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The 11 Best Psychology and Philosophy Books of 2011

The 11 Best Psychology and Philosophy Books of 2011
by Maria Popova What it means to be human, how pronouns are secretly shaping our lives, and why we believe. After the year’s best children’s books, art and design books, photography books, science books, history books, and food books, the 2011 best-of series continues with the most compelling, provocative and thought-provoking psychology and philosophy books featured here this year. We spend most of our lives going around believing we are rational, logical beings who make carefully weighted decisions based on objective facts in stable circumstances. Of course, as both a growing body of research and our own retrospective experience demonstrate, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The original trailer for the book deals with something the psychology of which we’ve previously explored — procrastination: And this excellent alternative trailer is a straight shot to our favorite brilliant book trailers: Originally featured in November. That’s exactly what F. Originally featured in September. Related:  Interesting

The 11 Best Science Books of 2011 by Maria Popova From Infinity to Fibonacci, or what religious mythology has to do with the inner workings of field science. After the year’s best illustrated books for (eternal) kids, art, design, and creativity books, and photography books, the 2011 best-of series continues with a look at the year’s most compelling science books, spanning everything from medicine to physics to quantum mechanics. (And before you raise an eyebrow at the absence of the social and “soft” sciences, know that an omnibus of the year’s best psychology and philosophy books is coming next week.) Rebecca Skloot is one of the finest science writers working today. Skloot weaves a fascinating and tender detective story about HeLa’s legacy through the discovery of Henrietta’s youngest daughter, Deborah, who didn’t know her mother but who always knew she wanted to be a scientist. Henrietta and David Lacks, circa 1945. Deborah Lacks at about age four. Originally reviewed in July. Originally featured in October.

Book review: Six Metres of Pavement by Farzana Doctor Ismail Boxwala’s Infant daughter died of heatstroke after he left her sleeping in the backseat of his car on a summer day. Twenty years later, Ismail has yet to forgive himself. His wife has long since divorced him and remarried, but Ismail has resolutely passed up any chance at happiness. He lives in the same house, the baby’s room untouched, and bolsters his life with alcohol and casual sex. Then Ismail joins a writing class at the University of Toronto where he meets Fatima, a girl the age his daughter would have been, who also belongs to his Indian Muslim community. When Fatima’s parents kick her out because they learn she’s queer, Ismail’s near-empty house presents a convenient (if not entirely comfortable) solution. Let’s be friends! With a quiet, inward-looking analysis of Ismail’s life, Farzana Doctor‘s Six Metres of Pavement asks how mourning can make way for grief when it’s cemented in by guilt, and if memories can be defanged.

Psych Me Up! ★ 20년간 160만대 판매로 검증된 대한민국 대표 브레인브랜드 엠씨스퀘어! ★ ☆ 세계적 권위의 미국 토마스 제퍼슨 의과대학 신경학과에서 “엠씨스퀘어의 효과” 검 증 발표 ☆ ★ 세계적 권위의 과학저널 IJLT(International Journal of Learning Technology)에 -엠씨스퀘어 효능에 대한 연구논문- 등재! ★ ☆★ 세계에서 인정받은 엠씨스퀘어의 효능! 경험해보세요잉~^^ ☆★ " 엠씨스퀘어를 유사하게 모방한 뇌파음, 자연의소리에 관한 저가의 모바일컨텐츠가 나와 소비자들을 혼란시키고 있습니다. 이는 전혀 유효성 및 안정성이 검증되지 않은 컨텐츠이므로 반드시 유의하시기 바랍니다" ------------------------------------------------------ 일상에 지친 당신은 브레인샤워 가 필요합니다잉~! **모바일 엠씨스퀘어는 이런분들께 강추강추** 1) 최적의 집중환경이 필요한 학생과 수험생 2) 단시간 집중과 휴식을 필요로 하는 직장인,전문직종사자 3) 고도의 집중력과 스트레스에 시달리는 CEO 4) 자격증, 취업준비 등 예비사회인 5) 스트레스 해소, 피로회복, 숙면이 필요한 성인 6) 출장, 골프 등 외부활동이 많은 비즈니스맨 7) 심신안정과 회복이 필요하신 분 8) 노화로 인한 기억력 감퇴가 걱정되는 어르신 들 9) 산만하고, 한곳에 오래 앉아있질 못하는, 집중력 약한 아이들 *해당 상품은 ‘엠씨스퀘어M’에 포함되어 있는 기능중 컨디션회복에 적합한 3가지 기능만 모아놓은 패키지 구성입니다. 스트레스해소, 피로회복과 숙면전용: 이름 “CONDITION(피로-숙면)” **********패키지구성********** P1(피로회복) : 피로회복도우미 / 15분 P2(졸음극복) : 아침기상도우미 / 10분 P3(숙면유도) : 숙면유도도우미 / 30분 6가지의 다양한 자연의 소리! -------------- 설 ------------------ 명 ------------ 공부?

