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50 Striking Vintage and Retro Logo Designs

50 Striking Vintage and Retro Logo Designs
Old really is the new new, and we are about to show you exactly why! These days there are so many web 2.0 logo designs. If you don’t know what that is, then let us explain. These logos probably include on of the following elements: shiny, gradients, drop shadows, rounded corners, futuristic looks, and much more. Just from those examples alone you can probably get a good picture in your head of what I’m talking about. Retro design is back in action, and the trend will only get hotter. Here are some handy tips and trick to keep at mind if you are designing your own retro styled logo: Use shapes and illustrations: Symbolize by using triangles, squares, diamonds, rectangles, circles, hexagons, octagons, and etc.Select attractive color shemes: Retro colors are not too bright, so try selecting a neutral color that is easy to look at.Use of typography: Typography is always a vital part of a logo design, especially when it’s a retro logo. Related:  Stuff

viktor hertz - official website & portfolio Brief: Create artworks incorporating Ray-Ban Aviators, to be published on Ray-Ban's official Facebook page. These pictogram portraits were a part of Ray-Ban's 'Aviator Family' campaign (#AviatorFamily). Graphic Design2014 Client: Ray-BanBrief: Create artworks that somehow depict iconic people and famous characters that have been wearing Ray-Ban Aviators. My contribution to the "Mind Blowing Color Competition".Digital Imaging, Graphic Design2010

Creator of Steve Jobs Tribute Lends A Hand To Coca-Cola When a version of the familiar Apple logo circulated online last fall with an alteration that paid tribute to the recently deceased Steve Jobs, people around the world wanted to know who designed it. Some of these people even wanted to hire him. Ogilvy & Mather China tracked down and reached out to Jonathan Mak Long, a then-19 year old graphic design student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, about working on a project for one of its clients. Based on the three-word brief that Ogilvy proposed to Coca-Cola ("Sharing a Coke"), Mak created a design that isolates the brand’s famous red and white ribbon, and modifies it into a pair of hands passing a bottle of soda. Outdoor posters featuring the work appeared in Shanghai this past weekend. Hat tip to Campaign China.

City of Symbols Dan Brown’s latest novel sends symbologist Robert Langdon on a new quest. Having previously tangled with the Priory of Sion and the Illuminati, this time he’s pursuing the Freemasons; and once again he must follow a treasure trail of clues hidden in the urban landscape. Dan Brown is notorious for his loose approach to historical fact, and accuracy takes second place to keeping the plot moving. His location is Washington, DC, a city with plenty of Masonic connections. But Brown might have done better to start at the roots of Freemasonry in the City of London. The City of London, or Square Mile, is history and mythology made concrete, going right back to the celebrated London Stone itself. [1] Settlement here dates to pre-Roman times, but the biggest influence on the City as we know it today was the rebuilding project that took place after the Great Fire of 1666. Some discount this as hearsay, since Aubrey was simply repeating what he had been told by one William Dugdale.

Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design Japanese Poster: Hiroshima Appeals. Kenya Hara, Yoshitaka Mizutani. 2017 Started in 1983, Hiroshima Appeals is a yearly poster project in observation of the atomic bombing of Japan in 1945 with the goal of promoting peace at home and abroad. Designer Kenya Hara writes: “This is an illustration drawn from the perspective of looking up from below a mushroom cloud. I am filled with despair with the reality that nuclear weapons are being stockpiled in quantities that can destroy the Earth several times over while being called ‘deterrence.’

prototype-carousel - Prototype Carousel plugin Updates May 4, 2009 - added mouse wheel support via the wheel option Description Carousel is a highly configurable Prototype.js extension that creates a nice way of presenting content that is logically broken into several pieces / steps / etc. It's: Lightweight - 4.3 KB minified Cross-browser - Tested on Internet Explorer 6/7/8, Firefox 2/3, Google Chrome, Opera 9.64 Examples Some of the most important features are presented on this page, the rest will be explained and discussed here. Requirements Carousel.js needs both the Prototype JavaScript framework and the effects library to work. Usage Download carousel.js or carousel-min.js Include the script in your page, after the Prototype and libraries: Markup The minimum markup and styling are: <div id="carousel-wrapper"> <div id="carousel-content"> <div class="slide"></div> <div class="slide"></div> ... This will generate a 500x500px Carousel with horizontal movement. Initialization You initialize Carousel by: Triggers

