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RocketNews24 / Bringing You Yesterday's News From Japan and Asia, Today

RocketNews24 / Bringing You Yesterday's News From Japan and Asia, Today
As we’ve said before, Japanese isn’t actually as hard to learn as it’s often made out to be. Unlike English, for example, Japanese follows its own grammatical rules far more rigidly, pronunciation is easy because there is only one variant of each vowel sound to choose from (none of this tomayto/tomahto business), and it’s possible to create entire, perfectly meaningful and valid sentences without uttering a single pronoun or bothering to conjugate a verb. Nevertheless, the language will not magically seep into you through a desire to speak it alone — you still need to encounter and study it as often as possible. With that in mind, we’d like to present to you the six and a half resources that no dedicated student of the Japanese language should ever be without. Oh, and the good news is some of them are completely free.

Newspapers & Magazines Government is defined as rules and principles governing a community and enforced by a political authority; matters having to do with the control and administration of public policy in a political unit; the study of the processes, principles, and structure of government and of political institutions Browse Law, Government & Political Science Government | History of Law, Government and Political Science | Law | Law Enforcement | Law, Government and Political Science Blogs | Political Science 100 Websites You Should Know and Use (updated!) Entertainment Meet David Peterson, who developed Dothraki for Game of Thrones There are seven different words in Dothraki for striking another person with a sword. Among them: “hlizifikh,” a wild but powerful strike; “hrakkarikh,”a quick and accurate strike; and “gezrikh,” a fake-out or decoy strike.

Go Go Nippon! (Hardcopy) This site may contain some graphic adult content. Please press ENTER if you understand. All characters depicted in our products are at least 18 years old. Chinese designer depicts Eastern vs. Western human behaviors in clever pictographs We almost wonder whether Yang Liu, a Beijing-born designer who has lived in Germany since 1990, was tripping when she put together these hip, riddle-like pictographs that abstractly convey behavioral differences between Westerners and Easterns; or more specifically, Germans and Chinese. Relying on her experiences in Europe and China, Liu put together these clever designs that are a sort of Rorschach test for which region you identify with. We found ourselves staring and trying to figure out what they stood for, then nodding in agreement about one side or the other, but not always the side Liu expected us to identify with.

10 Cosplays That Will Make You Rethink How You Feel About Furries I'll be honest, when I was a kid in highschool I was a jerk. I judged people when I thought what they were doing was weird. Though who was I to judge - I watched way too much anime which is pretty weird sometimes. Now that I'm older, I don't understand why I felt that way so I'm trying to be less judgmental. I always judged them at conventions. And why?

Now There Are Two Towns That Ban Cell Service If you think you saw representative democracy at its worst during the recent U.S. debt-ceiling standoff, consider the case of Yaremche in western Ukraine. A ski resort in the picturesque foothills of the Carpathian mountains, Yaremche, population 10,000, seized the national spotlight when the town council ordered the local hospital to stop leasing space to mobile-phone companies. The telecom operators used the hospital, located at the center of town, to deploy their base stations, providing cellular coverage to the surrounding area. The town wanted the transmitters gone. People living next door to the hospital have long complained that the base stations' proximity made them unwell. Après Nous, Le Déluge I can perform all the economic analysis in the world, and it won’t convey the sheer apprehension I feel about China’s current situation anywhere near as well as the following pictures, found on ChinaSmack. The gold-encrusted hallways, marble foyers, and imposing granite frontage are not from Versailles, or the Vatican, or even Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. They are from the newly completed corporate headquarters of state-owned Harbin Pharmaceutical, in northeast China.

In the Details: Putting Wine in a Beer Can Is Not as Simple as It Sounds Posted by Rachel Swaby | 1 Nov 2013 | Comments (11) About a year ago Union Wine Co. decided it needed to do a little rebranding. Ever since the Oregon-based company opened in 2005, it had embraced an unfussy approach to imbibing, but the company realized its message to consumers could be clearer. During a particularly electric brainstorming session earlier this year, it landed on a slogan, "pinkies down," and a brave new method of delivery: wine in a can. Ryan Harms, the owner of Union Wine Co., is a firm believer in the saying "it takes a lot of good beer to make good wine." He likes the way a beer can feels in your hand and its portability, but he didn't seriously think about canning wine until that rebranding meeting in June.

Palestine: the world's next nation This map shows in green countries that support recognising Palestine as a state. 252,265 have signed the petition. We reached our target of 1 million before the UN General Assembly on September 19th. Now help us reach our new target of 2,000,000 Why Movie Critics Hate Tyler Perry Credit: “Siskel & Ebert At the Movies,” Disney-ABC Domestic Television. This author remembers the first time he discovered Tyler Perry. The year was 2005, and the author worked as an assistant at a Hollywood talent agency. The building was spectacular, the suits were sharp, and movie stars graced the halls.

Free Books : Download & Streaming : eBook and Texts : Internet Archive collection eye The American Libraries collection includes material contributed from across the United States.

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