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NS - NihilScio - Educational search engine - Motore di ricerca didattico Punto Informatico, il quotidiano di Internet dal 1996 - Versioni di latino e greco A Good Inventory To Identify Students Learning Styles April 26, 2015 There is a lot of debate among scholars regarding the validity of the multiple learning style's theory, for while one camp refute it on grounds of being non-scientific and lacks in scientific data to back it up , another camp views it as a rigorous conceptual framework that helps in understanding how students learn. And if we avoid dichotomous or dualist thinking, we would say that as a conceptual construct, the theory of multiple learning styles does definitely have an added value to the pedagogical discussions surrounding learning strategies and instructional modes. The overarching premise here is that different learners use different modes to analyze and process input. While some learners find it easier to comprehend and retain information visually coded, others learn best through verbalization and other auditory means.

Le Monde Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli - Alle ore 17 nell'Aula Magna dell'Istituto Avogadro, organizzata da Fondazione Agnelli e Asapi Dopo la presentazione nazionale a Roma e un incontro a Milano, il nuovo rapporto della Fondazione Agnelli La valutazione della scuola. A che cosa serve e perché è necessaria, pubblicato da... Superiori in quattro anni? John Elkann a proposito di giovani e lavoro WP 53 - La valutazione del personale docente, delle Istituzioni scolastiche e l´autovalutazione WP 52 - La pubblicità dei risultati della valutazione esterna dei livelli di apprendimento raggiunti dalle scuole 18 marzo: presentazione del Rapporto sulla valutazione a Milano Ragionando di valutazione La valutazione non si fa senza il consenso degli insegnanti Bisogna ripartire dal "setaccio" della scuola media Un confronto tra ricercatori e mondo del lavoro sulle competenze trasversali dei laureati, di Stefania Mangano Valutazione dell’istruzione e miglioramento: il contributo degli studi di management, di Angelo Paletta

6 Great Fundraising Tools for Schools If you are looking for some good web tools for running digital fundraising campaigns in your school, the selection below has you covered. You can use them for a variety of purposes including event fundraising, team or individual fundraising, cause fundraising and many more. Most of these tools have also their corresponding mobile apps so you can take your digital fundraising efforts anywhere you go. 1- GoFundMe ‘GoFundMe is the world’s largest personal fundraising platform. 2- Patreon ‘Patreon is a recurring crowdfunding platform for all types of artists and creators. 3- DoonorsChoose ‘ makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need. 4- Shaparoo ‘Head back to school with Shoparoo, the app that makes school fundraising fun and hassle-free! 5- Fundraise Fundraise allows anyone to create a donation page in less than 5 minutes, and to start collecting contributions online immediately - no personal, credit card, or bank account information needed. 6- GiveCampus

Orizzonte Scuola | La scuola in un click Casa Editrice Vita e Pensiero CICERO Latin Tutor Some Very Good Tools and Apps to Create Educational Flashcards to Use in Class September 28, 2015 Flashcards are an important component in the teaching toolkit of teachers and more specifically primary teachers. They are an amazingly practical resource for teaching numeracy, literacy, vocabulary and many more. For those of you interested in learning more about how to use flashcards in vocabulary teaching, check out this excellent video from Macmillan ELT. Looking for some resources where you can access tons of already made flashcards to use in your class? The apps below have you covered. 1- Cram ‘Cram is your number one online educational resource. 2- Study Stack ‘Since 2002 millions of students have used StudyStack to memorize information. ‘Quizlet makes studying fun, easy, and effective. 4- Evernote Flashcards ‘This is a revolutionary flashcard app fully synchronized with your Evernote database account enabling you to memorize important information (such as words, phases or figures). 5- Flashcards+ by Chegg 6- Studyblue 7- Flashcards Deluxe 8- Flashcards [⁛]

Zibaldoni e altre meraviglie | Una rivista letteraria per l’avvenire Merry Christmas Mr Bean Teacher's note; The activities in the worksheet at the bottom of this post are based on the full episode available on DVD or on y cannot be embedded here). This post contains some exercises based on the embeddable youtube clips. DVD availablehere Mr Bean celebrates the traditional British Christmas: the baubles, the crackers, the nativity scene, the carols, the presents, the turkey and the mistletoe... they are all here. You are going to discuss Christmaswatch the Christmas Mr Bean episode and do some activitiesfind Christmas words in a word search exercise write the story in the past tensefind out more about the typical British Christmas and some of the Christmas things in the video. Discuss Do you celebrate Christmas? Watch clip 1 Answer the questions in the interactive exercise after you watch Did Mr Bean have any Christmas decorations? Now do exercise 1 (the answers to questions 9 and 10 are in the next clip) Watch clip 2 2) Who says it? ___“Cup of tea?”