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Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders

Are you having a New Year’s Eve get together at your house? If so, I must urge you to strongly consider making these decadent, drippy, diminutive, dreamy, and divine sliders. I made them just before Christmas and when I took my first bite, I actually heard angels singing. They’re positively out of this world. Here. The Cast of Characters: ground meat, salt & pepper, butter, onion, whiskey (not pictured because I didn’t think to add it until I was in the middle of cooking the sauce), jarred jalapenos, and small buns/rolls. You can use ground beef, ground turkey, or…guess what this is? Or my cattle ranching family. A girl’s gotta experiment from time to time, man. Form the meat into small patties (about 12) then sprinkle them generously with salt and pepper. Fry them in two batches in a skillet of melted butter over medium to medium-high heat. Mmmm. After all the patties are cooked, remove them to a plate. Now you’ve got a skillet of butter and grease and flavor, which is wonderful… Garshk. Related:  Cocktail Party RecipesSANDWICHES

Crosshatch Hot Dogs from Food and Wine In our family, and among our friends, there's a lot of grilling going on in the summer months. Given the German heritage of Milwaukee, the sausage is is very much a part of our city's culture. Have you ever watched a Brewers game to see the sausages (people dressed in various sausage costumes) race around the bases? Only in Milwaukee! We have several wonderful sausage manufacturers in or near Milwaukee Usingers, Klements and Johnsonville (best known for their brats). When I saw this recipe for Crosshatch Hot dogs on Food and Wine, I almost couldn't believe my eyes! The original recipe calls for cabbage with red chili peppers tossed with in a tangy vinaigrette to be served with the hot dogs. My personal twist on the recipe was to grill the cabbage and peppers and add some grilled vidalia onions! The cabbage and peppers are then thinly sliced and the onions diced and mixed with the vinaigrette. The croissants are spread with a butter and Dijon mustard mixture and then grilled:

How To Make Better Mac 'n' Cheese Individual Seven-Layer Dips These Individual Seven-Layer Dips are individually portioned dips perfect for parties and get togethers. No double dipping here! We keep it pretty minimal when it comes to toys for our kids on Christmas but yet somehow I feel like there’s STUFF everywhere! Anyone else feel this way? We’re swimming in Legos over here and just when I think I’ve cleaned up the last of them, I’ll step on one or one of my boys will drop their ships and Lego pieces go flying everywhere. I think my husband spent 6 straight hours on Christmas helping them build Legos. Seven layer dip is one of my favorites. All the pretty layers turn into an unidentifiable, unappetizing pile. My sister told me about the idea of individual seven layer dips as a party idea. The great thing about seven layer dip is that you can adjust it to your personal tastes. Now, you could make these in glass tumblers too, but we are pretty casual over here so plastic tumblers are the way we roll. Garnish with one tortilla chip. Print Ingredients

Fix-It and Forget-It Easy Slow Cooker BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe I think doing it a day or two ahead is fine. One thing I found is brisket releases a LOT of fat. And while I have nothing against fat there is way too much. Having time to chill and separate is great. If you do in the oven I would think 300 is good temp but if you have the time you can do 250. Once done take the meat out, let cool, wrap and refrigerate. Have fun at your party!

Peach, Bacon, Avocado Sandwich Peach, Bacon, Avocado Sandwich I can barely keep up with all the fresh produce this time of year. With so many tempting recipes to highlight the tomatoes, peaches, berries, and corn, it makes me wish the month of August lasted for at least half the year. The second I saw this recipe in my Food Network Magazine, I knew I’d be making it. As I mentioned the other day on Facebook, I always whip up homemade mayo this time of year for my tomato sandwiches. Like most sandwich recipes, if you don’t have all of these ingredients on hand, feel free to make this sandwich with substitutions. One Year Ago: Egg, Avocado, and Apple Salad Two Years Ago: Homemade Hamburger Buns and Chicken with Melon Salsa Three Years Ago: Peanut Butter Brownies Four Years Ago: Panzanella Peach, Bacon, and Avocado make a surprisingly delicious combination in this summertime sandwich Ingredients: For the Basil Sauce1/4 cup packed basil 1 tsp lemon juice 3 Tbsp mayonnaise, homemade recommended Salt and pepper Directions:

Porcini and Rosemary Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Port Wine Sauce recipe on Author Notes: This roast is worth celebrating. Dried porcini mushrooms are blitzed to a powder with fresh rosemary sprigs, creating an umami-rich crust for beef. It's stand alone good, but when served with a port wine reduction infused with rosemary and porcini, it becomes an elegant dinner worthy of any holiday celebration. If you have the time, salt the meat well in advance. This will ensure juicy results and a crispy crust. I used a combination of port and red wine for the sauce. Food52 Review: TasteFood's roast is definitely a show-stopper. Serves 6-8 For the Beef Tenderloin: 1 center-cut beef tenderloin, 3 pounds Salt 1 ounce dried porcini mushrooms 2 tablespoons fresh rosemary leaves, finely chopped 1 teaspoon black peppercorns Olive oil Season the tenderloin all over with salt. For the Port Wine Sauce: Your Best Holiday Roast Contest Winner! Popular on Food52 and Provisions

