esthétique des cartes thématiques CC +kk_ Aujourd’hui, la carte thématique (carte météorologique, carte démographique …) est une forme d’illustration que l’on rencontre régulièrement sur de multiples supports d’information, notamment destinés au grand public, comme la presse quotidienne, la télévision ou Internet. Or, on constate que, sur le plan visuel, ces cartes sont souvent non seulement plus « fouillées » et plus complexes que les produits proposés par la méthodologie classique des manuels de géographie, mais encore plus agréables, pour ne pas dire « plus esthétiques ». Ce constat a suscité l’exploration de disciplines connexes, certaines connues des cartographes, d’autres plus incongrues, qui s’intéressent à l’analyse et l’interprétation des images, pour y découvrir des méthodes et des outils utilisables par le géographe-cartographe. Le cycle de la perception visuelle (dessin de l’auteur d’après E. B. Après la perception visuelle de l’image d’une carte vient son interprétation, étudiée par la sémiotique. W.

Dimensions Of A Paper Sizes - A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10 - In Inches & mm A Paper Sizes - Quick Lookup Select the standard paper size from the 'Size' selector and the unit from the 'Unit' selector - the dimensions will be shown in the dimensions box. The dimensions of the A series paper sizes, as defined by the ISO 216 standard, are given in the table to the right of the diagram in both millimetres and inches (cm measurements can be obtained by dividing mm value by 10). The A Series paper size chart, below left, gives a visual representation of how the sizes relate to each other - for example A5 is half of A4 size paper and A2 is half of A1 size paper. A Series Paper Sizes Chart. Image courtesy of Office 365. Table of Paper Sizes From 4A0 to A10 To obtain paper sizes in centimetres, convert mm values to cm by dividing by 10 and in feet by dividing inch values by 12. 4A0 & 2A0 - The DIN 476 Oversize Formats The paper sizes bigger than A0, 4A0 & 2A0, aren't formally defined by ISO 216 but are commonly used for oversized paper. A Series Paper Size Tolerances

MyGPSFiles Select a command to get help. Then, click apply to execute it. If one track is selected, the command will apply only to this track. Else the command will apply to all tracks. Duplicate the track. Revert the track points order. Create a new track by merging all tracks. Merge all track segments into one segment. Create a new track from each segment of the track. Reduce the number of track points. Reduce the number of track points to get a file with the requested size. Reduce the number of track points using the provided epsilon. Replace points elevations by the MapQuest elevation data. Replace points elevations by the Google Earth plugin elevation data. Add points to the track to get a more accurate elevation profile. Set the same elevation for all points. Increase or decrease the elevation of all points by the provided offset. Change the track start time (the first point time). Update points times to simulate the specified speed. Convert track into the selected format. Remove all time data

Paj's Home: Cryptography: JavaScript MD5 MD5 is a secure hash algorithm. It takes a string as input, and produces a 128-bit number, the hash. The same string always produces the same hash, but given a hash, it is not generally possible to determine the original string. Secure hash algorithms are useful for protecting passwords and ensuring data integrity. This site has a JavaScript implementation of MD5, and some other secure hash algorithms. Protecting Passwords Without protection, passwords are vulnerable to network sniffing. Generating Passwords Most people have accounts on many different web sites. Self-Decrypting Pages Internet email messages are vulnerable to interception and generally considered unsuitable for confidential communication. Demonstration hex_md5("message digest") = "f96b697d7cb7938d525a2f31aaf161d0"hex_sha1("160-bit hash") = "90d925d853c3d35cd54070bb75280fefad9de9e7" More Information Scripts Download the scripts, see information about their history and future plans, and links to other resources. more... Other Uses