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Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. Guitar Builder Wood and Supplies

Luthiers Mercantile International, Inc. Guitar Builder Wood and Supplies
Wood is the heart of a guitar,the source of its sound and beauty.And as you will see as you get to know LMI,wood is also the heart of our company. OUR STANDARDSOver many years LMI has developed the resources and knowledge that enable us to locate woods, prepare them, and provide them to luthiers. Fully 60% of our warehouse space is dedicated to wood storage and handling. Our selection is the largest available anywhere for the custom guitar builder, and the success of our company rides on the quality of the dozens of species of tonewood and hardwood we offer. We apply equally high standards to the other materials and tools we supply. We expect our offerings to complement the talent and effort you put into each of your instruments.

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ukulele string tensions and scale lengths The last table in the Sounds section is repeated for convenience in order to make a few points about stringing ukuleles. There are four courses of strings on an ukulele; each course may have as few as 1 or as many as 3 strings in it. Typically soprano and baritone ukuleles have a total of four strings. Concert ukuleles may have the C course as an octave pair, with the second C string being higher; they may also be strung with the G note an octave lower. Woodcarver Online Magazine Current Issue Current Issue (non-frames version) Back Issues -- Index -- Help Files You are welcome to email the Editor/Publisher, W.M. Kelley, with your comments and suggestions at womeditor AT comcast DOT net The Name

Shielding a Strat(tm) This modification does not alter the appearance of your guitar.Last updated 1-3-2004 What some people have said after shielding their guitars. Introduction Most guitars with single-coil pickups suffer to some degree from hum. Almost all are much noisier than they need to be, because the manufacturers don't bother to shield them well and don't follow simple electronic wiring principles that have been known for decades. This holds true even for many premium guitars costing thousands of dollars. The Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum - Eddie Kamae Eddie Kamae Hawaiian native Edward Leilani Kamae was born in Honolulu in 1927 and has made a life from his talents as an ukulele virtuoso, singer and composer, co-founder of the legendary band Sons of Hawaii, filmmaker, researcher, and key figure in the Hawaiian Cultural Renaissance. Kamae first learned to play ukulele as a youth when his brother found an instrument on a city bus and brought it home. He made a name for himself as an ukulele player in the late 1940s in Hawaii, teaming up with Shoi Ikemi as Ukulele Rascals at Waikiki Lau Yee Chai restaurant.

Slack Key Ukulele Slack-key (ki ho’alu) is yet another genre that the ukulele can successfully cover and is relatively easy to learn, but has many opportunities for advanced players. Usually it is played on a guitar. Usually. Slack-key music is really beautiful. Ukulian Welcome. Now get this right, I’m no musician, although I’ve always enjoyed it, especially in it’s folk / country guises. As a schoolboy my music teacher tortured me and put me off learning anything about music by trying to get me to sing a single note in tune. 11 Must-Know Ukulele Chords for Beginners As you may have already seen, we’ve been working on building up a ukulele chord library, with hundreds of chords in several different variations. But, as a newer or beginner ukulele player, which ones do you really need to know? We’ll be looking at the most essential and common ukulele chords. All these chords are in the first position, or first variation, meaning that these chords are located between the first five frets. The frets are the vertical edges that lay across the fretboard. Here are the eleven must-know ukulele chords for beginners ordered from easiest to hardest to play.

WaverlyStreet Design Ukulele Site A perfectly good piezo electric pick-up can be made with a couple inexpensive items from Radio Shack. Here's how to do it: First, go to Radio Shack and buy a #273-073A Piezo Transducer and a 1/4" panel-mount, mono, female phono jack. Solder the red wire from the transducer to the center pole, the black one to the outer (ground) pole of the jack: That's it for the electronics! Daniel Ho Full Bio From his simple beginnings in Honolulu to his life amid the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Daniel Ho has worked over the years as a musician, producer, singer/songwriter, arranger, composer, engineer, and record company owner. The most compelling of these roles has been as a six-time GRAMMY Award winning producer, featured slack key guitarist, and artist in the "Best Hawaiian Music Album,” “Best Pop Instrumental Album,” and “Best World Music Album” categories. Daniel's musical inclinations were apparent at an early age. His first instruments were organ and 'ukulele, from which he graduated to classical guitar, piano, electric guitar, bass, drums, and eventually, voice. His passion for music led him to study composing, arranging and film scoring at the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles.

All Things `Ukulele `Ukulele Ukulele The ukulele, pronounced oo-koo-lele is a fretted string instrument which is, in its construction, essentially a smaller, four-stringed version of the guitar. In the early 20th century, the instrument's name was often rendered as ukelele, a spelling still used in Great Britain. The Hawaiian spelling 'ukulele is very common. WidipediA link The Workbench Diary... From the Bench of Klein Furniture Restoration: Homemade Hide Glue Pot One of the primary reasons I think most contemporary woodworkers are a bit leery of animal hide glue is that it requires a bit more attention than other glues. The glue is applied hot (around 140 degrees). This requires a double boiling.

Spurlock Specialty Tools Tech Tips — Hot hide glue and making your own glue pot The advantages of hot hide glue in piano work: • Reversibility: Hot hide glue is very water-soluble, simplifying future repairs • Controllable penetration: Hot hide glue gels quickly, so it won't penetrate too far into porous materials like felt and harden it excessively. Actually, hot hide glue has a two stage curing process. First, it turns from a liquid to a gelatin as soon as it cools slightly. Then over a longer period of time, it turns hard and rigid as the water content leaves the glue. • Sizing properties: Hot hide glue contains water, and this moisture causes bushing cloth to conform to shape when pressed into key mortises, flange bushings, etc. It also swells knurled hammer shanks for a tight fit in hammer bore holes. When the glue later turns hard, the parts are locked into the desired shape.

Guitar fingernails, Page 1 Fingernails: Overview How to Straighten your fingernails 2 techniques: Hooked fingernails can be a real nightmare for a classical guitar player. Hooked fingernails can spoil your guitar technique because they will prevent your fingernails from going across the string smoothly. I offer 2 techniques that work beautifully.