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DIY Vinyl Record Bowls

DIY Vinyl Record Bowls
I got the idea to make these little bowls a few years ago when I bought Mark Montano's book, the Big-Arse Book of Crafts . (Mark Montano is the most brilliant crafter around-- I love his books and his projects.) One bowl I made sits on my dresser and holds little hair knickknacks, and I gave a few bowls away, but I never got around to writing a tutorial about it. To make a vinyl record bowl you need: -Real bowl (One that can go in the oven.) This project is so easy and fun. After you take it out of the oven, just press the record down into any bowl or shape that you want. Hold your record in place inside the bowl until it hardens again. (My favorite one.) And that's it! You can keep whatever you want in these bowls, I think I am going to take mine to work and put them on my desk. Related:  ✂️ ASSTD

DIY: How to Make a Vinyl Record Notebook I love finding crafty projects using vinyl records-- from making a vinyl record purse or vinyl record bowls, I think those round slabs of plastic are incredibly fun to bend, mold, shape, and cut. About a week ago, I saw this incredible idea on Gemma's blog about how to make a vinyl record notebook and I was so excited to make it. Now, while I love using records to make crafts, my boyfriend is a huge record hipster dork. ;) (Hehe, sorry Sean!) I'm telling you-- in the many years I've known this boy, he has been such a difficult person to think up gift ideas. Sean's record collection at school. Right now I am visiting this stuff-hating boyfriend in Princeton, NJ and before I left, I wanted to make sure I had a little gift to give him when I got here... because I love presents. Sean writing his name in the notebook. :) If you want to give a vinyl record notebook as a little gift, they're actually really simple to make. :) And here's a video I made on the whole process.

Button Bookmarks Simple and cute button bookmarks Thanks for stopping by! To get the newest posts subscribe or join us on facebook or pinterest. Today I have a fun, quick & EASY tutorial for you. I’ve been wanting to make some bookmarks for the whole “back to school” theme and I decided to make some button bookmarks with my large button stash. Button bookmarks Supplies: paperclipsfancy buttonshot gluefelt This tutorial really is so simple and easy enough to get the kids involved with (just make sure to assist with the gluing). Instructions: All you do is hot glue your paper clip to the back of your button and then cut a small piece of felt to go on top. There are so many fun buttons you can use to get creative. Hope you enjoyed this fun little tutorial. For more simple crafts check out: felt bow tutorial, handmade resin ring, bead board frame Thanks for reading. more by Jamielyn » Jamielyn Nye Lifestyle expert, Pinterest tastemaker and blogger at Join in!

DIY Dry shampoo has been a MUST HAVE in my daily hair care routine for the past three years. I’ve gone through countless spray cans of different brands (Psst!, Tresemme, John Frieda, Garnier, Oscar Blandi, Batiste…to name a few), spending way too much for very little product. THE RECIPE: Mix 3 parts cocoa powder and 1 part cornstarch and/or baby powder in a small container. Because this container works so well, I just hold the container in my hand and sprinkle the powder directly onto my roots and rub it in with my fingers. QUICK TIP: Did you know that the best way to use dry shampoo is to apply it BEFORE you actually need it?

Shrink Plastic Flower Head Pins Spring has sprung early here in North Eastern Ohio, and we’ve got lovely flowers blooming outside. I wanted to bring some of that “spring” indoors to my crafting table. So I made some sweet little flower headpins! They are actually really easy. You’ll need: Clear shrink plastic (I used clear for that translucent look.)White glass headpinsAlcohol-based markers (I used LetraSet ProMarkers)2 inch flower punch (I used the “Whale of a Punch” by EK SuccessHeat toolSanding block or sandpaperHot Glue Gun Helpers (not mandatory, but really helpful) First, punch out your shapes with the punch. Then scuff up your plastic using the sanding block and color the sanded area using your alcohol-based markers. Make sure that the scuffed/colored surface is face DOWN, away from the headpin. Next, apply heat and shrink the plastic. Let it cool for a few seconds so you can handle it safely. Use Hot Glue Gun Helpers if you have them handy! Repeat until you have a full bouquet. About Jenny Barnett Rohrs

Elastic Hair Ties Hey guys, it’s another hair DIY! I received an Alex & Isabelle hair tie in a Birchbox a few months back, and I loved it so much that I bought a few more in different colors. They are less damaging to the hair, not to mention cuter on the wrist. 1. 2. 3. style="display:inline-block;width:728px;height:90px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-4046070994200473" data-ad-slot="3945793669">

Tic Tac Vases My husband loves orange tic tacs almost as much as Paulie Bleaker, and we have a lot of these empty containers laying around. So, I decided to up-cycle them into mini bud vases. They work wonderfully together and look great lined up too. Grab some empty tic tac containers and remove all the sticker labeling with soap and water. Tip: Paper Source catalogs are perfect for this. This entry is filed under bright, colorful, container, crafty, decor, diy, flowers, home, housewares, how to, mod, modern, project, recycle, tic tac, tutorial, upcycle, vase.

Sliced Agate Necklace I’ve been looking for an affordable sliced agate necklace for the past year now, but I’ve found that most of them are way too pricey ($50 – $100). I just think they are beautiful, with no two that are the same. Agate has long been associated with protective and healing energies, so wearing the stone may bring you good luck. I was wandering around Joann Crafts, and I happened to stumble upon a pack of two pre-drilled sliced agate pendants for $4!!! You will need: 1. Steps: 1. This would be such a sweet, thoughtful, and inexpensive gift to give your girlfriends, bridesmaids, etc.

Cute Bookmarks bookmarks | 26 comments I don’t really use real bookmarks. I’m not sure why. They’re not expensive, or hard to make, but I tend to just pick up whatever to mark my pages. Old receipts, scraps of paper, a pencil, etc. (For those curious, I finished A Million Suns a couple days later and really enjoyed it! I’ve been eye-ing lots of super cute DIY bookmarks for the last few months that I’ve seen pop up around the web. The problem is, often my bookmarks fall out and I lose my page. I’m definitely going to keep these in mind for future gift giving opportunities after I’ve made a couple for our use at home. 8 Cute DIY Bookmark Ideas Bow Tie Paper Clips Using Fabric Scraps from How About Orange. No-Slip Bookmark Tutorial from Mary Janes and Galoshes. Fabric Button Paper Clip Bookmarks from Quiverfull of Blessings. Remember when I mentioned all those cute ways to use or make fabric rosettes recently? Page Corner Monster Bookmark Template from I Could Make That. About the Author: