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Overcome Writer's Block, Suggestions To Get You Writing Again. ^ Back to top We use cookies, just to track visits to our website, we store no personal details. ACCEPT COOKIES What are cookies? Login Overcoming Writer’s Block Spelling Bee What are the different ways to play the Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee? There are two different ways to play. In the Tournament Spelling Bee, you'll be challenged by a series of words, with the spelling difficulty adapted to your skill level.

How Texting Is Changing Your Grammar The Current State Of Technology In K-12 5.33K Views 0 Likes What is the next device most students will soon purchase? How many schools have a digital strategy? Find out in the current state of technology in K-12. 10 Best Online Rhyming Dictionaries Writing poetry and songs is real challenge to both beginners and professionals. Howevr , using rhyming dictionaries may help writers to find rhyming words that fit better .Here is a list of the best rhyming dictionaries I found on the web : You type a word and you choose to get its rhymes , synonyms , definitions and more . Moreover it’s a great database for quizzes , quotations and famous documents . Rhymer offers six types of rhymes End rhymesLast syllable rhymesDouble rhymesTriple rhymesBeginnig rhymesFirst syllable rhymes

The Teacher's Guide To Pinterest - Edudemic Pinterest has quickly become one of the biggest ways for teachers to share resources and information short of Twitter. It lets you build ‘boards’ and easily ‘pin’ parts of the web (text, images, videos, websites, etc.) onto those boards. Simple enough, right? Here’s our Teacher’s Guide To Pinterest that gives you a few more ideas about how to properly use Pinterest in an education setting. Enjoy! Five Incredibly Simple Ways to Help Writers Show and Not Tell Show me, show me. Show, don’t tell is one of the trickiest things for beginners to grasp. It’s something we teach on our Writers Write course, and it's an ‘aha moment’ that can’t be rushed. Consider these examples: What's Eyejot? Eyejot is the first, comprehensive, client-free online video messaging platform ideal for both personal and business communications. It offers everyone the ability to create and receive video messages in a self-contained, spam-free environment. With no client to install, you can start using Eyejot immediately with any browser, on any platform. It even features built-in support for iTunes™ (and iPods&trade), mobile devices and social networks like MySpace™. Watch Eyejot video examples. Why Eyejot?

The Connected Learner's Guide To Proper Grammar Grammar has regrettably but understandably fallen by the wayside for a generation of connected learners and web 2.0 students. Casual web repartee in posts, tumbles and tweets has encouraged sloppy style and poor grammar among the younger set. Phrases and words that feel right are often wrong, according to the old school grammar practiced by teachers and prospective employers. Use this guide from our content partners at Online College as a launching point to refresh your grammar with a brief, but focused, session.

16 Websites to Teach and Learn Vocabulary ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning There are now several web tools that are really great in teaching vocabulary and that you can use with your students in the classroom. We have curated a list a list of some of the best web tools to teach vocabulary. Check them down below. 1- Mythcreants » Poisons: How to Use Them I mean in your stories, of course. The correct way to use them in real life is simple: don’t. In stories, on the other hand… well, your characters have to face death at some point.