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Best Marijuana Argument Ever

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Interesting Facts Répression et consommation Manifestation pro-légalisation à Mexico (Reuters) La France est l’un des moutons noirs du pétard en Europe. Non contente d’être l’un des pays les plus répressifs de l’Union, elle est également l’un de ceux où l’on fume le plus. Les chiffres sont sans appel : 22% des jeunes Français auraient consommé du cannabis au cours du dernier mois –record européen– contre 1% en Suède. Au total, « la France figure parmi les pays les plus consommateurs en Europe tant chez les jeunes adultes que les adolescents » , conclue le rapport « Cannabis, données essentielles » publié mardi par l’Office français des drogues et toxicomanies (OFDT) et qui dresse un bilan très complet du phénomène en France. En 2005, près de 4 millions de nos compatriotes avaient ainsi expérimenté cette drogue et plus d’un demi-million en consommaient même tous les jours. Ces chiffres sont connus, d’autres le sont moins. Arrestations d’usages de drogues 1985-2005 (OFDT) Consommation de cannabis dans les pays européens (OFDT)

Uses For Cannabis Top 11 Marijuana Documentaries by Evilpig on May 3, 2010 | 56 Comments This list was written by Hail Mary These are by far some of the best marijuana documentaries to date. All of them are eye-opening and most of them make a serious case for the legalization of marijuana and/or medical marijuana. Except for Reefer Madness, I threw that in for a different reason. Sit back, spark a fat one up, and get ready to have your mind blown. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The next two I couldn’t embed so they are only links. 8. 9. And for the last two I couldn’t find anywhere online to watch, but they are both very good. 10. Waiting to Inhale covers medical marijuana and the life of Robert Randall, the first medical marijuana patient in the United States. Last but not least: 11. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

Hemp Facts Connecticut Approves Pot Decriminalization Bill In Connecticut, possession of 30 joints or less will be akin to receiving a speeding ticket. sea kay's flickr After much debate over the weekend, the Connecticut Senate narrowly approved legislation to decriminalize small amounts of pot. And today, after more heated debate, the House gave final legislative approval to the bill. And Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy hailed its passage and pledged to sign it when it reaches his desk: "Final approval of this legislation accepts the reality that the current law does more harm than good - both in the impact it has on people's lives and the burden it places on police, prosecutors and probation officers of the criminal justice system." Malloy was quick to assert that this bill did not constitute a tacit approval of smoking pot: "Let me make it clear - we are not legalizing the use of marijuana.

Marijuana, Sleep and Dreams Marijuana affects dreams. Stoners say they don't have dreams but if they stop smoking for a few days, they are flooded with dreams. Is there any psychological research supporting this? Sleep and wakefulness are both parts of a normal daily rhythm. The study of sleep is fascinating. Though sleep seems like a passive state to us, the brain is still very active. To address this question, Feinberg, et al. (1975) compared the sleep patterns of experienced marijuana users on tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and a placebo. If sleep is fascinating, dreaming is even more so. In his book Memories, Dreams, and Reflections , Jung describes some fascinating dreams of his own. I must confess I have never been visited by a giant phallus during the night, but I have had some pretty cool dreams. Feinberg, I., Jones, R, Walker JM, Cavness, C, March, J. (1975).

Legalization advocates criticize ex-DEA chiefs | Local News A national group advocating less-stringent drugs laws is criticizing eight former Drug Enforcement Administration chiefs for their call to nullify new laws in Colorado and Washington legalizing recreational marijuana use. The New York-based Drug Policy Alliance said in a statement Tuesday that the former administrators have a vested interest in defending policies they promoted for decades but that many Americans are now rejecting. The group's executive director, Ethan Nadelmann, says the ex-officials face the same legacy as agents who enforced alcohol prohibition in the 1920s and early 1930s. It was eventually viewed as a failure and reversed. The ex-DEA chiefs say federal law banning marijuana use has supremacy over state laws. THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Eight former Drug Enforcement Administration chiefs said Tuesday that the federal government needs to act now or it might lose the chance to nullify Colorado and Washington's laws legalizing recreational marijuana use. U.S.

How Marijuana Affects Memory: It's Not The Neurons Getting mice stoned can actually result in important scientific discoveries. Research published in March in Cell magazine reveal how marijuana impairs working memory, the short-term memory we use to hold on to and process thoughts. The classic example is of the stoner who forgets the point he was making, mid-sentence. To study exactly how cannabis affects working memory in such a fashion, Giovanni Marsicano of the University of Bordeaux in France and his colleagues removed cannabinoid receptors from neurons in mice, reports Ruth Williams at Scientific American. The mice whose cannabinoid receptors had been removed from their neurons were just as forgetful as regular mice when given THC; that is to say, they were just as bad at memorizing the position of a hidden platform in a water pool. The research reveals that astrocytes have a major role in working memory, with the results suggesting that the role of glia in mental activity has been overlooked. More links from around the web!