Tortilla Roll-ups Here's two of my favorite roll-up recipes - Mexican chicken and Italian roll-ups. They're a great appetizer for a party, or you can slice them in bigger halves for lunch or a picnic. Mexican Chicken Roll-ups Source Ingredients: 2 (8 oz.) packages cream cheese 2 cups cooked shredded chicken 1 1/3 cups shredded Mexican cheese blend 1 teaspoon finely minced garlic 1 ½ tablespoons chili powder 1 teaspoon cumin 4 green onions, chopped 10 oz. can Rotel, drained cayenne pepper to taste salt to taste half a bunch of cilantro, chopped (optional) 2 packages burrito sized tortillas Directions: -Mix filing ingredients together. Italian Roll-ups Source: Midwest Living Spread: 8 oz. cream cheese, at room temperature 1 tablespoon chives 1 tablespoon chopped green onion 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning, crushed Salt and Pepper to taste For wraps: Ham Salami Pepperoni Tortillas Combine all ingredients for spread.

Picky Palate Fancy BLT Grilled Cheese Sandwiches I almost hit you with another mile long recipe title. So I decided to save you about three whole minutes by swapping out – ‘sundried tomato pesto, peppered bacon, spinach, Fontina cheese and honey roasted garlic mayo’ for the word “fancy”. Ha! You’re welcome. As my final sammie for Grilled Cheese Month, the United Dairy Industry of Michigan ( ) has asked me to create one ooey gooey sandwich featuring… you guessed it cheese. Wellllll of course I picked my favorite cow’s milk cheese to slap in between bread and grill… zee Fontina. I wanted to take a classic sandwich {the BLT} and fancify it by using sundried tomato pesto, peppered slab bacon, baby spinach instead of reg-o lettuce and I also whipped up a killer honey roasted garlic mayo to bring it all home. As if you need another post dedicated to showing you how to build a grilled cheese, I know. So sundried tomato pesto is pretty magical. And then I grated up 6 ounces of Fontina cheese. Then griddle away.

Team Cream I haven't made a breakfast grilled cheese in a while and to tell you the truth, I'm quite sad about it. We all hear how breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why the heck have I neglected this lovely mealtime for so long? In order to end this cycle of negligence I've created a super yummy and easy to eat-on-the-go breakfast themed grilled cheese! Forget about your typical breakfast and switch it up by rooting for TEAM CREAM! chhhaaaaayeaahhhh!!!!!! Here's what I used to switch it up: Ingredients -1 everything bagel -1 handful of baby hierloom tomatoes (sliced in half) -2 pads of real salted butter -1 tsp of fresh thyme -2 heaping tbs of organic cream cheese (or less if you're not obsessed with it like me) So my beef with bagel sandwiches is that everything falls out all over the place when you try to cram it in your mouth. I finally solved this problem by hollowing out my bagel! and started scooping out the top and bottom of the bagel. xoxo,

Prosciutto, Nectarine and Fontina Panini on Rosemary Focaccia recipe on Author Notes: I came up with this sandwich because I love prosciutto and fruit together. They truly complement each other beautifully, as evidenced by the prosciutto e melone primi piatti on so many Italian restaurants' summer menus. I chose to add fontina to this recipe simply because I can't imagine a 'ham' sandwich without cheese, and it melts SO beautifully. And the infusion of rosemary in the bread just brings it all together; the herbal woodiness is divine with stone fruit. Salty, sweet, crispy, melty goodness! - RaquelG (less)Author Notes: I came up with this sandwich because I love prosciutto and fruit together. Food52 Review: Before making it, we were pretty sure we'd like this sandwich, but we weren't positive we'd want more than a couple of bites. Serves 1 Your Best Pork Sandwich Contest Finalist! Popular on Food52 and Provisions Tags: Sandwiches, savory, Summer

Lunchbox Treats – Twenty Ideas for Wrap Fillings | The Sometimes it’s not the fillings that children send home in their lunch boxes, it’s the bread that encases them. It wasn’t until she was in Year 8 that my daughter admitted that she hated sandwiches. “I want something that’s not boring!”, she said, but when pressed further, she said, “anything but bread!” Anything but bread. Thank goodness we have so many options available, all of them budget priced and readily available from supermarket shelves. When you make the wraps, it’s worth remembering that it’s best to heat up the bread to soften it before you roll it up. Here then are twenty ideas for suitable fillings, which are of course interchangeable with the sandwich fillings provided last week. HERBED CHICKEN SALAD Not every salad has to be soaking in mayonnaise and this is a good example of a light and tasty lunch option. Like this: Like Loading...

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