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IFVP Community
On this site you’ll find like-minded people who share your interest in graphic facilitation, graphic recording and other forms of visual practice. Looking for a Visual Practitioner? Perhaps someone in a particular country or region, or with a special expertise? You can search our list of experts by name, skill set or location: You’ll find profiles and contact info of visual practitioners all over the world. You’ll learn about upcoming events and useful resources.

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NTEN Webinar Reflections and Resources: The Unanticipated Benefits of Content Curation Yesterday, I did a free NTEN Webinar called “The Unanticipated Benefits of Content Curation: Reducing Information Overload” based on my feature article in the NTEN Change Journal in June with the same title. (You can register and download the issue here for free and listen to the webinar recording here) The main idea is that good curation skills can build staff expertise and avoid the pain of information overload. I covered the basics of content curation, how it differs from social sharing, the art and practice of curation, a frameworks to get started, examples of nonprofits using curation, the tools, and some techniques for minimizing information overload and managing attention. I pulled together a curated summary of the tweets and resources on Storify that you can view here. With over 600 people registered for the Webinar, it was hard to answer all the questions as the chat stream just flew by and the 90 minutes was up before we knew it. A good curator also knows their audience.

Visual Innovation Accelerator Toolbook. Download it Now: Download the Toolbook by sharing spreading the word about it! Click on the Button, share the news on Facebook or Twitter. Then you will be forwarded to the download. The Back of the Napkin “Inspiring! It teaches you a new way of thinking in a few hours — what more could you ask from a book?” — Dan Heath,author of Made to Stick The sketchnote revolution I’ve got an idea for a new year’s resolution: Join the sketchnote revolution. Sketchnotes are a visual form of note-taking that can include drawings, various lettering sizes and styles, color, icons, arrows, boxes and more — whatever works for you. I’d say that sketchnoting is officially a movement — maybe you’ve seen some from SXSWi or other conferences. visual recording on the iPad, illustrated – Ninmah Meets World This week I’ll be giving a talk at IFVP 2010 on visual recording with the iPad. While I was preparing my notes, I discovered how easy it is to make Quicktime movies of your notes with the Brushes app, so I made a little movie. Then I got carried away narrating it and adding in other images and … well, it’s almost 13 minutes long now, and if you watch it, you can skip my talk. Though I’m better in person, and there are a few things I didn’t put into the movie. Ah HAH.

Training Courses 2013 Course Schedule March 14-15: Strategic Illustration Course 101 - Lausanne, Switzerland Course Registration Visual Thinking Visual thinking refers to a group of generative skills that, when practiced with rigorous discipline, results in the production of novel and original graphic ideas. By seeking to discover visual forms that fit his/her underlying human experience, the student of visual thinking comes to know the world. This practice of thinking with images alone is stressed in NAB in order to balance the over-emphasis on verbal reasoning in other areas of education. Visual thinking is high order critical thinking conducted by imaginistic means alone. Specific Thinking Skills: Visual Thinking

Christina Merkley's Make Your Mark Resource Links ADAMS & ADAMS CONSULTING & TRAINING San Diego, California Adams & Adams Consulting and Training, Inc. specializes in participatory strategic planning, organizational coaching and group facilitation training. Judi Adams is a recognized strategic planning expert for the international Family Justice Center movement; she wrote the chapter on Strategic Planning for “Hope for Hurting Families II – How to Start a Family Justice Center in Your Own Community”.

The Difference: Sketch Notes, Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation-Jeannel King - Big Picture SolutionsJeannel King – Big Picture Solutions Learning the Lingo As visual practices such as sketch noting, graphic recording, and graphic facilitation become more…well, visible to the public, so does the confusion around the terms we visual practitioners use to describe our work. This confusion is understandable. Visual Meeting eGuides We are passionate about making sure your visual meeting truly moves your group forward the way we know working visually can. That’s why we created this collection of eGuides with clear, actionable tips and techniques to help you, your facilitator partners and your clients: Maximize the value of working with a graphic recorderGet groups to dig deeper in their thinking during meetingsEmpower your visual maps as effective thought-processing tools These eGuides are the perfect resource for anyone who works with meeting visuals: