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Diesel Truck Performance Parts

Diesel Truck Performance Parts

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AT&T thinks you might watch ads in exchange for a cheaper phone plan "I believe there's a segment of our customer base where given a choice, they would take some load of advertising for a $5 or $10 reduction in their mobile bill," Stankey told Reuters. AT&T confirmed those comments to CNN Business. (The phone carrier owns CNN's parent company, WarnerMedia.) The new plan could come as early as "in a year or two," he told Reuters. While advertising-supported phones haven't taken off in the past, despite efforts from Virgin Mobile and Sprint, AT&T(T) said it has the advantage of better ad targeting. Ads will be tailored to customers identified across multiple devices, a strategy that could also help the company sell ads for more money, Stankey said.

How Safe Is Outdoor Dining at Your Favorite Restaurant? Although COVID-19 transmission is less likely to occur in outdoor settings, the risk isn't zero. According to the CDC, outdoor seating is considered a "more-risk activity," even if a restaurant has limited seating capacity and enough space between tables. The risk grows when both indoor and outdoor seating is available on-site. New York City mayor delays in-person learning for most students Rather than begin in-person classes for all students on Monday, as planned, de Blasio said in-person learning at K-5 and K-8 schools is delayed until September 29, and in-person learning at middle and high schools is delayed until October 1. He said 3-K, Pre-K, and District 75 schools, which serve special education kids, will still open for in-person learning on Monday. Children enrolled in fully remote programs and those in blended learning will also begin full-day instruction on Monday remotely. The decision was made in coordination with teacher union leaders and came after union and city leaders worked in a "respectful spirit" to address their concerns, particularly over staffing, de Blasio said. The mayor said the city and union officials feel satisfied for the most part on personal protective equipment, cleaning and ventilation situations. "The thing we all came together on and said really had to be nailed was the staffing," he said.

Gold retreats as dollar gains, U.S. stimulus hopes wane (Reuters) - Gold slipped on Thursday from a more than one-week high hit in the last session, as the dollar recovered some lost ground after doubts emerged whether an agreement on a new U.S. fiscal coronavirus aid package could be reached before the election. Spot gold fell 0.6% to $1,913.45 per ounce by 0343 GMT, after hitting its highest level since Oct. 12 at $1,931.01 on Wednesday. U.S. gold futures were down 0.7% to $1,916.00 per ounce. WNBA players react to Breonna Taylor settlement The league, which began its playoffs on Tuesday, dedicated the 2020 season to Taylor and the Say Her Name movement, which raises awareness for Black female victims of police violence. All season, in Bradenton, Florida, WNBA players have worn warmup shirts with the words "Black Lives Matter" displayed on the front and "Say Her Name" on the back, along with Taylor's name on their jerseys. Earlier on Tuesday, it was announced that the city of Louisville had agreed to pay $12 million to the family of Taylor and institute sweeping police reforms in a settlement of the family's wrongful death lawsuit. "That's it?" Angel McCoughtry of the Las Vegas Aces, who spearheaded the WNBA's campaign, said to reporters when she was told of the news. She later went on to say, "You know, yeah, they deserve millions, but first of all, that's not a lot of millions.

Cybersecurity company finds hacker selling info on 186 million U.S. voters WASHINGTON — A cybersecurity company says it has found a hacker selling personally identifying information of more than 200 million Americans, including the voter registration data of 186 million. The revelation underscored how vulnerable Americans are to email targeting by criminals and foreign adversaries, even as U.S. officials announced that Iran and Russia had obtained voter registration data and email addresses with an eye toward interfering in the 2020 election. Much of the data identified by Trustwave, a global cybersecurity company, is publicly available, and almost all of it is the kind that is regularly bought and sold by legitimate businesses. But the fact that so many names, email addresses, phone numbers and voter registration records were found for sale in bulk on the so-called dark web underscores how easily criminals and foreign adversaries can deploy it as the FBI said Iran has done recently, by sending emails designed to intimidate voters.

Idaho pastor, Paul Van Noy, skeptical of masks lands in the ICU for Covid-19 Paul Van Noy, senior pastor at Candlelight Church in Coeur d'Alene, has spent two weeks in the hospital with a Covid-19 diagnosis, ministry coordinator Eric Reade confirmed to CNN. Five other church staff were infected with coronavirus, too, but they've all recovered, he said. In a comment shared through Candlelight Church, Van Noy said he'll soon move out of the ICU into another room in the hospital and then recover at home. "At present I feel OK but still need quite a bit of oxygen support -- especially if and when I try to get up out of the bed," he said in a statement through the church. His wife also contracted Covid-19 but wasn't hospitalized, according to the church.

After leaving Venezuela, one will vote for Trump, the other Biden Ever since former president Hugo Chavez took power in 1998, Venezuelans have been divided between those who supported him, dubbed chavistas, and those who opposed him, the anti-chavistas. Families were torn apart by political violence. Fathers would stop speaking to their children because they voted for Chavez, or against him. Now as the US election approaches, similar bitter divisions exist between Americans who are in favor of President Donald Trump and against him, say some Venezuelan-Americans. "It's surreal," Mery Montenegro, 37, who left Caracas in 2015 and now works in advertising in Washington, DC, told CNN.

Louisville police officers shot amid Breonna Taylor protests; suspect in custody Two police officers were shot in Louisville, Ky., on Wednesday night as protesters flocked to the streets to rally against the death of Breonna Taylor, authorities said. Shortly after a police news conference, reports emerged on social media that a third police officer may have been injured. The two police victims confirmed by authorities were being treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, Interim Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Robert Schroeder said in a short news conference around 10 p.m. ET.

From Accra to London, how photographer James Barnor captured decades of style Written by Emma Firth, CNN When he was 17 James Barnor took his first picture, using a small camera a craft teacher gifted him. His subject was a "clever and lovely" girl who he knew from school. "Growing up in Ghana, I was surrounded by people who wanted to have their picture taken," Barnor said during a phone interview. "I don't regret not taking pictures of landscapes. I started out as an apprentice portraiture photographer; people came to be photographed or (I would) go to weddings and school groups." Washington state wildfire kills boy, 1, leaves parents severely burned While trying to evacuate from a wildfire raging in north-central Washington, a 1-year-old boy died and his parents were severely burned this week, the Okanogan County sheriff said Wednesday. The family was reported missing Tuesday from Okanogan, Wash., a small town northwest of Spokane, and their wrecked and burned truck was found in the area that day without them inside. Rescuers found the family along the banks of the Columbia River on Wednesday morning. Jacob Hyland, 31, and Jamie Hyland, 26, were flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for treatment of third-degree burns and were listed in critical condition. An American flag waves in the the wind next to a pile of burning railroad ties in the wake of the Cold Springs Canyon Pearl Hill Fire, Monday, Sept. 7, 2020, in Okanogan, Wash. (Associated Press)