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Hans Rosling: No more boring data: TEDTalks‬‏

Hans Rosling: No more boring data: TEDTalks‬‏

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DNA, Ancestry and Human Migration Quick Links to this Page What is genetic anthropology? Genetic anthropology is an emerging discipline that combines DNA and physical evidence to reveal the history of ancient human migration. It seeks to answer the questions, "Where did we come from, and how did we get here?" DNA studies indicate that all modern humans share a common female ancestor who lived in Africa about 140,000 years ago, and all men share a common male ancestor who lived in Africa about 60,000 years ago. These were not the only humans who lived in these eras, and the human genome still contains many genetic traits of their contemporaries. 15 Young-Adult Books Every Adult Should Read Young-adult books are almost inescapable, even if you haven't visited the teen section of your local library since high school. Big-budget movie adaptations of young-adult books like Divergent and The Maze Runner come out next year and John Green's bestselling YA novel The Fault in Our Stars was included in many of last year's best book roundups that were otherwise full of adult fiction. It's a genre that readers have realized is not just for high schoolers. Like any new genre, it can be hard to know where to start. These fifteen titles should give you a good base. 1.

Big data: What’s your plan? The payoff from joining the big-data and advanced-analytics management revolution is no longer in doubt. The tally of successful case studies continues to build, reinforcing broader research suggesting that when companies inject data and analytics deep into their operations, they can deliver productivity and profit gains that are 5 to 6 percent higher than those of the competition. The promised land of new data-driven businesses, greater transparency into how operations actually work, better predictions, and faster testing is alluring indeed. But that doesn’t make it any easier to get from here to there. The required investment, measured both in money and management commitment, can be large.

Carnivorous Plants Employ Bodyguard Ants Carnivorous plants can have valuable allies in ants, benefiting from their poop and janitor, bodyguard and cutthroat services, researchers say. The carnivorous pitcher plant Nepenthes bicalcarata dwells in the nutrient-poor peat swamp forests of Borneo. It is not a very effective carnivore by itself — its pitcher-shaped leaves lack the slippery walls and viscous, elastic and strongly corrosive fluid that make those of its relatives such effective deathtraps. [Related: Hairy, crazy ants invade from Texas to Miss.] However, N. bicalcarata does apparently have unusual support on its side — the ant Camponotus schmitzi.

Easy Homemade Cronuts Recipe Have you heard about the cronut craze that’s sweeping the nation? Here’s the story in a nutshell: some guy in New York took the fried, glazed goodness of a donut and introduced it to the flaky layers of a croissant. They had a baby and behold, the cronut was born. How Open Data Is Changing The Way Vancouver Shelters Its Homeless Last month, seemingly out of nowhere, the Province of British Columbia announced it would spend $1 million (in Canadian dollars) to address health and safety violations in a number of the single resident occupancy (SRO) buildings it owns in Vancouver. The reason...? Open data. Mysterious Chinese Fossils May Be New Human Species Mysterious fossils of what may be a previously unknown type of human have been uncovered in caves in China, ones that possess a highly unusual mix of bygone and modern human features, scientists reveal. Surprisingly, the fossils are only between 11,500 and 14,500 years old. That means they would have shared the landscape with modern humans when China's earliest farmers were first appearing. "These new fossils might be of a previously unknown species, one that survived until the very end of the ice age around 11,000 years ago," said researcher Darren Curnoe, a palaeoanthropologist at the University of New South Wales in Australia. "Alternatively, they might represent a very early and previously unknown migration of modern humans out of Africa, a population who may not have contributed genetically to living people," Curnoe added.

The white people (1899, 1922 ed) by Arthur Machen by Arthur Machen from The house of souls, Knopf, New York (1906, 1922 ed.) "SORCERY and sanctity," said Ambrose, "these are the only realities. Each is an ecstasy, a withdrawal from the common life." Cotgrave listened, interested. Missing Link For Wonky-Eyed Fish Discovered The face of a flounder, sole, halibut or other flatfish looks like a hodgepodge of mismatched puzzle pieces forced together, with eyes that don't seem to match one another nor the orientation of the animal's mouth. This is because, as these fish mature, one eye migrates over the top of the fish's head, coming to rest above the other eye, so both are on the same side of the head. A new fossil discovery has shed light on how this strange trait came about. Matt Friedman, a paleobiologist at University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, found a sort of flatfish missing link in a drawer of unidentified fish fossils in the Natural History Museum of Vienna, Austria. [Image Gallery: Freaky Fish]

"Zombie" Fly Parasite Killing Honeybees fly_parasite_honeybee A parasitic fly landing on a honeybee. Courtesy of Christopher Quock A heap of dead bees was supposed to become food for a newly captured praying mantis. 'Chromecast' device on Google support page hints at streaming TV dongle Some visitors to Google’s support page have spotted something peculiar on the company’s list of devices — an unannounced product called "Chromecast," reports Droid-Life. It’s already been removed from the site and details are essentially nonexistent, but some are speculating that it could be a streaming HDMI dongle for the television. Droid-Life believes that the device could be an inexpensive way to "cast" content from the mobile or desktop Chrome browsers to your TV, bringing simple streaming of YouTube videos, Google Play purchases, and other web content to the living room. If the device is real (support staff reportedly said that it was only available in certain areas), we should hopefully find out more about it at Google’s event tomorrow.