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Learn French - Bonjour, Online Free French Lessons to Learn French

Learn French - Bonjour, Online Free French Lessons to Learn French

Learn French Introduction | French Lessons Learn French with hundreds of pages written for anyone with little or no French knowledge. Whether you're just beginning to learn French or picking it up again after a long absence, you'll find everything you need on these pages. Go to page 2 for French lessons categorized by type (grammar, vocab, pronunciation). If you're taking a trip to France or another French-speaking country, you might be interested in my special 6-week email course on Travel French. Not sure of your level? The links below include some additional resources to help you learn French, both on- and off-line. If you have any questions, need a better explanation of one of my lessons, don't see a lesson on something you've studied in class, or just feel like practicing what you've learned about French, please post a message on the French for Beginners Forum.

chansons françaises :: chapitre préliminaire If you have studied French before, what are the main things you remember? Foux da fafa is by a group from New Zealand called Flight of the Conchords. The song is a parody on words and expressions that students typically learn in introductory French courses. As you listen, see how much of the song you are already able to understand. Note: the members of this group are not native French speakers, so their grammar and pronunciation are not always correct! Flight of the Conchords is a folk, pop, and comedy band that bills itself as "formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk comedy folk duo." The duo's comedy and music became the basis of a BBC radio series and then, an American television series, which premiered in 2007 on HBO.

Learn French with free online lessons Dictionnaire français en ligne - langue française Dictionnaire français Français • Trésor de la langue française : dictionnaire du XIXe & XXe siècles, plus de 100 000 mots : définition, étymologie, citations, synonymes, antonymes (+ audio) (ou autre version) • Dictionnaire Larousse : définitions, expressions, synonymes & antonymes, difficultés, citations • Grand Larousse de la langue française par Louis Guilbert, René Lagane, Georges Niobey (1971-78) a-cip - cir-er - es-inc - ind-n - o-psi - pso-sur - sus-z • Encyclopédie universelle Larousse : dictionnaire encyclopédique • Grande encyclopédie Larousse (1971-76) • Dictionnaire vivant de la langue française (DVLF) : dictionnaires de l'Académie, Littré, synonymes & corpus linguistique • Dictionnaire de l'Académie française (1935) & 9e édition incomplète [a-r] : recherche en ligne • anciens dictionnaires du XIXe & XVIIIe - XVIIe - XVIe - ancien français - roman • Dictionnaire visuel : thématique • Dictionnaire terminologique (québécois) : termes techniques & bilingue français-anglais

Les Conversations Mises à Jour Les Conversations Mises à Jour is a collection of authentic conversations in French that targets mostly intermediate and advanced learners of French. Each conversation highlights the shared experience of two native or near-native French speakers and provides both an oral history of that experience and a trove of cultural references. L'amitié Voici une conversation entre deux amis, Charles et Nicholas, qui sont deux étudiants du troisième cycle dans une grande université américaine. Ils sont amis depuis plusieurs années, mais l’un des deux est sur le point de déménager dans une autre grande ville américaine très loin. La vie de couple Voici une conversation entre un couple marié depuis bien longtemps. Les études Voici une conversation entre un professeur et un étudiant en doctorat qui enseignent dans le même département.

Home Welcome to - the home for language courses developed by the Foreign Service Institute. These courses were developed by the United States government and are in the public domain. This site is dedicated to making these language courses freely available in an electronic format. Website back up. April 13, 2013 The site has been down for two months to the day. On the bright side, there are now other sources for these materials: Please bookmark these sites as well. Catching Up January 16, 2011 The following texts have been posted over the months since this page's last update: Many thanks to Oberon for all the above, as well as Martin Styles for the updated audio for Italian FAST. Various Updates April 16, 2010 There have been several updates over the last few months. Audio for (first 12 tapes) Audio (and text updates) for More coming soon. New Material January 29, 2010 is now available as well as the text for . November 12, 2009 New Text September 12, 2009 August 23, 2009 New Forum

Apprendre le français et fiches pédagogiques FLE LE DICTIONNAIRE - Dictionnaire français en ligne gratuit Learn French online for FREE! French Language Overview French speakers worldwide 128 million French speaking countries Belgium Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Canada Central African Republic Comoros Congo Côte d'Ivoire Djibouti France French Guiana French Polynesia Gabon Guadeloupe Haiti Luxembourg Madagascar Mali Martinique Mauritius Mayotte Monaco New Caledonia Réunion Rwanda Senegal Seychelles Switzerland Togo Vanuatu Language family Indo-European > Italic > Romance > Italo-Western > Western > Gallo-Iberian > Gallo-Romance > Gallo-Rhaetian > Oïl > French Learn French Online This site is designed as a starting point for people who want to learn more about the French language. After some translations into French, the phonetic pronunciation is given in parentheses. Other languages

Informal French & Slang Tutorial This informal French slang tutorial is designed to teach the real spoken form of French - which is very different from the formal way of writing - as well as common French slang words. Sentences marked with → were taken from a random search online to give you authentic examples of slang usage. When you click they will open in a new window. Buy Informal and Spoken French as an e-book! Buy Informal and Spoken French For more French learning through authentic videos, I recommend Yabla French and FluentU. Informal French and French Slang Index Informal French Patterns Fillers in Speech Informal Interjections Recognizing French Slang Words Common Informal Expressions Common Informal Verbs The verb foutre Common Informal Adjectives Common Informal Adverbs Verlan Health and Body Vocabulary Emotions and Personality School Weather and Time Talking and Chatting Eating and Drinking People and Animals Places and Transportation Work and Money Love and Dating Clothes and Fashion Entertainment and Technology French Proverbs

Top 5 mistakes by French learners [Français] 1- French accent (s) In those times where your first words written in French will probably pass by a keyboard, you may find it difficult to type the accents. Pleeeeease keep in mind this simple phrase: accents are not optional! They indicate a different pronunciation of the letter (specially the E). Pay attention to distinguish between ou (or) and où (where). The churchgoers will be attentive to pêcher/pècher (however pronounced identically): je vais aller pêcher means I’m going to catch some fish, while je vais aller pécher means I’m going to sin… Do you prefer get a task or a stain ? Quite seldom, you can meet dû : the past participle of devoir, and the only conjugated form to have an accent on it. Finally, in restaurant I would definitely recommand to order a plate of pâtes and some biscuits salés, instead of a full plate of pâté and some biscuits sales… You might enjoy it more! 2- Majuscules 3- Offensive animals Animal lovers, take care! 4- Genre des noms - cheveux / chevaux

Common Mistakes When Learning French « Learn French Fast Blog It’s easy to make mistakes when you are trying to learn French. The key is to learn from your mistakes and quickly move on – don’t get bogged down by them. Here are some common mistakes people make when learning French: Thinking of your French learning process as something that is confined to the classroom – If you’re going to be comfortable speaking French in day-to-day life you must practice it in such a situation. Once your French training is finished you should immerse yourself in the language by seeking out French conversations in person or on the Internet as much as possible.Forgetting to rrrrroll your R’s – This can be hard to get used to at first, especially if your first language is English, but once you get it down you will do it unconsciously. Remember these tips as you set out to learn French.