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MemeTracker: tracking news phrases over the web

MemeTracker: tracking news phrases over the web
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Poly Me Me - Computer Repair | Web design and web development | Creative Design Agency | Dotcom Development Birth of a Meme: The Rise of Culture Tech I’ve been tracking emerging trends for a while now, exploring the co-evolution of humanity and our technologies, and building visions of the kinds of futures I’d like to see. Lately, I’ve found myself a bit restless, wondering “what’s next?” The conferences and gatherings I’m attending are beginning to feel stale, the conversations needing new framings and lenses through which to look at our world and ourselves. I’ve been on the hunt for a word or phrase that can encompass the essence of what feels important and resonates with me right now. The search has been prompted by my decision to start a new project — writing my first book. I’ve spent the past few weeks reviewing everything I’ve written so far on the blog, reflecting upon what I’ve observed, what I’ve learned, and identifying the deep values I’ve chosen to serve as a compass and foundation for what is meaningful and significant. While some will posit that the ‘solution’ is technological (better algorithms! :: Culture :: Neat. - Your source for inventing and reinventing proje 22 Free Social Network Analysis Tools [Estimated read time: 9 minutes] Social network analysis tools facilitate qualitative or quantitative analysis of social network by describing network’s feature either via visual or numerical representation. It generally uses network or graph theory to examine social structures. The main components are nodes (people) and the edges that connect them. Some of them performs predictive analysis too. Below, we have listed some of the most effective social network analysis software that are available for free. 22. AllegroGraph is a graph database developed to store RDF triples. 21. Commetrix is a dynamic network visualization and analysis software that provides easy exploratory yet comprehensive access to network data. 20. Socilab is an online tool that lets you visualize and analyze LinkedIn network using methods derived from social-scientific research. 19. 18. This is cross-platform user friendly tool that allows you to draw social network with a few clicks on a virtual canvas. 16. 15. 14.

Techmeme Complex adaptive system They are complex in that they are dynamic networks of interactions, and their relationships are not aggregations of the individual static entities. They are adaptive in that the individual and collective behavior mutate and self-organize corresponding to the change-initiating micro-event or collection of events.[1][2] Overview[edit] The term complex adaptive systems, or complexity science, is often used to describe the loosely organized academic field that has grown up around the study of such systems. The fields of CAS and artificial life are closely related. The study of CAS focuses on complex, emergent and macroscopic properties of the system.[3][11][12] John H. General properties[edit] What distinguishes a CAS from a pure multi-agent system (MAS) is the focus on top-level properties and features like self-similarity, complexity, emergence and self-organization. Characteristics[edit] Some of the most important characteristics of complex systems are:[14] Robert Axelrod & Michael D.

Ötletláda Análisis de sentimiento con Hootsuite Insights para expertos en marketing de redes sociales Análisis de sentimiento, no es un tema exclusivo a apps de citas. Si alguien hablara de ti, ¿no te gustaría saber lo que dicen? En el caso de las empresas, no hay elección, debes saber lo que la gente está diciendo sobre tu marca. Es importante para las marcas escuchar con atención lo que se dice sobre sus empresas, y es más importante aún saber si lo que dicen es positivo o negativo. Las herramientas de análisis del sentimiento pueden ser de ayuda en este aspecto. Hablamos con Nick Martin, coordinador de participación social en Hootsuite, sobre por qué el sentimiento en las redes sociales es importante y qué herramientas utiliza diariamente. ¿Qué es el sentimiento en las redes sociales? Si bien las 10 000 menciones que recibió tu marca en Twitter la semana pasada te hacen sentir maravilloso, estarías en problemas si estas fueran quejas. Dar seguimiento al análisis de sentimiento te permite conocer cómo se siente la persona que está detrás de una publicación en redes sociales. Brandwatch