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5 au quotidien en math

5 au quotidien en math

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base ten math cards audrey Math Ten Pins - Couldn't link to directives for this activity but there are some great ORGANIZATION ideas on this site! LOVE THE BASE TEN BLOCKS IN A DIVIDED LUNCH CONTAINER!! Neatly organized tanisha Math- Common Core Base-Ten Centers!!! Free Printables to create the centers. LOVE!!! Apps for Making Ten - Math Coach's Corner I walked into a 2nd grade classroom Thursday to find the students busily engaged in math workshop. Several students were working with iPads and playing what looked to be an addictive math game. I sat myself down and asked them to show it to me. The app, Numbers Logic Puzzle, is a Candy Crush-like game for making ten. Players swipe neighboring number tiles that add to 10, causing the tiles to disappear and new tiles to fall into place. When I got home, I downloaded it on my iPad and gave it a go myself.

Math Daily 3, How We Started When the second edition of The Daily 5 came out earlier this year I was thrilled to see the authors included a chapter about math. The ideas in the first edition of The Daily 5 really changed my classroom for the better by helping me create independence with my young learners, which allowed me to more easily work with small groups and individuals. A few years ago I tried to implement the Math Daily 5 that was outlined on the authors' website ( At that point there were five components to their math block. I found that I did not have enough time to get to all five activities each day. So, that year I toned it down a little and did my version, which by coincidence was three parts (math by myself, math with a partner, and math with the teacher).

Daily Five Math I started Daily 5 Math stations during our math time. I teach a mini-lesson whole group and the students choose which station they would like to go to. I have only 3 stations open to start off. Daily 5 Choice Cards Update: Here is a more diverse set of daily 5 cards! Thanks for the idea, Emily! I love reading everyone's comments! Someone suggested making those Daily 5 posters I blogged about here smaller so that each child gets a set to use as a way to choose their Daily 5 session on a pocket chart. Suzie's Home Education Ideas: Printable Place Value Slider On previous blog posts, I have shared some ideas on learning about numbers and place value as well as sharing my printable place value game to show some different ways we have used to learn about two and three digit numbers. I have since adapted one of my earlier resources, the Place Value Slider, to include four digit numbers. I originally got the idea of making a place value slider from here and made a three digit place value slider (pictured below). I can honestly say that it has helped my son really understand two and three digit numbers.

Modeling Addition and Subtraction Structures - Math Coach's Corner I am finishing out the school year with my first and second graders by trying to give them a solid foundation with the different structures for addition and subtraction problems. I’ve been using a marvelous free resource called Thinking Blocks. They offer a variety of free iPad apps, but I’ve been using the web version on my interactive white board because I wanted to bring in some concrete learning. The Thinking Blocks program allows you to choose the type of problem to work with, and we began with part/whole problems with two parts. I made part/whole mats for the kiddos to use (on the back side is a part/whole mat with three parts), because I wanted them to be able to act out the models.

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