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English Exercises:English Grammar Exercises:FREE Exercises

English Exercises:English Grammar Exercises:FREE Exercises
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Punctuation:Symbols and Rules of Punctuation:Learn Punctuation Punctuation marks are important in both written and spoken English. In written English, the correct usage of these symbols helps to express the intended meaning of the sentence. In spoken English, punctuation marks denote the pauses and intonations to be used when reading aloud. Incorrect punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence. For instance, compare the following two sentences: Let’s eat Mom. Let’s eat, Mom. Do you see how the usage of a comma changes the entire meaning in both the sentences? Symbols of Punctuation Some of the commonly used punctuation marks are: Full Stop- (.) Question Mark- (?) Comma- (,) Usually used to denote a pause in a sentence. Exclamation Mark- (!) Colon – (:) Used to indicate what is to follow next Semi Colon (;) Used to link two independent clauses not joined by a conjunction or used to separate two independent clauses in place of comma Apostrophe- (') Used to show possession or for contraction of word.

100 Essential iPad Tips and Tricks Change the way the default apps and the operating system behave, to make them suit your particular needs. You’ll also discover ways to squeeze more functionality out of the default apps. The guys over at have put together another great article on the iPad. Where many articles before have focused on the settings and technical aspects of getting the most from your iPad, this article is really about customising your ipad. 01 Which Direction Am I Travelling In? When using the Maps app, you can see your current position on the map as a blue dot. 02 Share Your Location If you want to rendezvous with a friend, tap the ‘i’ icon by the pin that indicates your current location. 03 Drop a Pin If you can’t find a precise location via the Maps app’s handy search option, you can tap on the curled paper at the bottom right and press ‘Drop Pin’. 04 Get Bus Times 05 Instant Traffic Repport 06 Give Turn-by-Turn Driving Directions 07 Pause Your Downloads 08 Create Big Print 10 Activate VoiceOver

OWL Writing Exercises These OWL resources contain grammar exercises about adjectives, adverbs, appositives, articles, count and noncount nouns, prepositions, and tense consistency. Please use the navigation bar on the left or the links below to access the individual exercises. Adjective or Adverb? These two exercises ask you to practice and apply these rules by completing multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank activities that you may print. Appositives This exercise asks you to identify the appositive in the example sentences. Articles This exercises asks you to practice and apply these "a"/"an" rules. Count and Noncount Nouns These exercises ask you to practice using count and noncount nouns and include an exercise on using quantity terms. Prepositions This exercise asks you to work with prepositions of direction: to, toward, on, onto, in, or into. Tense Consistency These exercises ask you to recognize shifts in tenses: simple present, present perfect, simple past, past perfect, future, and future perfect.

Nouns:A Complete Guide to Noun with proper Examples Nouns are simply the names we give to everything around us, whether it be a person, an event, a place or an object, etc. Every particular name used to define something is a noun. E.g. : Amsterdam, Anita, Blackberry, Honesty, Waiter, etc. The names given to a group of noun to identify them as a whole are called Collective Nouns. E.g.: pride of lions, gaggle of geese etc. Nouns or pronouns can also modify themselves to show possession of another noun, usually by attaching 's' to the end of the noun. Sometimes nouns have different forms for different genders, although this practice has been largely abandoned by the people who prefer to use the same noun for both genders. Most nouns can be converted into plural forms by adding ‘-s’ or ‘-es’ at the end of the word. But some nouns require the last consonant to be modified before adding ‘-es’. Some nouns become plurals irregularly by changing the entire word: mouse- mice, ox - oxen, etc. These nouns are the names of specific people and places.

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Free English exercises online! | International House Bristol Select an exercise below to practise your grammar, vocabulary and use of phrases. They are organised into three levels: Elementary: suitable for students from levels A2 to B1 on the CEF (Common European Framework) Intermediate: suitable for students from B1 to B2 on the CEF Advanced: suitable for students from C1 and C2 on the CEF The exercises on these pages were all written by International House Bristol staff and you will not find the same exercises on any other site or in any coursebook. Find out more about our General English courses.

Interview Dress:Interview Wear:Tips to Dress for an Interview When you meet a potential employer, the first impression is based on what you’re wearing and how professional you look. One look at you can contribute significantly to your future with the company and while it is important to feel comfortable, ensure you do not go overboard. Be conservative and specific. 50 really useful iPad tips and tricks With great new features like two video cameras, a faster processor and a Retina display, the new iPad is the world's best tablet device. It's also fully capable of running the latest version of Apple's iOS operating system and great apps like iMovie and GarageBand. Here we present 50 really useful iPad tips. 10 best tablet PCs in the world today The vast majority of these tips will also work on the original iPad and iPad 2, so owners of any generation of iPad shouldn't feel neglected. For 50 more iPad tips, check out a new iPad app called 100 Tricks & Tips for iPad 2, brought to you by our colleagues on MacFormat. 1. iOS now supports folders. Your iPad will create a folder with both the apps in. 2. Double-clicking the Home button shows you all the apps that are running on your iPad in a bar along the bottom of the screen. 3. The internet got mightily upset when Orientation Lock was replaced with Mute on the iPad during the last iOS update. 4. 5. 6. 7. The iPad supports a VPN connection. 8.

Learn English - Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Exercises, Lessons. Improve English Communication:Learn How to Improve English C The importance of the English language cannot be overemphasized. Comfort with English is almost a prerequisite for success in the world today. Regardless of the industry, proficiency in English is an important factor in both hiring and promotion decisions. A lot of us have studied English in school and are fairly comfortable with reading and writing. However, we hesitate while speaking because we feel that we lack the fluency and may make grammatical mistakes. There is no quick fix when it comes to improving your command over a particular language. Here are EnglishLeap’s top ten tips for success in achieving proficiency and fluency in English: Do not hesitate.

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