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7 disques durs virtuels pour stocker des fichiers en ligne

7 disques durs virtuels pour stocker des fichiers en ligne
Votre ordinateur contient un grand nombre de données importantes : photos, vidéos, documents, musique, etc. La sauvegarde est un élément essentiel sur lequel il ne faut surtout pas faire l’impasse. Personnellement, j’ai pour habitude de tout sauvegarder en ligne. 1. Je ne sais pas si c’est encore la peine de le présenter, mais pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas ce service, Dropbox est certainement l’un des meilleurs sur le marché. 2 Go gratuit extensible à 10 Go lors d’invitation. 2. Concurrent direct de Dropbox, SugarSync se démarque grâce à une offre de 5 Go gratuite. 3. hubiC hubiC est le petit dernier né. 4. iDrive iDrive propose une offre à 5 Go avec des options intéressantes comme : la sauvegarde incrémentée, la sauvegarde de fichiers modifiées (une sorte de Time Machine pour les utilisateurs de Mac), cryptage SSL lors du transfert, etc. 5. Mozy permet de sauvegarder tous vos emails, photos et documents grâce à un stockage en ligne. 6. 7. Description de l'auteur

Free mind mapping (and related types) software I see regular inquiries on Twitter and in forums from people looking for free software to support visual thinking. To provide answers, InformationTamers have put together 14 pages to help you find the one for your needs. These show the platform, a screen thumbnail and a link for more information in each case. We built this article using the most complete source for details of information mapping software on the Web: Hat tip to Vic Gee who put together and kept it up to date for years. [I took over that site in August 2013 - Roy Grubb] has a good capability for selecting software by map type and operating system (click on the 'Refine software list' tab at the top right of its web page). "Free" here is as in beer, not in freedom, though some of the software listed is open source, so is free in both senses. Of course a pencil and paper is always almost free. Click through for more details:

EyeDefender - Home EyeDefender lets you avoid eyestrain and puts the sparkle back in your eyes EyeDefender is a freeware rest reminder designed to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) resulting from working on a computer for hours. CVS symptoms include eyestrain, blurred vision, delayed focusing, headaches, back and neck aches, dry and burning eyes, light sensitivity, distorted color vision, forehead heaviness, and sore eyes. CVS is impossible to get rid of but you can reduce and even eliminate most of its symptoms. Once installed, EyeDefender sits in the system tray and displays the time left until the next break. Displays pictures in a predefined folder; Runs the visual training to relax the eyes; Runs a default screensaver; Displays a popup timed reminder in the system tray. EyeDefender can also help you prevent other problems related to computer use, which require a computer user to take short breaks. Features: System requirements: OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7

Comparaison tgz, zip etc. I’ve been looking at backing up some data from an old hard drive recently and would like to compress it to use less CDs. Normally I’d just use GZIP for compression but a friend of mine swears by BZIP2. Knowing that my Linux distro sports at least 4 different compression tools “out of the box”, I thought it’s time to get some numbers. Bring on Compression Wars! The idea’s simple. The sort of things I’m backing up are: Music (mainly MP3s), Pictures (mainly JPEGs), Videos (a mixture of MPEGs and AVIs / DIVXs), and Software (Both in the form of binary files and source code). Binaries 6,092,800 Bytes taken from my /usr/bin director Text Files 43,100,160 Bytes taken from kernel source at /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.28-15 MP3s 191,283,200 Bytes, a random selection of MP3s JPEGs 266,803,200 Bytes, a random selection of JPEG photos 432,240,640 Bytes, a random MPEG encoded video 734,627,840 Bytes, a random AVI encoded video Here’s what I found: What about decompression. Test Bed Conclusion Further Work

Tag "PDF" on Smashing Magazine Sketching and wireframing are a specialized style of drawing, used for fleshing out preliminary complex ideas, group brain-storming, a lo-fi method for evaluating interaction concepts, and as a way of roughly perfecting a design technique. Sketch and wireframe paper is essentially drawing paper that is designed specifically for this purpose. You could use it for web page design, web app design, architectural or structural design, graphic design, movie direction, animation... basically any type of design that needs a physical creative outlet or group collaboration. Not all sketch and wireframe sheets are universal, most are specialized for a particular medium, such as storyboards and specialized grid paper (axonometric perspective templates). Below you will find a concise collection of ready to print sketching, wireframing and note-taking templates.

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