Noah's Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Backyards: Sara B. Stein: Books Simon Kuper: "Xavi es el camino para sentirse español sin renunciar al sentimiento catalán" En 1993 un joven periodista decidió dar la vuelta al mundo para investigar la poderosa influencia del fútbol en diferentes países. El resultado se convirtió en un libro titulado Fútbol contra el enemigo (Contra, 2012), una obra clave de la literatura deportiva, ahora traducida al castellano, a medio camino entre la sociología, la política, la economía, la antropología y, claro está, el deporte. Su autor es Simon Kuper, nacido en Uganda en 1969, criado en Londres, y otros puntos del planeta, y actualmente residente en París. Columnista del Financial Times, cuenta con una visión del deporte rey muy particular. ¿Han dejado de ser hoy los estadios, como escribe en su libro, "el lugar en el que se dirimen tensiones étnicas, religiosas, regionales o de clase"? ¿Ser del Barça hoy, entonces, no es lo mismo que para la generación anterior? Muchos dicen que el fútbol actual es únicamente un gran negocio...Creo que la gente continúa preocupándose por sus clubes y eso se puede ver en Twitter.

Notes on overcoming loneliness: Make fewer ‘friends’ Ten years ago we’d never heard of names like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. And yet today, for many, they are modern pillars of daily communication. Social media has become an omnipresent host to our daily interactions with 72% of all internet users now active on some form of social media. We have an array of social media outlets to suit every kind of action, personality type and human expression- both newsworthy and banal – and our engagement online is increasingly unwavering; we send around 500 million tweets per day and spend on average around 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on Facebook, for example. Social media has revolutionised the way we disseminate and receive information. While there are benefits to this, how does it affect the way we communicate with each other, who we choose to interact with and most of all how we feel? According to The Mental Health Foundation in their report 2010 The Lonely Society, 1 in 10 people in the UK often experience loneliness. Comments

Urban Interventions / Vallo Sadovsky Architects Vallo Sadovsky Architects recently sent us their latest book, Urban Interventions. We have featured one of Vallo Sadovsky Architects’ projects before, BA_LIK. That project gets to the heart of what this book is about. Small urban interventions can completely transform and revive a space and city. Take a look inside after the break. Contents 010 Foreword: John Peterson 016 Introduction: Matus Vallo Chapter 1: The Urban Interventions 024 The Architect / Client Condition: Olympia Kazi 028 Process-project: Andrea Kahn 034 Can a city be changed quickly? Chapter 2: The Process 042 Magic of Unsolicited Architecture: Matus Vallo 054 Advocacy And Pluralism in Architecture: Interboro Partners 060 Presenting the Real: A Tasting Menu: Justing Fowler 070 Stop Wasting Urban Area: Maria Topolcanska Chapter 3 The Proposal Bratislava Praha Brno

Review: Common Ground in a Liquid City by Matt Hern Common Ground in a Liquid City: Essays in Defense of an Urban Future by Matt Hern is a collection of ten essays about the future of city-living – or living in general – with very specific examples derived from his city of residence, Vancouver, and its relationship to the numerous cities he has visited. Hern addresses the successes and pitfalls of Vancouver, a relatively young city, through the critical lens of ten cities each of which is the point of departure for the essay. Each city gives Hern insight into the structure of cities in the future with references to how Vancouver is dealing with its own development: its history, its urban identity, its division of public spaces, the privatization of the natural environment, its density and the activities that it wishes to foster for its inhabitants. Come back after the break for more on this collection of essays. The beauty of this book is how flexible and accessible it is. About Matt Hern from his website:

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