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Science: Social Sciences

Science: Social Sciences
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Craig McKie Robert Wonser's Sociology Page Welcome to the homepage of Robert Wonser, adjunct professor of Sociology at College of the Canyons, Moorpark College and Pierce College. This site contains all of the resources for my sociology courses at all three schools. "Sociology's misfortune is that it discovers the arbitrary and the contingent where we like to see necessity, or nature ... and that it discovers necessity, social constraints, where we would like to see choice and free will." - Pierre Bourdieu For the Fall 2012 semester I'll be teaching: Fall 2012 Office Hours: After class and by appointment only. Enjoy your visit here and feel free to E-Mail me with questions and comments! Be sure to attend this year's ICSA event: Take a stand for our community colleges!

Die Like An Egyptian -A study of the ancient Egyptian afterlife incorporating the multiple intelligences Welcome to ancient Egypt! For the next few weeks, you will be studying the culture and beliefs of the ancients. Your grade will be based on a rubric . Click on one of the icons below to view your project choices! Great Sites to check out: The Fruity Pharaohs Mr. email us! Written for the Enternet 97 program sponsored by the Illinois School Board of Education .

Software for Education and Learning by Seeds Software ISSC Who Rules America? Power, Politics, & Social Change by G. William Domhoff Welcome to, a site about how power is distributed and wielded in the United States. It both builds upon and greatly supplements the book Who Rules America?, now in its 7th edition. Among the many things you'll find here: supplementary information and updates for readers of WRA; an overview of the American power structure at the national level and an in-depth look at power at the local level; a look at the wealth and income distribution in the U.S.; and an overview of the Four Networks theory of power, which provides the best general theory of power and social change within which to situate the class-domination theory we've developed specifically for the United States. There's a special section (including photos and first-hand accounts) about a unique elite social club that's been holding its annual California summer retreat for well over a century: The Bohemian Club & The Bohemian Grove. Questions and Answers Q: So, who does rule America?

42 Amazing Resources for Inspirational Typography There are many theories to what constitutes good typography, its not as simple as choosing an appropriate font and setting it in the style of a particular project, that would be too easy. Theories and tutorials are one thing, putting typography into perfect practice is another, and is perhaps the hardest part of any design. Every designer you ask will give you a different answer to what constitutes good type, where is the benchmark? Below you will find the best typography sites, rich full of inspiration, tutorials, theories, free fonts, good practices… everything you could possibly need related to typography. Typographica Typographica is a review of typefaces and type books, with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design. We Love Typography We Love Typography is an image, video, & text ‘bookmarking’ site that is wholly dedicated to type-related content. Typophile Upscale Typography Type for you A great blog rich full of type news, interviews, inspiration and free resources. TypeNeu

ASA Research Home Mentoring and Ideal Academic Careers Network Analysis of Teaching and Learning Latest Data Trends in Sociology 2012 Bachelor's & Beyond Results Released! About the Research Department The Department collects primary and secondary data, builds and maintains databases, and disseminates findings in a variety of formats for a diverse audience. Connect with Us Current Projects - Learn more about the Department's current and upcoming research projects. Briefs and Articles - Download ASA research briefs, reports, chartbooks, and slideshow presentations. Trends in Sociology - Find data on degrees, enrollment, employment, departments, funding, and salaries in sociology and other social sciences, as well as data on ASA membership. Considering a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Sociology? Project Funding - The homepage for Funding for the Advancement of the Discipline (FAD) contains information about the application process, past funded projects, and characteristics about the program.

Marxists Internet Archive 250+ Free, Vintage Graphics: Flourish Vector Ornaments Wow, if you're looking for high quality free vector graphics, then you've landed on the right article. We've roundup up a massive collection of free vector flourishes. These graphics are composed of a wonderful mix of vintage elements, floral ornaments, swirly design mixes, and are all made of beautifully curved vector art. These retro designs are great for adding a classic feel and to separate areas of information in your work. Many of these graphics are available for commercial use, as well as personal use. Free Flourish Ornament Graphics for Vector Designers Vintage Vector Flourishes and Ornaments This free pack is filled with 85 vector ornaments. It's put together from genuine retro, nineteenth century type foundry catalogs. Retro Flourish Design Elements These ornate vector graphics have a decorative calligraphic feel. Ornaments and Flourishes These flourish vector graphics were put together over the course of four years by Manamedia. Vector Flourish Ornaments Vector Flourish Designs

Sociological Writing What this handout is about This handout introduces you to the wonderful world of writing sociology. Before you can write a clear and coherent sociology paper, you need a firm understanding of the assumptions and expectations of the discipline. You need to know your audience, the way they view the world and how they order and evaluate information. What is sociology, and what do sociologists write about? Unlike many of the other subjects here at UNC, such as history or English, sociology is a new subject for many students. So, just what is a sociological perspective? Key assumptions and characteristics of sociological writing What are the most important things to keep in mind as you write in sociology? Argument The first thing to remember in writing a sociological argument is to be as clear as possible in stating your thesis. Although each of these three arguments seems quite different, they all share one common feature: they assume exactly what they need to be explaining. Evidence

Global Social Change Michael Schneider A Beginner's Guide To Constructing the Universe: The Mathematic Archetypes of Nature, Art and Science The Timeless Alphabet: An introduction to the symbolic language of numbers and shapes My writings and classes introduce participants to the timeless, symbolic language of numbers and shapes which appear as the forms of nature, as symbols of religion and mythology, in the proportions of worldwide art and architecture, and in fairy tales and folk sayings. Just a few numbers and their shapes compose this archetypal alphabet upon which the designs of the universe, from atoms, flowers, seashells to the human body and galaxies and are based. The forms of nature are forces made visible. The symbolic significance of numbers and shapes is not arbitrary or cultural but comes from their timeless characteristics, their properties alone, and the ways they relate with others. We don’t need any math background to learn the gentle alphabet of nature’s design language. The most important reason for these studies is their healing and uplifting property. Come learn the language of your native world!