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The best Online Sources To play and Learn

The best Online Sources To play and Learn
I love playing chess and collecting chessboards and like everything else, my enjoyment of the game has moved online. As well as playing installed software chess games, I also have some favourite chess websites where I like to meet other players from around the world for a game or two. After all, it gets boring eventually playing against a computer. Sometimes, it’s good to play against a real live human being. So here are some of the places where I like to play chess online. Later, I will also discuss some of the places where I have learned some chess tactics. But one place which I will not talk about is Yahoo Games (in case anyone starts getting worked up in the comments). So here’s the three places I use for my chess fix : ItsYourTurn I wrote about ItsYourTurn back in September last year and it’s great for playing chess. I personally have 10 games going on at one time – I make one move on each game every morning then I don’t go back to it until the next morning. Flash Chess III Email Chess

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Best Chess Software for Casual Players Available languages: Schach - Deutsch Шахматы - Русский Шахи - Українська Chess - English Ajedrez - Español Échecs - Français Scacchi - Italiano Sakk - Magyar Schaken - Nederlands Szachy - Polski Help us finish translating: My language is not listed We are working hard to make available in over 70 languages. SWAN /All Libraries "UNDERSTANDING IS THE ESSENTIAL WEAPON" Chess and Our Origins When Sissa had invented chess and produced it to King Shihram, the latter was filled with amazement and joy. He ordered that it should be preserved in the temples, and held it the best thing that he knew as a training in the art of war, a glory to religion and the world, and the foundation of all justice. — ibn Khallikan, thirteenth century Stories do not exist to tell the facts, but to convey the truth. It is said that in ancient India, a queen had designated her only son as heir to the throne. When the son was assassinated, the queen's council searched for the proper way to convey the tragic news to her.

The Best Chess Software Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition Chessmaster is a computer game owned by UbiSoft and is available on the PC, Xbox, and DS.It has sold more than 5 million units as of 2002. It is certainly one of the oldest programs dating back to 1986. If you are a young adult or older who is a inexperienced,completely new, or an intermediate player this software is suitable for you. The first section of Chessmaster is known as Learning Chess. It contains tutorials from both Grandmaster Larry Christansen on his section "Attacking Chess" and International Chess Master Josh Waitzkin about his book the Art of Learning, both which are very useful to beginning and intermediate players.

Illustrated rules of chess Chess is a game, played by two players. One player plays with the white pieces, and the other player plays with the black pieces. Each player has sixteen pieces in the beginning of the game: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. Why Play Chess? Chess is an exercise of infinite possibilities for the mind, one which develops mental abilities used throughout life: concentration, critical thinking, abstract reasoning, problem solving, pattern recognition, strategic planning, creativity, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, to name a few. Chess can be used very effectively as a tool to teach problem solving and abstract reasoning. Learning how to solve a problem is more important than learning the solution to any particular problem.

Chess Strategy for Chess Openings and Chess Principles The art of chess strategy consists of formulating a plan for the chess game, and of arranging the chess pieces to accomplish this plan in view of the opponent's best response. This chess strategy article will get any new chess player on the road to understanding correct chess opening strategy - how to control the chess board from move one. Introduction to Chess Strategy Beginning chess players discover very quickly that learning how the pieces move is the very tip of the tip of the chess playing iceberg. Best Free Computer Chess The art of chess has fascinated down the ages, through Alice and beyond. PCs provide countless opportunities for learning, playing, practicing, studying, and even watching both online and offline. Convenient freeware chess programs are available that give you all you need to do these things straight out of a single box at any level. Great for beginners and experts alike.

The Benefits of PLaying Chess at a Young Age Countless researchers and studies have shown over the years that chess does indeed strengthen a child's mental clarity, fortitude, stability, and overall health. Many schools are now finding chess as an inexpensive but essential way of helping kids grow mentally. In this technologically driven world, chess helps aid in the synthesis and growth of certain areas in the brain and mind where many children can benefit as they grow older from the game. Dr. Robert Furgeson, Jr., the Executive Director of the American Chess School has prepared a review of key research studies for the chess in education conference. The Chess-board — Illustration by John Tenniel to chapter 2, "Through the Looking Glass," The Chess-board — Illustration to the second chapter of Through the Looking Glass by John Tenniel. Wood-engraving by the Dalziels. "I declare it's marked like a large chess-board!" Alice said at last.