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Loose Leaf Tea? Make Your Own Tea Bags!

Loose Leaf Tea? Make Your Own Tea Bags!
Like many of you, I LOVE loose leaf tea. However, I'm always looking for cute and creative solutions to use my tea. These D.I.Y. tea bags are super cute. I think they would make amazing gifts! Here's how you can make your own... Supplies needed: Coffee filters, Scissors, Sewing machine, Loose tea leaves, Stapler, Embroidery thread, Paper for tags (construction paper, old book pages, etc.), Optional: Spices (pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, ground ginger, etc.) Step 1 - Cut two coffee filters into a rectangle. Step 2 - Stitch the filters together on three sides, leaving one of the smaller sides open. Step 3 - Fill the teabag with the loose tea leaves. Step 4 - Stitch the top of the tea bag closed. Step 5 - Fold down the corners, placing a 3-4in. piece of embroidery thread under one of the flaps. Step 6 - Fold the tip of the tea bag down, and use a stapler to hold it shut. Step 7 - Cut paper tags and glue, stitch, or staple them to the ends of your embroidery thread.

Anthropologie Floral Necklace DIY Sep03rd2009 Alright, so I just spent the last 2 hours making this thing. It was quite a bit more work than the last one I did, but I actually love it so much more! The Inspiration: How To Mix Chalkboard Paint in Any Color We love using chalkboards as backdrops for displays and parties (like this one here!). So we were super excited to learn that you can create your own custom colors-and it's really easy! We first learned how from Martha Stewart whose tutorial you can read here. She recommends that you use latex paint, but we tried it out with acrylic paints with much success. Here's how you too can create your own chalkboard paint... Make Your Own Coffee Syrup (Gift Idea) Do you have any coffee lovers on your holiday gift list this year? (If not, feel free to go ahead and put me on your list!) This is a cute little idea for making your own flavored coffee syrups that you can use at home to take your morning cup of joe to the next level. If you are making these as a gift I highly recommend making 2-3 flavors.

DIY suede and gold leaf business card holder I can’t stop looking at this gilded, magical thing. Seriously. I made it, set it on my desk for a few days to see how it held up, and couldn’t stop saying to Mr. Lovely, “Look at this thing!!” That’s how much I love this little business card holder. Now, to be fair, Martha Stewart provides the template for the holder, but good old Martha didn’t cover hers in gold! DIY Tile Coasters Make some for yourself. Make some for the grandparents. These fun coasters sit on my coffee table and make me smile whenever I glance at them.

Easy and Unique DIY VasesInspiring Pretty Everyone loves vases, but it’s difficult to find one that is unique and not the same old run of the mill vase you’ve seen 1000 times before. As the most prominent centerpiece, you always want a vase to be special, just like the rest of your decor. Whether it is empty, holding flower, a candle pebbles or anything else, a vase can be boring or the perfect accent you’ve been looking for. And it’s only better when you can make it yourself flexing your craft skills and saving some money as well. Bubble Tea Recipe: How to make Boba at home! For years we tried to make bubble tea at home with no luck. Since opening our own bubble tea business in Red Velvet we learned that most boba drinks made at restaurants or cafes use commercial grade syrups (or powders) to get that wonderful sweet, fruity flavor. But this leaves you in a pickle if you are wanting to make a delicious boba drink at home for yourself or your family, as most commercial grade syrups or powders are sold in large quantities and can be a really expensive option for someone just looking to make boba drinks for a casual get together. Emma developed this super tasty at-home recipe that you don't need any special supplies for (except boba pearls, of course!). Here's a recipe for a Strawberry Boba Slushie that anyone could easily make at home with ingredients that can be found at the grocery store. The strawberries can be substituted for any other berry of your choice, but if you choose a tart berry (like raspberries) you may want to increase the amount of sugar.

28 ready for a new DIY that’s perfect for winter? dress up your iPads with a sweater from your own closet! shop vintage or maybe you already shrunk a sweater you love? Make your own Chalkboard Paint I recently spotted a recipe for “homemade chalkboard” on Pinterest. I had some paint I wanted to use up from the mini-garage makeover …so I decided to paint one on the wall. Super easy…and what I love is you can use any paint you want! Any color chalkboard you wish for!!

How to Make Clothing Buttons from Shrink Plastic... This tutorial is an old one of mine that’s too good not to share again. Since posting the first time, I’ve had lots of questions about these buttons which will hopefully be answered in this revised post. Equipment Some handy notes: 1. 3 Easy Infused Water Recipes Infused waters are one of my favorite warm weather beverages. These fancy waters are perfect for parties or just a special treat to yourself! You can make a pitcher for a group of friends or single servings, like these. This summer I tried out lots of different flavor combinations.

How to Make Tea Cup Candles Skip to Content October 19, 2011 How to Make Tea Cup Candles Almost two years ago now we took our first try at making Soy candles in baby food jars. Today we will take it a step further by making soy candles in beautiful and unique tea cups. With Christmas quickly approaching these are perfect to give as a gift or use as party favors.

DIY Mirrored Art....PB knock off In the kitchen aisle of Homegoods the other day I spotted these… I bought 3 for $7 each… It is a large wired bowl…something you may put fruit in….but I reminded me of these… From Potterybarn…. (theirs are $79….for one mirror…um hum……you know me…I don’t play that way)