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moyen_age Activités du site de la pomme verte Activités sur le moyen age sur le site de Christophe Activités sur les châteaux du site de Moustache (voir lettre C) Activités sur le site de Webinstit (GS) Imagier sur les châteaux Idées de travaux manuels Fiche d'exploitation de l'épisode "un château très très fort" de C'est pas sorcier Dessin malin, la vie au château fort - Rouge et Or Bibliothèque Médiathèque Conte CD Princess Paper Dolls Here's a set of Princess Paper Dolls that every little girl will want to print, cut out and play with! Available in colour or in black and white so you can colour in and design your own outfits. So pretty!

- - Éducation préscolaire - - Pour "embarquer" les élèves dans un projet intégrateur sur le temps des châteaux forts, je vous propose de suivre le chevalier Philippe dans son parcours pour délivrer une belle princesse qu’un méchant magicien a enlevée. C’est une idée d’une ex-stagiaire Audrey Tanguay peaufinée par mes amies Patricia Brabant et Hélène Calvé. Au fil des jours, la classe reçoit des lettres d’un chevalier qui demande leur aide. Chaque lettre est prétexte à vivre une activité dans différents domaines d’apprentissage. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Il est important au fil des jours d’alimenter les enfants sur le thème des châteaux en regardant avec eux des livres qui apportent des informations sur le thème. Vous trouverez en fichiers joints différentes activités sur papier : en mathématique (les familles de dragons) ; en pré-écriture (les armoiries 1 et 2) ; en conscience phonologique ( les rimes du château) Une autre activité qui fait partie des ateliers du château est la peinture géante. Première lettre chevalier

Princess Colouring Pages These beautiful princess colouring pages are just waiting to be coloured in by your little princess! We've got some well-known fairy tale princesses here, too. Colour in this picture of Cinderella and a clock which is just about to strike midnight. Watch out, Cinderella! Here's a pretty princess colouring page to print and enjoy. Here's a pretty colouring page of Rapunzel in her tower, while she still has her beautiful long hair.

Princess Crafts Your princess can make herself a crown or tiara, or create a fairytale castle that any princess would be happy to call their own. Have fun with these craft ideas... Here is a very regal crown which is fun for kids to make and wear! This gorgeous tiara craft is perfect for girls of all ages and can be adapted in many ways - see our photos below. Dragons Dragons, dragons and more dragons! Whether you want a dragon craft to support a fairy tale, a dragon for a knight to fight, a Welsh dragon for St David's Day or a Chinese dragon for Chinese New Year or other Chinese holidays, you will find something here! Browse our dragon printables, dragon colouring pages and dragon crafts below. The dragon is one of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Here's our collection of dragon colouring pages - including Chinese dragons for Chinese New... Here's a page jampacked with dragon crafts for kids - including Chinese dragons, Welsh dragons... We've got all sorts of dragon-themed printable activities on Activity Village - featuring... Enjoy this collection on of dragon worksheets with the kids. Dragon Videos to Enjoy Make a dragon's head with simple origami: NB Please do not allow children to browse video sharing sites unsupervised You Might Also Enjoy: Knights Mermaids

Castles We've got some super castle colouring pages for you to print and colour here - including a... A small selection of castle crafts that you can enjoy with your children. We hope you enjoy these castle printables. Knights Gentleman soldiers from the Middle Ages, knights of old in their splendid armour still fascinate children today. We've got all sorts of ideas in this Medieval Knights theme, including instructions for making your very own knight costume, shields and swords, all sorts of knight printables, some fantastic knights colouring pages, and lots more... If your kids enjoy the glamour and excitement of the days of old, they'll find them with these... Every knight needs a good helmet, sword and shield, and we've got lots of idea to make your own... Use these knight printables in the home or classroom, for fun or for school projects. Help the knight rescue the pretty princess! A Knight Game Help this greedy knight collect as many gold coins as he can...Greedy Knight Game The Knight's Castle All good knights need a fort or castle! Castles Many a knight has rescued a damson in distress, or a princess...Princess Theme Knights fight dragons! Lego version of the old Monty Python Camelot song... fun!

Graphics by Ruth - Fairy Tales Before you download any graphics, please read my Terms of Use Want all the fairy tale graphics? Download the .png files HERE. Background courtesy of... Medieval Knight Paper Craft Contributed by Leanne Guenther This is a simple cut and paste paper craft that can be done "just for fun", a medieval theme, or an "old England" theme. Materials: something to colour with if using the B&W version, scissors, glue, paper, printer Instructions: Print out the craft template of choice. Templates: Close the template window after printing to return to this screen. Template (boy) (color) or (B&W) Template (outfit) (color) or (B&W) Print friendly version of these instructions

Knight's Armor Whether he’s playing with his imagination or enjoying a themed birthday party this Knight’s Armor will provide hours of fun. Supplies Foam 3 Sheets 9" X 12" Black Foam 1 Sheet 9" X 12" Grey Foam4 OZ Iridescent Glitter Glue4 OZ Gold Spray glitterBlack ultra fine glitter3/4" Gold paper fastenersWhite cardstock5mm Purple rhinestonesBlack, gold metallic, silver metallic acrylic paintsSmall sea sponge#10 Flat brushTacky glue Instructions Click on Printables and print out patterns. Cut two 2" x 12" strips out of one piece of black foam. Attach shield to breastplate using four paper fasteners. Listed under: Felt and Foam Crafts, Halloween Costume Ideas, More Boys Crafts Tagged as: Contributor View From The Fridge Katie is the writer and creator of View From The Fridge. Patterns, Templates and Printables Click on a pattern to open it in a new window You might also be interested in

Freddy the Knight Toddler Printable Pages Sunday, September 1, 2013 Freddy the Knight Toddler Printable 22 page printable Number cards Puzzles Email ThisBlogThis! Labels: Knight No comments: Post a Comment Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Links to this post Create a Link Newer PostOlder PostHome Knight's Helmet With Visor For Kids To Make Jack wanted to make a knight's helmet with a visor - and here it is, complete with jaunty feather on top! It's a little more complicated to make... You will need: Feather Stapler (or glue) Tape 2 paper fasteners Instructions: Cut 5 strips of silver card about 2 inches (5cm)) wide and long enough to reach around your head from ear to ear. Arrange two of the strips so they sit at right angles. and staple or glue together. Bend the strips so that the other ends of each strip meet in the same way and staple or glue together. Attach the other three strips so they cover the hole in between the two original strips. Make the mouthpiece by cutting a rectangle long enough to reach around your face from ear to ear with an extra 2 inches (5cm) and about 4 inches (10cm) wide. Glue or staple to the back piece of the helmet. To make a visor, cut a rectangle long enough to reach around your face from ear to ear with an extra 2 inches (5cm) and about 4 inches (10cm) wide.