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Learn With News – Learn English With News

Learn With News – Learn English With News

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The HyperDocs Toolbox: 14 engaging example activities - Ditch That Textbook When it’s student-paced, no one gets left in the dust and no one gets bored waiting for the class to move on. If you haven’t tried HyperDocs yet, they’re a fantastic blend of both. HyperDocs are purposefully designed digital lessons and can transform your class. They truly are so much more than a doc with links. The creators of HyperDocs — Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, and Sarah Landis — describe them as a transformative, interactive Google Doc replacing the worksheet method of delivering instruction, the ultimate change agent in the blended learning classroom. Two things to know about HyperDocs:

20 must-try listening activities – The TEFL Zone What comes to mind when you think about teaching listening? Have you been (over)using the typical pre/while/post- tasks, e.g, guesswork, multiple choice/ gap fills and post-listening discussions? Do you feel that your listening classes have become rather predictable and would like to try something different? If your answer is yes, here’s a list of 20 tasks you can try.

18 Warm-Up Activities to Engage Students Before They Read Nonfiction Texts How can you get your students interested in reading informational texts, whether the topic is Syria or sneakers, space exploration or statistics, surfing, superheroes or “the souls of Black girls”? How can you help them make connections between unfamiliar topics and their own lives? How can you scaffold complex ideas to make them accessible for a wide variety of learners? We’ve had lots of practice answering these questions. Our editorial staff — all of us former teachers — comes up with a fresh before-reading activity, or “warm-up,” for every Lesson of the Day we publish. We now have over 700 of them, all based on Times articles chosen from across sections of the paper, and all free to students around the world.

10 Best Free Listening Websites with Quizzes to Practise for Listening Exams So what do you do to practise listening for exams? Growing up, I never had the opportunity to do any extra practice to improve my listening skills. We didn’t have the Internet and the thousand possibilities it offers to learners of any language nowadays.

Extensive reading and learner autonomy: 10 websites Are you looking for websites with material for extensive reading? Sharing some of these resources with students and encouraging them to engage in regular reading can help them to improve their language proficiency while developing learner autonomy. Indeed, extensive reading has multiple benefits: Students develop a wide variety of reading strategies.It improves reading fluency, which affects comprehension.It’s a perfect way to learn new words in context and revise the vocabulary they are already familiar with.Students can test their own grammar but also notice new constructions that help to convey different meanings.It may affect the students’ motivation to learn the language!

Listen, learn and teach English for elementary and pre-intermediate English l... For teachers These podcasts can be used in your classroom or computer lab to supplement course book listenings. The conversations are more authentic and so the language is more natural. They therefore provide a refreshing alternative to scripted listenings. Info Find a podcast Take a text Lesson plans Teachers' information worksheets Target Language: Practise spelling, vocabulary & grammar The reason for creating this new PowerPoint quiz format was to have some variety. Rather than simply playing Jeopardy or using a class quiz, why not play a game where students get points for hitting the target and for practising the target language of the lesson/course. Watch the tutorial below to see how to edit and use the PowerPoint template.

the ultimate listening game: ask Google assistant – Keep It Simple Activities Here is a listening game that you will fall in love with and, most importantly, your A1- A2 students will too. You may also try this with higher levels with the suggested items below or with more specific searches. You need Google assistant on your computer or a phone and a set of speakers. Arrange your students in groups of three or four and decide on lexical items you would like to review. Let’s say your students have been learning words for jobs.

Lesson idea: Viral videos This was a context builder for a sequence of lessons on viral videos, viral ad campaigns, viral marketing, etc. It’s similar to the idea I shared for introducing recipes. Anyway, used this with B1+ teens, worked well. Task 1 Find loads of links to (good) viral videos. Our focus was on viral marketing, so I chose lots of ads.