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Stylish Work Clothes

Stylish Work Clothes

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New coronavirus study reveals increased risks from middle age The first comprehensive study of Covid-19 deaths and hospitalisations in mainland China has revealed in stark detail the increase in risk for coronavirus patients once they reach middle age. The analysis found that while the overall death rate for confirmed cases was 1.38%, the rate rose sharply with age – from 0.0016% in the under 10s, to 7.8% in 80s and over. The study showed only 0.04% of 10 to 19-year-olds required hospital care compared with more than 18% of those in their 80s and above. Dramatic rises were seen among middle-aged groups too, with 4% of people in their 40s needing hospital treatment and more than 8% of patients in their 50s. “Our estimates can be applied to any country to inform decisions around the best containment policies for Covid-19,” said Professor Azra Ghani, a co-author of the study.

Coronavirus brings life in the US to a grinding halt as federal, local governments work to stop spread It was the week that changed everything. Federal, state and local governments, in the past 72 hours, have taken unprecedented steps to try and slow the coronavirus’ spread, and bolster small businesses, first-responders and hospitals that prepare for an influx of patients exhibiting serious symptoms. Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker who is spending some time in Italy with his wife, Callista, the U.S. House plants: make your own miniature mossy world Cultural differences in gardening are fascinating. In Japan, there are many specialist nurseries dedicated entirely to moss cultivars. In the UK, the only thing you’re likely to find in a garden centre with “moss” on it is a bottle of moss killer. However, thanks to the blossoming of cross-cultural exchanges of gardening ideas, often generated by following accounts on Instagram, it seems a whole generation of Brits is getting excited about “mossariums” – miniaturised landscapes of moss and rocks encased in glass vessels. But given our lack of dedicated moss nurseries, how do you even get hold of the stuff?

California, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts And Washington Close Bars And Restaurants In Effort To Slow Coronavirus Social distancing matters. Here is how to do it and how it can help curb the COVID-19 pandemic. USA TODAY The governors in five states — California, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington — closed bars, restaurants and wineries in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. In other parts of the country, mayors of major cities ordered similar restrictions. In Ohio, Gov. Coronavirus vaccine: when will it be ready? Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a pandemic, all eyes have turned to the prospect of a vaccine, because only a vaccine can prevent people from getting sick. About 35 companies and academic institutions are racing to create such a vaccine, at least four of which already have candidates they have been testing in animals. The first of these – produced by Boston-based biotech firm Moderna – will enter human trials imminently. This unprecedented speed is thanks in large part to early Chinese efforts to sequence the genetic material of Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. China shared that sequence in early January, allowing research groups around the world to grow the live virus and study how it invades human cells and makes people sick.

Coronavirus triggers massive spike in firearms and ammunition sales As stores around the nation are struggling to keep up with the demand for food, toilet paper and hand sanitizer, there is another golden commodity fast disappearing from the shelves amid the coronavirus crisis: firearms. Over the past week, gun stores countrywide have seen long lines and a wiping out of inventory as unnerved customers turn to their Second Amendment rights in the bid for self-protection. "Firearms and ammunition sales are strong this week as many gun stores are quickly trying to restock inventory. There has been an uptick in inquiries for firearms training as families seek guidance on the selection, use and storage of a new firearm," Robyn Sandoval, 45, executive director of the Austin-based "A Girl & A Gun Women's Shooting League," told Fox News.

Trump warns of 'painful two weeks' as officials predict up to 240,000 US coronavirus deaths Donald Trump has warned America to brace for a “very, very painful two weeks” as the White House projected that the coronavirus pandemic could claim 100,000 to 240,000 lives, even if current social distancing guidelines are maintained. Striking an unusually sombre tone at the start a marathon two-hour briefing, the US president defended his early handling of the crisis and displayed models that, he said, justified his decision to keep much of the economy shut down. “I want every American to be prepared for the hard days that lie ahead,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “We’re going to go through a very tough two weeks.

Hollywood Hits Pause On Filming, Concert Tours And More Over Coronavirus “We love you guys and we are praying for everyone’s safety and wellness. We’ll see you soon,” the trio captioned a statement that they shared on their social media accounts on Friday, March 13. “Hey guys, we’ve been monitoring the situation and after careful consideration and growing concern for our fans, touring staff, and families’ wellness we regret to announce that our April 1 – 18 Las Vegas residency at Park MGM is being cancelled,” the statement read. “We did not make this decision lightly. We were so excited for the opportunity to share an amazing show with you guys, but nothing is more important than everyone’s health and safety. We are so sad to disappoint you guys, but it’s important for everyone to do what we can to keep everyone healthy.”