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HOW TO: Quick Start, Software Setup | Materials | Software | Troubleshooting Setup 1) Plug in USB Small side of USB cable plugs into MaKey MaKey, big side plugs into computer. 2) Close Popup Window Your computer may ask you to install drivers or do other setup. 3) Connect to Earth Connect one end of an alligator clip to "Earth" on the bottom of the front side of MaKey MaKey. 4) Connect to Yourself Hold the metal part of the other end of the alligator clip between your fingers. 5) Connect to "Space" and Try It While you're still grounded, touch the round "Space" pad on the MaKey MaKey. I Luv MaKey MaKey 5) Play some MaKey MaKey drums! 6) Connect Stuff Now you can try making your own drums out of anything. Try Out Different Materials Make anything into a key! Conductive Materials Here are a few things to try: Most fruits and vegetables work great. Try Out Software MaKey MaKey works with any software that uses the keyboard or mouse. You can also try out interacting with:

Mike Proctor Extreme Peel Out aimants En 1960, Von Foerster publia le récit d'exprériences faites avec des petits cubes aimantés de sortes que les trois faces correspondant à un même sommet étaient magnétisées dans une direction et les trois autres faces Les aimants de Von Foerster dans l'autre (les pôles de même direction se repoussent, les pôles de directions opposées s'attirent). Très probablement, nous avons là plus qu'une métaphore de la façon dont l'évolution a peu à peu créé l'architecture du vivant. Mais les cubes de Von Foerster nous suggèrent autre chose : la création suppose le désordre et le hasard. De même, la psychothérapie amène du désordre et on ne peut pas la programmer.

Resources - Fun e-Textile oriented guide and additional projects to get you started in the fun world of sewable electronics. The guide outlines each concept with a simple project that students can complete to learn the concept. The Soft Circuits guide is the perfect place for beginners to learn the basics of e-textiles. The Soft Circuits guide was written by Emily Lovell at the High - Low Tech research group at M.I.T. Media Labs. Concepts covered include: Soft Circuits and what they areTroubleshooting Soft CircuitsA simple soft circuit switchOther types of switchesParallel circuitsMicrocontrollers

Kodu | Home Hopscotch, Programming Designed for Everyone: coding for kids Kodable