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Germany Facts: Useful Facts on Germany for Kids: Here are some interesting Germany Facts which were chosen and researched by kids especially for kids. • Population: 82 million people live in Germany (2012) • Capital: Berlin with 3.5 mio inhabitants is Germany's biggest city. • Name: Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany), Nickname: "Land der Dichter und Denker" • Government: Democracy, Republic • Language: German • Literacy: More than 99% can read and write. • Religion: mainly Christians (Protestants 34%, Roman Catholics 34%) • Currency: 1 Euro=100 cents, before 2001 German Mark/Deutsche Mark (DM) • Flag colors: black, red and gold. Where is Germany? Germany lies in the center of Europe and shares borders with 9 countries: Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France , Luxemburg, Belgium and the Netherlands (clockwise from the top/north). Germany is the second most populous country in Central Europe after Russia and many immigrants from the European countries live and study in Germany. German Food

What Part of Our Brain Makes Us Human? Brian Christian's book The Most Human Human, newly out in paperback, tells the story of how the author, "a young poet with degrees in computer science and philosophy," set out to win the "Most Human Human" prize in a Turing test weighing natural against artificial intelligence. Along the way, as he prepares to prove to a panel of judges (via an anonymous teletype interface) that he is not a machine, the book provides a sharply reasoned investigation into the nature of thinking. Are we setting ourselves up for failure by competing with machines in their analytical, logical areas of prowess rather than nurturing our own human strengths? The Turing test attempts to discern whether computers are, to put it most simply, "like us" or "unlike us": humans have always been preoccupied with their place among the rest of creation. The development of the computer in the twentieth century may represent the first time that this place has changed. Hemispheric Chauvinism: Computer and Creature

Les 50 logiciels SaaS incontournables pour les startups et les entrepreneurs Nous inaugurons une nouvelle rubrique dans le magazine WeLoveSaaS : « les meilleures applications SaaS pour … ». En réalité, on aurait pu faire deux rubriques puisqu’il y a deux façons de traiter le sujet : faire une liste des meilleures applications SaaS pour un usage précis, comme par exemple avec cet articles sur les 5 outils SaaS indispensables pour faire des présentationset lister les meilleures applications SaaS pour un public précis. Et pour être nous-même une startup, nous avons eu envie de nous pencher sur le public d’entreprises qui est aujourd’hui le plus à-même de faire la transition vers ce mode de distribution du logiciel.Promptes à travailler à distance, demandant une nécessaire fluidité dans les échanges et la collaboration, avec les cordons de la bourse à maîtriser coûte que coûte, et une croissance des équipes aussi difficile à prévoir que potentiellement rapide… le SaaS offre en effet aux startups et toutes jeunes entreprises un terrain de jeu d’excellence !

SANY5211 Pricing & Plans - ProProfs Quiz Maker Who is a quiz taker? A quiz taker is a person who can take your quiz. Each unique person who takes your quiz counts as a quiz taker e.g. if a person takes 5 quizzes, its counted as one quiz taker provided its the same person (same email, name or ID). Is there any limit to quizzes or attempts? All our plans come with unlimited quizzes and attempts. How do I estimate how many quiz takers I need? We suggest thinking about how many unique people will take quizzes over the year. If you estimate incorrectly, you can always upgrade to add more or delete/download old users to make room for new quiz takers. How does the 30-day money back guarantee work? We are 100% committed to your satisfaction. Can I change plans at any time? Yes. Are there per-user fees? No. Can I capture information about quiz takers? Yes. Can I create branded quizzes & certificates? Yes.

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