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GCSE Bitesize - French

GCSE Bitesize - French
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Articles for complete beginners in French (Fle A1) "You have been a fantastic teacher and a friend. My move to France would have been positively awful had I not had such a wonderful tuition by you. You are truly an energetic, interesting person who makes people at ease and comfortable in your company. Thank you for everything, Nikki. (Nikki's own website to help you to move to France; "Vanessa is an excellent teacher who makes lessons interesting and fun. "Vanessa, I just wanted to let you know how the exam [To enter the business school INSEAD in Fontainebleau went and to thank you for your wonderful teaching. "Vanessa is a brilliant teacher! "I've really enjoyed the lessons so far.

Languages - French - Ma France - Suggested activities for tutors Jeux pédagogiques - Orthographe grammaticale Conjugaison avec contexte Conjuguer le verbe aux modes, temps et personnes indiqués • 11 modules de 20 verbes • Impression des résultats détaillés • Exercices d'entraînement Conjugaison sans contexte Conjuguer le verbe aux modes, temps et personnes indiqués • 7 modules de 20 verbes • Impression des résultats détaillés • Exercices d'entraînement Genre des mots Choisir le genre des mots • 8 modules de 20 mots • Impression des résultats détaillés • Exercices d'entraînement Graphies des finales en É Choisir l'analyse et la terminaison qui conviennent pour les mots soulignés • 6 modules de 35 phrases • Impression détaillée des résultats • Exercices d'approfondissement Graphies des finales en I et en U Choisir l'analyse et la terminaison qui convient pour les mots soulignés • 8 modules de 25 phrases • Impression détaillée des résultats • Exercices d'approfondissement

French: Ouverture: 1 Sur la Côte d'Amour This section on summer holidays in France starts with a video sequence showing a typical beach scene from a French resort on the Atlantic coast. As well as finding out a little about the history of holiday-making in France, we hear present-day holiday-makers describing the advantages and disadvantages of a popular beach. A number of people then explain how much holiday they take and when they can take it. Finally we explore current trends and investigate how popular foreign holidays are among the French. The video was shot partly in the Pays de la Loire region in the west of France and partly in Paris. The opening video sequence uses archive and contemporary footage to show some of the ways in which the coast is used for leisure activities. View the following video and click through to the quiz Activité 2, Sur la Côte d'Amour Transcript14 [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. Key point 1: Using visual clues Pour vous aider Key point 2: Learning phrases Activité 3 Answer

GABFLE French: Ouverture This unit is taken from Ouverture, a language course that concentrates on French as a tool for communication, but it also provides some insights into French society and culture through authentic printed, audio and video materials. It will be of interest to all those who want to improve their language skills in order to communicate more easily and effectively in French. This unit focuses on the French on holiday. This unit is an adapted extract from the course Ouverture: intermediate French (L120)14 [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. The Open University is conducting a survey investigating how people use the free educational content on our OpenLearn website.

Bibofle: Les commerces - Identifier les magasins / Faire des achats Pagine mercoledì 30 gennaio 2013 Les commerces - Identifier les magasins / Faire des achats Les commerces et les achats Les magasins - mini-dialogues (qu’est-ce qu’on achète ?)Quelques enseignes - Passe la souris pour lire les actionsLes magasins - Associer la question au magasinAssocier les magasins avec ce qu'on y trouve (ludique)Aliments et commerçants (ludique)Associer les magasins avec ce qu'on y trouve (Phrases à l’impératif)Complétez ce texte à l'aide des mots proposésDites ce que vous achetez aux rayons indiqués Faire les courses Demander / remercier Pubblicato da Alma Bibolotti a 14:47 Invia tramite emailPostalo sul blogCondividi su TwitterCondividi su FacebookCondividi su Pinterest Etichette: classe II - module 1, Lexique de base, Niveau A1, Niveau A2 Nessun commento: Posta un commento Post più recentePost più vecchioHome page Iscriviti a: Commenti sul post (Atom)

French KS3 Worksheets Cross-curricular lessons Free-time / Hobbies / Sports School Clothes Food Weather Numbers Family and animals Daily routine Personal description Places in town and directions Dictionary use Comment t'appelles-tu? Shopping Time House and Home Revision Miscellaneous Free-time / Hobbies / Sports Sports sentences using Wordle (PDF 310 KB) added 23.02.16 Sports and hobbies speaking frame (PDF 40 KB) added 15.4.14 Les loisirs et les vacances - Level 5a writing (MS Word 35 KB) Hobbies gap-fill (MS Word 32 KB) Les drapeaux de l'Euro 2008 (MS Word 32 KB) Les pays de l'Euro 2008 (MS Word 70 KB) Les équipes de l'Euro 2008 (MS Publisher 188 KB) Les Sports - sentence builder (PDF 59 KB) Les Sports - French handwriting (PDF 51 KB) Sentence-building cards (Expo 2 Unit 2) (MS Word 38 KB) Sports (past tense) (MS Word 38 KB) Les Sports (MS Word 32 KB) Writing sentences about hobbies using opinions and reasons (MS Word 57 KB) Free time and hobbies - adapting core language (MS Word 43 KB) School Dans mon sac, j'ai... Food

Sites Pédagogiques Utiles pour le FLE Sites Pédagogiques Utiles pour le FLE Vous trouverez sur cette page des liens sur les sujets suivants: SITES GENERAUX SUR L'ENSEIGNEMENT DU FRANCAIS: Le site de l'AATFIncontournable, une mine d'information Les ressources éducatives de l'internet (page du Belc) - Autres ressources éducatives du belc (Ecrire pour informer, cyberjournal, etc...des pages riches en idées pédagogiques, de Guillaume Garçon, professeur au Lycée Galatasaray-Istanbul) Clicnet: le site le plus complet que je connaisse sur les ressources pédagogiques du français... 18 pages de liens!!! (culture, littérature, compréhension orale, expression écrite, aide en ligne, activités, phonétique, jeux de langue, dictionnaires, conjugaisons, grammaire, humour, etc...) Franc Parler - Ses Fiches pratiques (site portail des professeurs de français dans le monde - FIPF) CULTURA - Site exceptionnel créé par G. RADIOS en direct Dernière mise à jour (partielle): février 2014 [Retour à la page d'accueil] [Retour à la Page Pédagogique]

Prepare a simple French conversation Already a Knowmia user?Sign in! Email / Student ID Password Forgot password? Forgot your password? Enter your email * Note: Password recorvery is not available for students who registered with a Student ID. « Back New to Knowmia? Sign up, it's free! Welcome Back What would you like to do? View Your Assignments Browse Lessons Need help? Want to learn how to search for lessons? search for a topic... Prepare a simple French conversation This lesson proposes a series of straightforward French conversation questions and gives you some hints on how you might go about answering them. Subjects: World Languages > French Author: Mark Felstead Teacher: Mark Felstead Language: English Target Audience: Students Created on 05/18/2014 by Mark Felstead Knowmia Rating (0 users) Report Abuse Teaching grades 9th Grade Topics covered Click on a topic to show related lessons Comments Please login to submit a comment. Rate Favorite Post to your Wall Send a message Share lesson with friends & teachers Share a link (URL) to this lesson: