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About Joanna Penn and The Creative Penn Who is Joanna Penn? Making videos at the British Museum, London – just part of the job! I’m a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers on the edge, as well as non-fiction for authors. I’m also a professional speaker and entrepreneur, voted as one of The Guardian UK Top 100 creative professionals 2013. Laying Out Your Online Experience What do you think most people want when they turn to these social technologies? If we throw away the terms for a moment, here’s what I think they want: A Sign We need a way for people to find us. Having a blog and/or other web presence touchpoints (or outposts) is a good start.

Instructional Design Central Instructional Design Jobs Browse instructional design and eLearning jobs on the Instructional Design Central job board. Find instructional design jobs in government, higher-education, K-12, non-profit, and private business sectors. Open Source Document Management System by Alfresco Many companies have documents stored all over the place – on desktop computers, laptops, network drives, email, USB sticks and various consumer file sharing sites. And with contracts stored by customer, invoices by month, case files by case number, and consulting reports by year, it is difficult to get a 360° view of a customer’s information, which makes effective collaboration almost impossible. Alfresco enables you to manage your business critical documents like contracts, proposals, agreements, marketing and sales materials, as well as technical renderings and manuals. With Alfresco, you have full version control, ensuring that you always have the right version of the file you need, and full access from anywhere, any time. Alfresco saves valuable time otherwise wasted searching for information and recreating misplaced documents, and eliminates mistakes and costs associated with using the wrong version. Contact Us

Free Font GoodDog by Fonthead Design This license can also be found at this permalink: ———————————————————————————————————— Fonthead Design End User License Agreement———————————————————————————————————— By downloading and/or installing Fonthead Design fonts ("software") you agree to the following user license terms: 1) Grant of License: The purchase of this software grants to you ("user") as licensee, the non-exclusive right to use and display the software at a single home or business location on a maximum of 5 CPUs. 23 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed We know, it's summer in some parts of the world — you don't want to stay indoors all day everyday. Well don't worry, even if you missed some of Mashable's social media resources while out frolicking we've got another great list of resources from the past week to get you all caught up. Below you'll find our weekly power-guide to the best social media resources this side of the 'Net. This edition includes a ton of business resources for the social-media-savvy entrepreneur and even some quirky facts (LOL used to mean "Little Old Lady"?). Whatever your passion, dig in and enjoy. Social Media

Innovation in Practice: The Voice of the Product Could the greatest innovation of all time be a method of innovation? Roger Smith proposed this in The Evolution of Innovation. Is such a method out there? The answer is yes. Suppose you want to come up with a new product idea. Where do you begin? Online Document Sharing, Share Files, Intranet: WebOffice The WebOffice Document Manager allows you to post and share the latest documents. Your business runs on many sources of information - documents, spreadsheets, presentations, e-mails, and more. Everything is in different places and often on different computers. The WebOffice Document Manager makes it easy to keep your information organized and easily accessible.

The Frugal Book Promoter, by Carolyn Howard-Johnson Carolyn Howard-Johnson is my unofficial writing mentor. I write ‘unofficial’ because I basically adopted her and her work as my go-to guides for improving and promoting my writing. Our paths crossed when we were both writing for, a long-standing book review website. 10 internet technologies that educators should be informed about There are so many different tools and technologies available on the internet today, and so many associated terms and concepts. As I think about topics to focus on here in the coming months, I want to make sure we’re touching on the most important ones. What are the most important internet technologies for educators to be aware of, and informed about?