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Architecture: Vision

Architecture: Vision

The Towers of London London’s skyline is about to get a complete makeover. While in the past, almost every tower proposed was stalled due to financial shortcomings, or workers just leaving the job site, now, London is dusting off their old building plans and getting ready to move into a construction frenzy. Thanks to Kieran Long’s article at the Evening Standard we get to know more details about this process: Don’t get us wrong – London is still right in the middle of the same financial turmoil we are all experiencing. Peter Rees, the chief planning officer of the City of London, explained, “I don’t see this as the start of a new property boom. Interestingly, the skyscrapers that were designed during London’s more prosperous time will be built exactly the same way. But this building is not merely confined to the metropolis – various ‘clusters’ of towers in Vauxhall, Blackfriars and Croydon seems to be progressing, and the skylines of these areas will be transformed.

Loam Clay Earth, Martin Rauch, Vorarlberg BaM | Bioarquitectura Mediterránea Nursery school | ASF International Nyakatoke is a rural village in the northwestern corner of Tanzania, near Bukoba, with nearly 600 inhabitants. Due to the fact that there is no nursery school within walking distance of the village, the average level of education in Nyakatoke is far below the rural Tanzanian standards. It is widely acknowledged that especially primary education is one of the most powerful tools in fi ghting extreme poverty: achieving a full course of primary schooling for all boys and girls is one of the UN Millennium Development Goals. The building of a nursery school in Nyakatoke will be a small step towards achieving those goals. The design of the building was driven by local circumstances such as the orientation of the plot, the people’s living conditions, etc.

The Calls winning proposal by Fletcher Crane Architects Architectural Team: Fletcher Crane Architects / Toby Fletcher, Ian Crane and Sam Stevens Structural Engineer: Elliott Wood/Gary Elliott, George Georgiou Building Environment and Services Engineer: Skelly and Couch/Mark Skelly, Matthew Chantzidakis Quantity Surveyor: Quantem Consulting/Dan Watson Landscape Architects: Whitelaw Turkington/Ian Turkington This is the winning scheme for a international competition to design a new office development on the river front in Leeds, UK. The competition was run by the UK magazine The Architects Journal. Commentary ‘The Loom’ is the apparatus for weaving strands of local business into a collective. The design approach will enable the scheme to have iconic status both locally and throughout Yorkshire giving local business’ a wider presence throughout the region. The building design aims to deliver a dramatic river front facade, utilising the expanse of the river and adjacent sheer faced wharf buildings of the south bank as a canvas.

TIERRAMOR - diseño integrado - Permacultura y Ecología Profunda Strohballenbau und Baubiologie Architekten ohne Grenzen – Austria – Architecture Sans Frontières International Architekten ohne Grenzen (AoGA ) is a non-profit, internationally active organization based in Vienna. The aim of AoGA is to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people through architecture in all their facets, irrespective of their ethnic origin or political and religious conviction. AoGA works closely with communities to jointly develop the built environment according to the social and cultural life of their inhabitants. The right to housing, social development, training, work and health care plays an important role to support a community in its development. What we do Through the establishment of an interdisciplinary network of architects, planners, experts and universities, Architektur ohne Grenzen Austria (AoGA) offers help organizations, charity organizations, municipalities and others expert support in the preparation, development and implementation of architecture with a humanitarian claim.

CAFOD Headquarters / Black Architecture Architects: Black Architecture Location: London, England Client: CAFOD Project area: 3,000 sqm Project year: 2010 Photographs: Tim Soar CAFOD’s (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) new headquarters adjacent to Pugin’s listed St George’s Cathedral in Southwark has been designed to be an exemplar of sustainable workplace design. The building was conceived to be intrinsically sustainable by balancing the three criteria that together comprise sustainable development: Social The design of the building actively encourages people to meet and communicate with each other, improving information and knowledge sharing and creating a heart for the CAFOD community and their international team. Economical A radical innovation in workplace design is realised within the constraints of a limited budget demonstrating CAFOD’s “live simply” philosophy and their core charity function. Environmental * Location to be used only as a reference.

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