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Eduweb virtual worlds

Eduweb virtual worlds
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Edheads - Activate Your Mind! Social Studies - FREE Lesson Plans Activities Games Powerpoints Handouts - for Kids and Teachers Physics Games from Bloom’s Taxonomy: Bloomin’ Peacock Tomorrow I am doing a training on the Treasures Supplement that I created over the summer. Most of the supplemental suggestions fall into the bottom two tiers of Bloom’s Taxonomy (Remember and Understand). I want to show teachers that just because these activities help students practice basic skills and remember and understand, there are SO many more options that will reach the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy! Below are the tools listed in my Bloomin’ Digital Peacock Bloomin' Digital Peacock Remember: BBC Skillwise- Spelling City- Starfall- Discovery Streaming- Lexipedia- YouTube- Gamegoo- PBS Kids- Understand: Into the Book- Skype- Treasures- Book Adventure- Apply:

Virtual Tour: Panoramic Images: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History This comprehensive virtual tour allows visitors using a desktop computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android) to take a virtual, self-guided, room-by-room walking tour of the whole museum. You can even browse a list of past exhibits, which is included on the ground floor map (see upper right map buttons). The visitor can navigate from room to room by clicking map locations or by following blue arrow links on the floor that connect the rooms. The desktop version includes camera icons to indicate hotspots where the visitor can get a close-up view of a particular object or exhibit panel. Please note: This tour is provided in Flash and HTML5 / Javascript versions. Please note: The National Fossil Hall is currently closed for renovation. Site Credit: Imagery and coding by Loren Ybarrondo.

Teachfind Wave 3: Personalised intervention This overview of strategies for implementing Wave 3 interventions for gifted and talented pupils details how they will typically be tailored to meet individual needs. This is part of the Gifted and Talented (G+T) information for leadership and school ... Year 7 Wave 3 resource - Mathematics challenge Introduction to the Mathematics challenge materials, developed as a Wave 3 resource to provide targeted one-to-one support to help Year 7 pupils at Level 3 in mathematics who are seen as capable of attaining a Level 4 with minor interventions. The National Strategies Last update: 2011 Wave 3 (3 YR +/-) Teaching activities to help combine and count groups of objects Addition and subtraction booklet containing teaching and assessment activities focusing on combining groups of objects and finding how many there are altogether. Wave 3 (3 Y2 ×/÷) Teaching activities to help children understand rows and columns in arrays

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