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Crea tu propia sopa de letras El mundo de deckerix

Crea tu propia sopa de letras El mundo de deckerix
TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. The first thing we need to work with TypeScript is an editor. I recommend Visual Studio Code. You can dowload it from their official website. Once you have installed Visual Studio Code, you can start creating a new .ts file. Visual Studio Code first TypeScript code Visual Studio Code includes TypeScript language support but does not include the TypeScript compiler which helps us to transform our TypeScript code into a javascript file. The easiest way to install the TypeScript compiler is through npm, the Node.js Package Manager. If you have npm installed, you can install TypeScript globally (-g) on your computer by: npm install -g typescript Install typescript compiler through npm Now you can test your install by checking the version for example. Terminal testing TSC Create a simple tsconfig.json file like this one: Run compiler

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Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only) - Electricity, Circuits, Current Topics Circuits Light Bulbs Batteries Switches Ammeter Voltmeter Description An electronics kit in your computer! Educator-recommended Tools to Help Enhance Your Visuals June 17, 2015 Sometimes a good visual has a way of capturing one's attention. This can be important in a room full of varied attention spans. Here are some educator-recommended tools to help enhance your visuals. Create digital stories with text, artwork, and voice recordings.

Free Tools For Teachers : Small Basic Help your students start writing their first programs quickly and easily. With only 15 keywords and an inviting development environment, Small Basic is structured to help them succeed. Students who wish to advance their software development skills can also take advantage of Small Basic's online guides and e-books to help them move ahead. Small Basic makes learning programming easy, fun, and interesting