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SMART Notebook lessons, Promethean Flipcharts and other Interactive Material

SMART Notebook lessons, Promethean Flipcharts and other Interactive Material

Five top technology tools for the English classroom | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional There are many educational technology tools available to use in your English classroom – and they're increasing at a rapid rate. Whether you're a seasoned tech classroom user or new to the idea, below are a few handy tools for you to get your teeth into. It's not an extensive list but these five are easy to use and a good introduction to what's available. If you have any other suggestions, please do share them in the comments section below. Google Drive Google Drive is a free online storage cloud that has Google's version of Word, Powerpoint and Excel built into it. Teachers can help students with the creative writing process by getting them to share their stories as they write so you can feedback live without stopping their creative flow. Edmodo Edmodo is a free social learning platform for students, teachers and parents. It really is a very useful all-round tool. Screen casting YouTube What about creating a channel for your department? Blogging

23 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able To Do With An iPad Using an iPad is simple due to its intuitive interface, elegant touch interface, and user-friendly operating system. Below we’ve listed 23 different tasks a teacher should be able to perform with their iPad. We’ve tried to focus on the basics, along with some typical tasks a teacher may be required to complete. And let us know which important ones we’ve missed below on twitter or facebook. 1. Power button; long press and plug it in. 2. Apple has you covered: “To redeem an iTunes Gift Card or Gift Certificate, click the Redeem link in iTunes, enter the code on the card or certificate into the Redeem Code box on the page, and click the Redeem button. 3. For reference, check Apple’s help page, or Appducate’s page for some troubleshooting tips. 4. And this probably means social media messages, too. 5. This one is simple provided you’ve got an iTunes account. 6. 7. Just as you organize your books, magazines, clothes, and holiday decorations, organizing your apps isn’t a bad idea either. 8. 9.

12 Characteristics Of An iPad-Ready Classroom - Implementing iPads isn’t exactly a just-add-water proposition. While they’re wondrous little devices capable of enchanting learners for hours, to get the learning results you’re likely after will take planning, design, and reflection. It can help to start out by asking yourself some important questions, such as “What can the iPad do that is not possible without it? Put another way, what problems does the iPad solve?” But the learning environment you’re starting with can make a big difference as well. Below are 4 distinct areas of instruction and instructional design that can help frame the concept of iPad integration. There is more to the conversation, but rather than overwhelm you (not that you couldn’t handle it), it seemed better to simply start your thinker.

Språkutvecklande undervisning i praktiken Jag har just tittat på en liten film från England, en film som handlar om språkutvecklande undervisning i en skola med en majoritet av elever som har "english as an additional language". En film som på ett tydligt och inspirerande sätt beskriver vad språkutvecklande undervisning behöver handla om. Nämligen interaktion och rätt grad och form av stöttning. Titta hur aktiva eleverna är. Titta hur deras klassrumsmiljö är fylld av visuell stöttning i form av ord, texter & bilder. Jag önskar fler filmer som denna. Lesson Idea (Common Core) Lesson Reflection: Getting Students to Talk (14 min) All Subjects / All Grades / Discussions Teaching Practice Post-its: Little Notes for Big Discussions (2 min) All Grades / ELA / Discussion Learning to Communicate and Work Together (14 min) All Grades / All Subjects / Class Discussion