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Child labour in Pakistan on the rise a year after devastating floods - Asia, World The 2010 monsoon floods submerged Pakistan on an unprecedented scale, with 10 years' worth of rain falling in the space of a week. Two thousand people were killed and another 20 million affected. Two million homes and 10,000 schools were destroyed. In a report released today, the UK-based charity Save the Children warns that the number of children forced to work has risen by up to a third in areas worst hit by the floods. "A year on from the floods and many of the children caught up in the disaster are struggling to survive," said David Wright, Save the Children's country director for Pakistan. The spike in child labour comes as families have watched their incomes fall by up to 70 per cent over the past year, the report said, drawing on a survey of over 2,300 households in the worst flood-affected areas. With incomes at perilous lows, the 10 million children in flood-affected areas are also being denied the food they need to survive. "Pakistan needs to act now.

Job insecurity and health: A study of 16 European countries Stuffed animal - Wall to Watch - StumbleUpon This is actually quite a good idea! Capital Corruption: Child Labour fuelling Black Money - Views Updated: Sat, Sep 10 2011. 12 11 AM IST Civil society campaigns revolving around corruption and black money have not only eclipsed many fundamental issues confronting the common people of the country, but have also become so emotional that pertinent aspects of the genesis of these evils have been largely ignored. Illegal employment of children has emerged as a huge source of illicit earnings and corruption. According to the Census of India 2001, 12.7 million children were working in various sectors across the country while non-government organizations estimate the number of child labourers at 60 million, nearly 6% of the total population of India. All the work that is done by child labourers and the income thus generated goes unaccounted for. Studies show that these 60 million children work for approximately 200 days a year at an average cost of Rs 15 per child per day. This straight profit of Rs 1.2 trillion is a significant loss to the economy.

Labour's Chris Bryant calls for clampdown on exploitation of migrant workers | UK Politics | News | The Independent Labour has called for a clampdown on “unscrupulous” employers who reduce costs by exploiting migrant workers from Eastern Europe, cutting British workers out of the competition for jobs. The call by the shadow Immigration minister Chris Bryant had echoes of Gordon Brown’s ill-fated promise of “British jobs for British workers” – although Mr Bryant was careful to pitch his comments in a way that could not be interpreted as an attack on Eastern Europeans who are prepared to work for low pay. He promised that a Labour government would hand over to local government the power to enforce minimum wage legislation, and double the fines for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. His remarks were a recognition that Labour has appeared at times to ignore the fears of Britons about the impact of migrant labour at a time of high unemployment. When he came to deliver the speech, his comments about Tesco were more guarded. Mr Bryant’s speech also criticised another major employer.

Energy: Energy infrastructure priorities for 2020 and beyond Service tools Language selector Navigation path Home Energy infrastructure Legislation News room Funding Energy infrastructure Energy infrastructure priorities for 2020 and beyond Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure and repealing Decision No 1364/2006/EC and amending Regulations (EC) No 713/2009, (EC) No 714/2009 and (EC) No 715/2009 Projects of Common Interest implementing the guidelines On 19 October 2011, the European Commission (EC) adopted the proposal for a Regulation on "Guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure". On 17 November 2010, the EC presented its energy infrastructure priorities for the next two decades, aimed at making networks fit for the 21st century. Related documents Brochure Brochure "Energy infrastructure priorities" [8 MB] All available translations. Quick jump Calendar

B.C.’s child labour laws are the most neglectful in the world I live in Vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Surrounded by mountains and ocean, the city is a paradise of beaches and gardens, parks and yoga studios, a hub of green ideas, progressive politics and entertainment industry glitter. But there’s a dark underside. Vancouver is in a province that has the most astonishingly neglectful child labour laws in North America, indeed in the world. The introduction of this regime by a Liberal government in 2004 – before which the minimum work age was 15 – has substantially increased the number of children working in the province. Business tends to favour permissive child labour laws (likely the reason B.C. said its new law would help make the province more “economically competitive”). None of this makes child labour right. B.C.’s regime belies any belief that child labour is solely a problem of the developing world. But child labour can be eliminated.

