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About Our Mission A decade after the dot-com bust, it all seems like a hazy dream, doesn’t it? Like maybe it never really happened at all? Look around: The New York tech scene is as exuberant and as wild-eyed as ever. What in God’s name are we all thinking? The last thing a scene like this needs is another tech blog rushing to aggregate the same overinflated hyperbole you can read all over the web.

The Pirate Bay - The world's most resilient bittorrent site Search Torrents | Browse Torrents | Recent Torrents | TV shows | Music | Top 100 The Pirate Bay Promotional Apparatus Do you have a band? Are you an aspiring movie producer? 5 PR strategies that can help every startup This article is part of SWOT Team, a series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations. Every six months or so, an article pops up with the headline, "Do you really need a PR firm?" These articles set off myriad phone calls from clients who say, “I read that if we have a great product, we will immediately get PR.” While there are some exceptional products that have grown organically (like Instagram), the technology space is so crowded that being heard above the noise is increasingly difficult.

Taste for Makers February 2002 I was talking recently to a friend who teaches at MIT. His field is hot now and every year he is inundated by applications from would-be graduate students. "A lot of them seem smart," he said. "What I can't tell is whether they have any kind of taste."

7 Web Tools Every Start-Up Needs My inbox is constantly cluttered with announcements about the latest newfangled Website that will change how we all do business. Some of them, like the inbox fixers I wrote about in my recent magazine column, really do help. But there are a bevy of sites that have stood the test of time and gained a foothold with many entrepreneurs.

17 Unique Business Models Shaking Up the Marketplace There are 23 million small businesses in America, and 543,000 more are started every month. So if you've got a business idea and you want to stand out from the crowd and succeed, you better have a unique value proposition, diverse revenue streams and loads of creativity. To inspire you, we've rounded up 17 unique businesses that have proven their model works. From retail apps to fashion upstarts, these companies are rethinking revenue and creating compelling value for parties on both sides of the transaction. Fast Track - Get lost! The new art of travel for the 21st Century Rajan Datar looks at how people and technology could shape future of travel Why do we spend so much of our precious holiday time queuing up to see famous paintings like the Mona Lisa, even if we are not that interested in art? And why do we drag ourselves to all those cathedrals, museums and monuments listed in our guidebooks when - let's be honest - they usually turn out to be a bit boring, and we can't wait to get to the cafe? The answer lies in history.

10 brilliant examples of calls to action The concept behind a call to action is simple: you ask somebody to do something, whether it’s to buy a product or sign up to an email list, or even just to read a blog post. Essentially you are giving somebody a nudge in the right direction, like a 21st century version of the guy in the shop saying, ‘Are you ready to pay for that, sir?’ What makes a good call to action? This is a difficult question to answer in absolute terms, because there is no strict right or wrong way to do it.

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