Pictogram music posters by Viktor Hertz Viktor Hertz is a freelance design artist and photographer from Uppsala, Sweden. You can find his gallery here. 25 Retro Style Logos Minimal retro style logos seem to be another style of logos which seem to be trending right now. The use of simple and bold colours and then grunge effects with simple text can give you a great retro style logos. Colours are what will really give you the retro look, using old fashioned and bold colours. Here are 25 inspiration 25 retro style logos. Check out these other related posts:15 Typography Logos for Inspiration 73 Amazing & Cool Text Logos for Inspiration 50 Amazing Text Logos Also check out our collection of free fonts – Free Fonts Author: Oliur Rahman All posts by Oliur Rahman

Open Source Workflow Software & Business Process Management BPM Graphic Design Examples Worldwide: How Nationality Reflects In Artworks Graphic design is a lot like languages. It’s an identity; beautiful and enigmatic. Graphic design varies from culture to culture, influenced by a country’s culture, history and way of life. Just like art and music, graphic design aesthetics differ from culture to culture. There may be common elements found in a culture’s graphic design, not found in other cultures and vice versa. We’re all very familiar with graphic design from the west, particularly in the US and UK. Latin America Latin America is occupied with 500 million people, consisting of 20 Spanish-speaking countries save for Portuguese Brazil. Her art revolved around her surroundings and culture. by Jorge Alderete By Victor Candia by Frank Arbelo Most Latin American posters have evident pop art and art deco influences. by Platinum By Daniel Aviles By Charis Tsevis The latino’s piousness is evident with the use of religious themes and Roman Catholic symbols. by Thiago Barros Photo by Taschen by Juan Camilo Rojas By Frank Arbelo Weareplace

iFINITY There are lots of ways to get in contact with us Our new telephone system is one of the first to support Skype direct dialing. Just add any one of these Skype accounts to your Skype directory (you dont have to wait for a response from us) and you can call us immediately from wherever you may be right over the internet, free of charge. Contacting us by phone Finding our office We are based in London in the Queens Park area. 11 The Linen House 253 Kilburn Lane W10 4BQ United Kingdom To visit us by train, the easiest way is to use the Bakerloo Line and walk from Queens Park station. 83 Crazy/Beautiful Letterhead and Logo Designs Inspiration December 22, 2009 Whap! Like a flash of satori, your company letterhead should be a slap in the face of consciousness. The whole point is to grab your readers’ attention by the throat on first contact, then make them beg for more in the long run. Considering the chronic short-attention span of a generation raised on cable TV and the internet, this is saying a lot. I’ve gathered 83 of the most eye-popping letterhead designs so far to illustrate my meaning. Creating your own letterhead design? Author: Cadence Wu Cadence is You The Designer's senior blogger, and the most jack-of-all-trades of the staff.

Watch Movies Online | Free Movies Online | 100 Examples of Japanese Municipal Flags In this post, we focus on Japanese design by taking a closer look at the design of Japanese municipal flags. These flags feature highly stylized bicolor geometric symbols, often incorporating Japanese or Latin characters, making them especially interesting from a designer’s perspective. The symbols that are featured are representative of the foundation on which the municipality is built. We’ve put together a compilation of 100 Japanese municipal flags which we thought were the most graphically appealing, especially to those with an interest in logo or Japanese design. Here’s an explanation of some of the Japanese words that appear in this article: Hiragana/Katakana: a Japanese syllabary, which is a component of the Japanese writing system. Kanji: the Chinese characters that are used in the Japanese logographic writing system. Ume: Plum. Origami: Folded Paper. Tomoe: Japanese abstract shape that resembles a comma. Aioi, Hyogo. Azumino, Nagano. Biratori, Hokkaido. China, Kagoshima. s Ise, Mie.

PageLines 2.2! Bootstrap, LESS, Shortcodes & More… The wait is over! PageLines is excited to announce the release of PageLines Framework 2.2. Raising the bar was not easy, but through your support, the beer in Ireland, the caffeine in Texas, and the magical power of Unicorns, that bar has been raised a little higher.Framework 2.2 features the same Drag & Drop interface you know and love, but with some notable improvements. Video Overview Bootstrap & LESS Content is king, and with Bootstrap and PageLines you can concentrate on what matters most; having the flexibility to do what you want to do, and how you want to do it. “Bootstrap is designed to help people of all skill levels—designer or developer, huge nerd or early beginner. Together with PageLines 2.2, and the entire Bootstrap Library, you can build anything you can dream of. Framework 2.2 also brings another new friend; Live CSS processing via LESS. – LESS extends CSS with things like variables, mixins, operations and functions. Shortcodes & New Sections PageLines Plus Best of all?