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Are You Being Tracked? 8 Ways Your Privacy Is Being Eroded Online and Off

Are You Being Tracked? 8 Ways Your Privacy Is Being Eroded Online and Off
December 28, 2011 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. In a recent hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Few people have ever heard about CIQ. Carrier IQ, located in Mountain View, CA, was founded in 2005 and is backed by a group of venture capitalists. At the hearing, Sen. Following Muller’s Senate testimony, Andrew Coward, Carrier IQ’s VP of marketing, told the Associated Press that the FBI is the only law enforcement agency to contact them for data. CIQ is emblematic of a growing number of ongoing battles that delineate the boundary of what, in the digital age, is personal, private life and information. 1. Sen. According to the company, its software is designed to improve mobile communications. Making matters worse, Carrier IQ attempted to silence Eckhart with a cease-and-desist letter, demanding he replace his analysis with a statement disavowing his research. Related:  All things Computer

Bad Behavior / Bad Behaviour: Why Twitter Was the Only Company to Challenge the Secret WikiLeaks Subpoena Alexander Macgillivray" />Secret subpoenas* information requests of the kind the Department of Justice sent Twitter are apparently not unusual. In fact, other tech companies may also have received similar WikiLeaks-related requests. But what is unusual in this story is that Twitter resisted. Which raises an interesting question: Assuming that Twitter was not the only company to have been served a secret subpoena order, why was it the only company that fought back? The answer might lie in the figure leading Twitter’s legal efforts, Alexander Macgillivray (right), an incredibly mild mannered (really) but sharp-as-a-tack cyber law expert. Twitter’s general counsel comes out of Harvard’s prestigious Berkman Center for Internet and Society, the cyber law powerhouse that has churned out some of the leading Internet legal thinkers. Twitter wooed Macgillivray away from Google in the summer of 2009, and he now heads a 25-person legal team.

Nmap - Free Security Scanner For Network Exploration & Security Audits. Stuxnet weapon has at least 4 cousins: researchers My ultra short web security surfing guide 4 you! The Repression Strengthened Us! One wrong move, forgetting to take your hat off, the interruption of a phone ringing notwithstanding — after a spell, a trip to the bank to pay the light bill — alongside men carrying machine guns — does get to feel normal. Such a transit of mind is a testimony to the human ability to adapt, yes? — and I am reminded of a marvelous tale that dear friend Francis Huxley tells. It was the 1950s, and he was called to transport a Native of the Brazilian Xingu tribe to Sao Paulo for emergency medical treatment. After success with that, they strolled through the streets of the city — for the Native man, the first time ever in such a scene. Upon passing a bank heavily guarded by men in military uniform, bearing epaulets, badges, and heavy black boots and carting machine guns – the man turned and asked what this strange display was all about. And so it is here, just over the border and sixty years later. First the government blocked the road from passage, including the arrival of food and water.

How to Tell If A Website Is Dangerous These days it can be very difficult to tell if a site is trustworthy or not. Many nefarious sites are being designed to look respectable. Thus you should always make sure that a site is not dangerous by using multiple approaches. This is especially important to consider before providing a site with sensitive information such as credit card numbers, banking information, your email address, etc... In general you may want to be wary of a site if it asks you for unnecessary personal information, a credit card number, or a bank number when it's not necessary. Recent Changelog: 5/23/2014-Removed dead link and added link to Best Free Antivirus Software article. 6/9/2014-Replaced http links with https links wherever possible. Index 1. 2. A) Check Site With Zulu URL Risk Analyzer and Comodo Web Inspector B) Check Site With VirusTotal And URLVoid C) Check Reputation Of Site With Web Of Trust 3. 4. 1. 2. A) Check Site With Zulu URL Risk Analyzer and Comodo Web Inspector 3. 4. Best Free Antivirus Software