Action promised to clamp down on working visas and labour hire companies following revelations of exploitation in horticulture and food processing - ABC Rural Updated The National Farmers Federation says mistreatment of workers has no place on Australian farms. Last night's ABC Four Corners program exposed extreme exploitation of working holiday visa holders on vegetable and fruit farms, and in chicken factories. The NFF says most employers do the right thing, but unscrupulous labour hire firms must be tracked and scrutinised. The NFF's Sarah McKinnon said the federation was developing a Best Practice Scheme for Agricultural Employment. "Farmers already have that obligation in some ways, because they're liable under employer sanction legislation for these breaches," she said. "But this scheme that we're proposing to develop will improve awareness of obligations and make sure that people are asking the right questions when they're hiring contractors." The Four Corners program, Slaving Away, exposed extreme exploitation of migrant workers in Australia's food industry. "It felt like we were going back in time. "The fire service has a role in this too."

Word Tips to Make Your Life Easier Word Tips to Make Your Life Easier Updated April 28, 2009 Prepared by Mary Whisner & Cheryl Nyberg Microsoft Word is a complex and powerful application. This guide does not come close to covering all the tricks – there are whole books for that, not to mention Word’s own help screens (Ask the paperclip!) and Support Knowledge Base. Instead, this guide just gives you some of our favorite tips. Versions of Word We created this guide in 2006-07, when we were using Word 2003 on PCs running Windows. Paste Special Wouldn’t it be great to be able to cut and paste from LexisNexis or a website into your Word document without all the formatting? Word 2007: In the home ribbon, Paste is at far left. Word 2008 for Mac: Edit > Paste Special. Word 2003: Go to the toolbar, click on Edit, click on Paste Special, click on Unformatted Text. But that’s a lot of mousing. Section Sign (§), Paragraph Sign (¶), and Other Symbols (Examples use §.) Word 2007: Short ways: Keyboard Shortcut. Word 2003: Keyboard Shortcut.

Fairtrade International / About / What is Fairtrade? Not all trade is fair! Farmers and workers at the beginning of the chain don’t always get a fair share of the benefits of trade. Fairtrade enables consumers to put this right. Introducing Fairtrade What is the difference between Fair Trade and Fairtrade? Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. When a product carries the FAIRTRADE Mark it means the producers and traders have met Fairtrade Standards. The Charter of Fair Trade Principles In 2009, Fairtrade International along with the World Fair Trade Organization adopted the Charter of Fair Trade Principles, which provides a single international reference point for Fair Trade. You can download the principles in multiple languages below and read an introductory letter from Ian Bretman, Vice Chair of the Fairtrade International's Board of Directors. Introductory Letter from Ian Bretman (PDF in English) English/French/Dutch/German/Slovak/Spanish The Standards

Futuristic farm shop grows food in synthetic veg patch London urban farming project claims to be world's first ever farm in a shopAll produce, including fish, eggs, vegetables, herbs and salad, grown under one roofFood analysts say urban farming key cog in sustainable agriculture practices London (CNN) -- Behind a Victorian shop front in the Cockney heartland of London's East End hides an urban agriculture initiative that claims to be the world's first farm in a shop. The aptly-named FARM:shop sits along a busy main road next to a ragtag bunch of more conventional retail outlets, most of which are in various phases of decay. There are chickens grazing on the rooftop -- seemingly oblivious to the red double decker buses roaring past below. "I think places like FARM:shop can reconnect people with their food," says engineer and co-founder Paul Smyth. While the ethos is community focused, the shop's interior is more like a laboratory than a local gardening center. The 'Park Supermarket' The supermarket park It's a pressing issue.

Petitions delivered to NA, others, National, Phnom Penh Post Protesting unjust employment practices and rude supervisors, hundreds of workers from Bloomsfield (Cambodia) Knitters Ltd travelled to the capital from Kampong Chhnang province to petition the Ministry of Labour, the National Assembly and the German Embassy. According to Nen Sarorn, an official from the Free Trade Union, the Chinese-owned textile company sells primarily to German clients, though he declined to specify which ones. Bloomsfield workers demonstrated on Thursday, blocking National Road 5, demanding the company reinstate fired workers, dismiss two abusive administrators, stop unjustly firing workers and provide half- to full-year employment contracts. Some 500 workers on five trucks attempted to enter Phnom Penh yesterday, but only one was allowed in, Sarorn said. “More than 60 workers were allowed to bring the petition … Prek Pnov district officials did not allow all of us come into the capital because [of] public disorder,” he said.