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Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union - Home My HealtheVet What`s YOUR health age? Yes, you`re healthy. You are eating better food, you even exercise a bit. You take medications on time, keep a positive attitude in life. So, yeah, you`re healthy. The healtheliving assessment (HLA) can help you better understand how you can lead a healthier life. TXT Messages Help Vets Quit with SmokefreeVET Quitting smoking is one of the hardest goals to accomplish. Diabetes, Drinking and Smoking: A Dangerous Combination Any way you look at it, smoking is bad for your health. My HealtheVet is the VA's Personal Health Record.

the free encyclopedia Easy Cheese Fondue Recipe Here's a delicious and easy cheese fondue recipe for your next fondue party or romantic dinner for two. Make sure to use the right fondue equipment and take safety precautions to ensure no one gets burned with the hot melted cheese. But most importantly, enjoy every bite of this delicious cheese fondue. Traditionally, the Swiss used to melt Gruyère and Emmentaler cheese and this basic cheese fondue recipe is based on that. Feel free to improvise and add a few touches of your own to this easy cheese fondue recipe. Basic Cheese Fondue Recipe *You should have a little more wine and cheese on hand to adjust the consistency if needed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Note: Italian or French bread (baguette) makes excellent dippers when cut into small pieces. Tip: If you ask your guests to make a figure 8 while dipping, this will ensure that the cheese mixture gets constantly stirred. Share YOUR favorite cheese fondue recipe with the world What Other Fondue Fans Have Posted

Buffalo, New York latitude/longitude Facebook friends in Buffalo, New York There are 1,997 Travel Math friends in Buffalo. Find your friends in this city! Travel deals near Buffalo, NY Save money on your next trip! Cities Travel Math provides a database of major and local cities around the world. This page was loaded in 0.9530 seconds. Self-Discipline This week I’ll be blogging a series on self-discipline. New posts on this topic will appear every day Mon-Fri. I’ve also added a new self-discipline category. In this series I’ll be focusing on what I call the five pillars of self-discipline. The Five Pillars of Self-Discipline The five pillars of self-discipline are: Acceptance, Willpower, Hard Work, Industry, and Persistence. Each day of the series, I’ll explore one of these pillars, explaining why it’s important and how to develop it. What Is Self-Discipline? Self-discipline is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state. Imagine what you could accomplish if you could simply get yourself to follow through on your best intentions no matter what. Self-discipline is one of many personal development tools available to you. Building Self-Discipline My philosophy of how to build self-discipline is best explained by an analogy. Progressive training means that once you succeed, you increase the challenge.

Riven Complete Walkthrough - MystJourney Temple Island Leave the cage and look over the side of the cliff on your right. Now go up the stairs and turn left where you will see a gold room with image viewers in the form of beetles. The room has two doors and five passageways leading from it. In the second cave there is a lever on a pipe. Follow the catwalk through the domed building until you come to another lever and a pipe. Now return back the way you came to the first button which rotates the room. Jungle Island Get out of the Maglev and towards what looks like a ball inside the rocks. Crater Island Climb down the ladder and make your way out to the switch in the middle of the lake. Get out of the pipe you are in and follow the mountain pass over the fence to the double doors. Read the book on the table, find the five numbers in it and write them down. Plateau Island Follow the pathway to the elevator and press the button to go up. Once each of the locations have been found go back to the Maglev. Crater Island 2 Temple Island 2

Ingredients of Astrology - Planetary Aspects Ingredients of Astrology - Planetary Aspects © 2002 by Melanie Lichtinger Planetary aspects are indicated by the lines from one planet to an other in your birth chart. They symbolize the complexity of our psyche and how its parts relate to each other. The word ‘aspects’ is derived from the Latin ‘aspectare’ which means ‘looking at each other’. Technically speaking, aspects are certain significant geometrical angles between planets in our birth chart. 2 = 180 º (red), called opposition: Planets positioned at opposite sides; 3 = 120 º (blue), called trine: Planets positioned 4 signs apart; 4 = 90 º (red), called square: Planets positioned 3 signs apart, and 6 = 60 º (blue), called sextile: Planets positioned 2 signs apart. The conjunction shows planets very close to each other, like a ‘bundle’. And finally there is the quincunx, an interesting aspect, with planets 5 signs apart (green). These are the most important aspects which every astrologer is familiar with.

Astrology 101: Huber style chart In Europe, the Huber school of astrology is wide-spread, and that includes the distinctive look of the charts. My Norwegian astrology teacher taught this system, and I like it very much. So here is a brief explanation. Huber basics The Huber style of chart drawing, draws in aspect lines and uses three basic colors. Red is for dynamic aspects, blue for calm aspects, and green for yearning aspects. I wasn't taught the Huber style with other aspects than the above, but I see that the astrology program Solar Fire assigns red to the sesquisquare and semisquare, which is logical, since these aspects have an expression similar to the square aspect, but weaker. Aspect interpretation, Huber-style In the Huber school, the "ideal" chart has mostly blue lines, then red ones, and finally, a few green ones. Aspect figures From this you get a lot of the aspect figures that some people ask about, like the mystic rectangle. The "good" move red-green-blue = action-change-rest.

Horary Astrology Lesson 1, Traditional Astrology, Tarot undefined Volumes have been written about horary astrology. The best I can hope to do in the short space I'm allowing myself is to offer some basic guidelines--which basics should, in fact, be enough to get anyone started reading charts. This lesson gives a method of horary analysis in its broadest strokes. There remains much debate in horary circles on the subject of "well-it-works-for-me" strategies of analysis. In other words, explore the tradition, but don't be imprisoned by it. Horary Astrology Plain & Simple, by Anthony Louis Christian Astrology, by William Lilly Simplified Horary Astrology, by Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson The Only Way To Learn About Horary and Electional Astrology, by Marion March, and Joan McEvers The Art of Horary Astrology in Practice, by Sylvia DeLong Also, if you want to save yourself having to calculate charts by hand, download Allen Edwall's excellent free astrology program, Astrowin , and browse his site. 1. 2. Generally, other people are ruled by the 7th house.

Slideshow: Good and Bad Exercises for Low Back Pain Lower Back Pain: How Exercise Helps You may feel like resting, but moving is good for your back. Exercises for lower back pain can strengthen back, stomach, and leg muscles. Avoid: Toe Touches Exercise is good for low back pain -- but not all exercises are beneficial. Try: Partial Crunches Some exercises can aggravate back pain and should be avoided when you have acute low back pain. Avoid: Sit-ups Although you might think sit-ups can strengthen your core or abdominal muscles, most people tend to use muscles in the hips when doing sit-ups. Try: Hamstring Stretches Lie on your back and bend one knee. Avoid: Leg Lifts Leg lifts are sometimes suggested as an exercise to "strengthen your core" or abdominal muscles. Try: Wall Sits Stand 10 to 12 inches from the wall, then lean back until your back is flat against the wall. Try: Press-up Back Extensions Lie on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders. Try: Bird Dog Start on your hands and knees, and tighten your stomach muscles.