Young Turks: Reddit is the Internet’s new activist hotbed By Stephen C. WebsterSaturday, December 31, 2011 11:51 EDT In a segment broadcast Friday night, Current TV’s “The Young Turks” hosts took a look at social media forum Reddit, which has recently become a flashpoint for resistance to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which critics warn will break the structure of the Internet if it becomes law. For Reddit, that threat is very real: one of the site’s managers recent commented that independent analysts have told them that if SOPA passes, Reddit is essentially doomed. Such a small staff cannot possibly police such a massive volume of user-submitted content for links to websites potentially engaged in copyright infringement of any type, they explained, pleading with users to push back against the bill. “I love it,” host Cenk Uygur said Friday night. “It’s incredible, and a lot of people are getting involved,” co-host Ana Kasparian added. This video is from Current TV’s “The Young Turks,” broadcast Friday, Dec. 30, 2011. Stephen C. Stephen C.

Detect How can you detect if your computer has been violated and infected with DNS Changer? An industry wide team has developed easy “are you infected” web sites. They are a quick way to determine if you are infected with DNS Changer. For example, the will state if you are or are not infected (see below). No Software is Downloaded! If you think your computer is infected with DNS Changer or any other malware, please refer to the security guides from your operating system or the self -help references from our fix page ( The following table is a list of all easy “are you infected” sites. If you are not affected by DNS Changer then do nothing. If the Check-Up Site indicates that you are affected then either follow the instructions on that site or go to the “FIX” page. Manually Checking if your DNS server have been Changed The following pages would help check to manually see if you have DNS Changer DNS servers configured on your computer.

The Author of SOPA Is a Copyright Violator US Congressman and poor-toupee-color-chooser Lamar Smith is the guy who authored the Stop Online Piracy Act. SOPA, as I'm sure you know, is the shady bill that will introduce way harsher penalties for companies and individuals caught violating copyright laws online (including making the unauthorized streaming of copyrighted content a crime which you could actually go to jail for). If the bill passes, it will destroy the internet and, ultimately, turn the world into Mad Max (for more info, go here). I decided to check that everything on Lamar's official campaign website was copyright-cleared and on the level. Lamar is using several stock images on his site, two of which I tracked back to the same photographic agency. So I took a look back at an archived, pre-SOPA version of his site. This is a screenshot of his site as it appeared on the 24th of July, 2011. And this is the background image Lamar was using. And whaddya know? Oh dear. We need your help! For more on SOPA, read this.

Google's Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool A week ago Google announced the release of a safe browsing diagnostic tool. To use the tool, just append a URL to the end of For example, to test this site, you would enter Google will then return four sets of security information about that page. (1) The current listing status of a site and also information on how often a site or parts of it were listed in the past. (2) The last time Google analyzed the page, when it was last malicious, what kind of malware Google encountered and so fourth. (3) Did the site facilitated the distribution of malicious software in the past? Google has shown an example of a site that has malicious results. The Zero Day blog has some additional information on this Google security release. NOTE: If you saw a malware warning on Jan. 31, 2009, this was due to an error that briefly impacted all web sites.

After Historic Protest, Members of Congress Abandon PIPA and SOPA in Droves Yesterday, in the largest online protest in Internet history, more than 115,000 websites altered millions of web pages to stand in opposition to SOPA and PIPA, the Internet blacklist bills. Some sites — Wikipedia, Reddit, Boing Boing, Craigslist and others — completely shut down for the day, replacing their sites with material to educate the public about the bill’s dangers. Others, like Google and Mozilla, sent users to a petition or action center to express their concerns to Congress. While the final results are still being tabulated, EFF alone helped users send over 1,000,000 emails to Congress, and countless more came from other organizations. And members of Congress were quick to react. Republican Marco Rubio started the day by announcing his opposition, despite formerly being a co-sponsor. Democratic Senators also voiced their opposition to PIPA. January 18th was a truly historic day for Internet activism. Unfortunately, PIPA and SOPA are still very much alive.

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