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Travel Insurance: Buy International Travel Insurance Online

Schengen is a part of the 26 states in the European Union which make the Schengen Area. There is a law as per the Schengen agreement which states that if you are on a business or leisure trip, then you need to procure a Schengen visa, but before applying for a visa you need to buy Schengen Travel Insurance. Only then would you be given the Schengen visa. You can buy Schengen Travel Insurance online from Bharti AXA General Insurance. You need this kind of Travel Insurance when you travel to any Non- Schengen country. This is the most common type of Travel Insurance available with Bharti AXA General Insurance. A trip to the US and Canada can be very exciting. Travelling to Asian countries is an exotic and enjoyable experience.

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Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance: Buy/Renew Maruti Suzuki Car Insurance Online Bharti AXA offers two different Maruti Car Insurance Plans. The Third-Party Liability Insurance , and Comprehensive Car Insurance Plans. While the former offers coverage only Third-Parties involved in any accident, the latter offers coverage for Natural Calamities, Manmade Disasters, Own Damage (OD), Personal Accidents and Theft. Here is more information on the policies. Third-Party Liability Coverage: It is a mandatory Car Insurance Plan that covers the damages caused to the Third-Party and their property.

ULIP Plans for Child - Wealth Maxima Child Plan - Exide Life Insurance 1.Choose from 6 fund options: Benefit from Active Asset Allocation style fund of management: This fund has of flexibility to invest in equity and debt fund This gives freedom to the fund manager to identify and allocate your money with more agility in asset classes that are gaining strength. 2. TVS Motor will have a portfolio of EVs: Sudarshan Venu TVS Motor Company sees a bright future for electric two-wheelers in India. So the country’s third largest two-wheeler company, by volume, has jumped onto the battery-operated scooter bandwagon with the introduction of iQube, a connected automatic scooter. The launch marks the entry of yet another established two-wheeler maker in a domain that has only seen the entry of numerous small players and start-ups. Sudarshan Venu, Joint Managing Director, TVS Motor, discussed the company’s product plan, technology and its expansion in the EV market in Bengaluru on Saturday. Excerpts:

Why Long-Term Bike Insurance Is Mandatory in India Anywhere you go in India you will see a large number of two wheeler vehicles. They are the most popular mode of private transport across sectors and demographics – from sprawling urban cities to small towns to remote villages. They are affordable, fuel efficient, provide easy maintenance, maneuverable and provide no hassles in parking. As the usage of two wheeler vehicles increases there is a corresponding rise in the occurrence of vehicular accidents. Third party Insurance is and has been mandatory for all vehicles under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1961. Bike Insurance is available online easily and at the click of a button.

Act Of God Bharti AXA INSURANCE GLOSSARY An act of God or force majeure is any event that is outside the control of humans and unaffected by human activity. It usually refers to natural calamities like an earthquake or floods. An act of God refers to events that cannot be foreseen or prevented. An act of God does not imply a lack of liability. For example, if a dilapidated building collapses in an earthquake injuring by-standers, the owners of the building would be liable for damages as they did not take responsible care and failed to maintain the structural integrity of the building. Why Zumba Fitness is Extremely Effective The tag line of zumba fitness is ‘join the party, ditch the workout’. Zumba is a fun, exciting, enthralling way to move your body and reap countless health benefits. Moving to the intoxicating rhythms of dance music carefully compiled by zumba fitness, can be great for not only the body but also the mind. It is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit and also enjoy the rhythmic dancing.

TVS Bike Insurance: Renew or Buy Two Wheeler Insurance Online The automobile sector is one of the most important economic sectors in terms of revenue. And among the many manufacturers, TVS Manufacturer features some of the bestselling two-wheelers in the country. The brand has seen great sales and robust growth in the automobile industry over the past few years. TVS Manufacturer has multiple manufacturing units, facilities, service centres all over India. This makes it completely accessible and feasible for the customer as they can reach out to the manufacturer at all times. The brand is dedicated towards producing innovative designs and advanced technology year on year to meet the end-user’s requirements.

Fraud Bharti AXA INSURANCE GLOSSARY A fraud is an intentional act of deception. It is designed to gain an unfair advantage, or deprive someone of their legal right. Most Helpful Leg Exercises Have you realised that the largest muscle in our body is located in the legs? That’s right. However, we hardly use it because our lifestyle has become so sedentary that we are sitting for long hours most part of the day. As a result, our legs become weak. You need to have strong legs because they carry your weight all through the day.

Interesting Facts To Know About Portuguese Culture Portugal may be a small country compared to its way bigger West European neighbours but make no mistake about the Portuguese. They are certainly not to be underestimated. Be it their long-standing maritime history, daring zeal for adventure and braving adversities, or preserving their traditional recipes and family values, the Portuguese take great pride in preserving their cultural heritage. And while there is a lot that is quite well known about Portuguese culture, there is also much that is not so widely known or understood about their cultural traditions and customs. We decided to dig deeper and have uncovered for you some very interesting and lesser known facts about Portuguese culture and traditions that may surprise you. They will also tell you what to expect when you visit this fascinating South West European country.

Domicile Meaning Bharti AXA INSURANCE GLOSSARY Domicile is the country in which a person has her permanent residence. It does not mean that the person maintains a physical house or residence in the country, but that he intends to remain in the country forever – unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Therefore, maintenance of a residence is not enough to establish domicile. For example, an Indian citizen living in the US on a H1B visa continues to have India as his domicile as the permanent residence of the person is still in India and she is residing in the US only temporarily. For domicile to be changed, the intention of the person to stay permanently in the new country must be established either through their actions or through a declaration.

Cloud Services - Public, Private & Hybrid Multi Cloud Yotta makes it easier to manage your multiple public cloud infrastructure. Our own public cloud is a simple, scalable and flexible solution to help accelerate your business and provide seamless integration with other global cloud providers. ManageMultiple Clouds Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Policy Third Party Insurance For Private Vehicle Key benefits - covers your liability for damages and injury caused to third party This motor insurance does not cover you and your motor vehicle.

Get Europe Travel Insurance The Schengen zone, there’s no other area like it in the world! Its breathtaking natural scenery couldn’t be more diverse, and the astonishing monuments uncover one layer of history after another. With some of the most significant cultural achievements, the Schengen countries unite a kaleidoscope of cultures, and the sceneries are as intriguing as the past.