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Free Hat Patterns, Scarf Tying, Online Millinery Books

Free Hat Patterns, Scarf Tying, Online Millinery Books
Posted on | October 9, 2008 | 8 Comments The links on this page are for sewn hats only. There are fabulous patterns available for knitted and crocheted hats, but I don’t do those crafts so I didn’t list them. If you do knit and crochet, take a look here. Fleece hats are all the rage now, so naturally there are a lot of free patterns on the web. For more fleece hats, also look under hats for kids. A headscarf is the easiest type of hat to make. Initially popular only among bikers, mainstream women have discovered doo-rags, too. Lots of funky hat for kids. I used to wear berets a lot during the 90’s, but lately they seem to be out of style. A great hat, can make the whole costume. These hats are a bit more advanced than most of the hats listed on this page. This category is for all the hat styles that don’t seem to fit elsewhere. Snoods are generally worn only by orthodox Jewish women, but lately I have seen other ladies wearing them also. Read More : Sewing or Home Comments

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The Ease of Straw Hat Making My dear friend Teresa Wenzel is a master doll milliner and an excellent maker of all things fine and delicate. This article she wrote for Doll Costuming years back in '03 but it is worth re-printing. Michelle You can create the most beautiful and well fit hat designs for your dolls by simply easing the straw braid in and out as needed for your design. In designing doll hats, especially those of straw braid, I have found a wonderful use for my small treasures of fabrics, trims, laces and findings. Not large enough for most projects but too beautiful to waste I use these to embellish both cloth and straw hats.

Make Your Own Velvet & Ribbon Belts Another Back To School For Moms Week post. Make your own easy velvet ribbon belts. I purchased enough velvet ribbon for my waist size, plus another five inches and two D-rings the same width as the ribbon. To treat the ends of ribbon so that they won't fray, carefully burn them with a match or lighter. The plastic in the ribbon melts leaving a hardened edge.

70 Free Lingerie Sewing Patterns : 70 Free Lingerie Sewing Patterns Posted on | November 12, 2009 | 12 Comments Free lingerie sewing patterns are hard to find on the internet. While free skirt patterns and tote patterns abound, free lingerie sewing patterns require sifting through hundreds of sites to locate. Here are 75 patterns that I was able to find. Straw Boater Hat Tutorial This was my first Tutorial many years ago...but it still a basic and deserves repeating. Michelle A Straw Boater 1":1' Scale

Open Parasol Tutorial Step 1 Cut out the pattern using the fabric you have selected. Trim the top raw edge with lace or others fine trim. I have used lace for this sample. Lengthening a Dress with Lace I have been off of work the past two days and I got to enjoy a quick little road trip up to Indianapolis with my parents. It was short, but still very fun and it was great to see them again. It was sad to see them go! You may have noticed (or you may not), but I have made a few more cosmetic changes to the blog! I'm pretty excited about it.My mom and I hit some antique malls on the drive up to Indy, which is always exciting. It's rare to find cheap old clothing at antique stores, but I ended up snagging a dress for a refashion project at a good price!

Tutorial: Gilded Lace Crowns These pretty crowns are great for costumes (Halloween princess, anyone?), fairy house decorations, and the tiny ones could be cute tree ornaments. They are deceptively easy to make, and could be a fun project to do with little ones. Materials:Lace, modpodge, gold acrylic paint, gold leafing powder.Tools:scissors, paintbrushes, wax paper, optional hair dryer

How To Transfer Doll Clothing Patterns My favorite way to bust my fabric stash is making doll clothes. Barbie clothes help get rid of even itty bitty pieces! But tiny paper pattern pieces get torn up quickly, especially if you use them often like I do. Nanofabrics Nanofabrics are textiles engineered with small particles that give ordinary materials advantageous properties such as superhydrophobicity (extreme water resistance, also see "Lotus effect"),[1] odor and moisture elimination,[2] increased elasticity and strength,[3] and bacterial resistance.[4] Depending on the desired property, a nanofabric is either constructed from nanoscopic fibers called nanofibers, or is formed by applying a solution containing nanoparticles to a regular fabric. Nanofabrics research is an interdisciplinary effort involving bioengineering,[5] molecular chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, computer science, and systems engineering.[3] Applications of nanofabrics have the potential to revolutionize textile manufacturing [6] and areas of medicine such as drug delivery and tissue engineering.[7] Electron microscope image of cotton fibers coated with gold (left) and palladium (right) nanoparticles.