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What Is My Parenting Style? Four Types of Parenting

What Is My Parenting Style? Four Types of Parenting
One of the interesting things about being a parent is that there is great variation in how we raise our children. At the same time, there are many commonalities from one parent to another. In fact, there is enough similarity that researchers have tried to group parents into four common parenting styles. Your parenting style refers to the combination of strategies that you use to raise your children. The work of Diane Baumrind in the 1960s created one commonly-referenced categorization of parenting styles. The four Baumrind parenting styles have distinct names and characteristics: Authoritarian or Disciplinarian Permissive or Indulgent Uninvolved Authoritative These Baumrind parenting styles are United States-centric and it is not clear how well these styles describe parents cross-culturally. Baumrind Parenting Styles: Four Types of Parenting Authoritarian Parenting Authoritarian parents are often thought of as disciplinarians. Permissive Parenting Uninvolved Parenting Read More:

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Authoritarian parenting: What happens to the kids? Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas © 2010-2017 Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., all rights reserved The authoritarian parenting style is about being strict and stern. It insists on unquestioning obedience, and enforces good behavior through threats, shaming, and other punishments. Why Parenting Styles Matter When Raising Children Developmental psychologists have long been interested in how parents affect child development. However, finding actual cause-and-effect links between specific actions of parents and later behavior of children is very difficult. Some children raised in dramatically different environments can later grow up to have remarkably similar personalities. Conversely, children who share a home and are raised in the same environment can grow up to have very different personalities. Despite these challenges, researchers have posited that there are links between parenting styles and the effects these styles have on children. And some suggest these effects carry over into adult behavior.

The 4 Parenting Styles: What Works and What Doesn’t By Dr. Maryann Rosenthal, co-author of Be A Parent, Not A Pushover, reprinted with permission from I believe it’s that overall style or pattern of action — rather than a specific decision — that will most affect a child’s behavior. Types Of Parenting Styles And Their Effects On Children 1256 total views, 3 views today Based on the work of Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, the following 4 types of Parenting Styles has been framed. They are authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and neglectful.

What Is Permissive Parenting? Permissive parenting is a type of parenting style characterized by low demands with high responsiveness. Permissive parents tend to be very loving, yet provide few guidelines and rules. These parents do not expect mature behavior from their children and often seem more like a friend than a parental figure. These parents tend to be the polar opposite of the so-called "helicopter parents." Instead of hovering over their children's every move, permissive parents are incredibly lax and rarely make or enforce any type of rules or structure. Their motto is often simply that "kids will be kids."

4 Types of Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Kids Your parenting style can affect everything from how much your child weighs to how she feels about herself. It's important to ensure your parenting style is supporting healthy growth and development because the way you interact with your child and how you discipline her will influence her for the rest of her life. Researchers have identified four types of parenting styles:1 AuthoritarianAuthoritativePermissiveUninvolved Each style takes a different approach to raising children and can be identified by a number of different characteristics. Authoritarian Parenting 4 Types of Parenting Philosophies Explained Michael H/Getty Images If there’s one thing we know about parenting, it’s that there’s a lot of coloring outside the lines—not just for kids, but for adults, too. A perfect example: Parenting styles. The term parenting style was actually coined by child development psychologist Diana Baumrind in the 1960s, when she determined that there were four distinct (and quite different) approaches to raising kids after observing preschoolers and conducting research at the University of California, Berkeley. They are:

Authoritarian & Authoritative Parenting Style-What's the Difference? (2019) Authoritarian, permissive & authoritative parenting style are 3 of common forms of parenting. The phrases authoritative and authoritarian parenting may also sound similar, but while they are closely related to the parenting style, they mean very much one of the parenting techniques.Two patterns show quite exclusive parental attitudes in this field, the character of the parental engagement in addition to the consequences of parenting. What is Authoritarian Parenting?

What Is Authoritative Parenting? Authoritative parenting is characterized by reasonable demands and high responsiveness. While authoritative parents might have high expectations for their children, they also give their kids the resources and support they need to succeed. Parents who exhibit this style listen to their kids and provide love and warmth in addition to limits and fair discipline. This approach to parenting avoids punishment and threats and instead relies on strategies such as positive reinforcement. The Definition of Authoritarian Parenting Authoritarian parenting is a parenting style characterized by high demands and low responsiveness. Parents with an authoritarian style have very high expectations of their children, yet provide very little in the way of feedback and nurturing. Mistakes tend to be punished harshly.

4 Types of Parenting Styles & Their Effects on Children Whether we like it or not, our style of parenting has a big impact on our child. So today, we are reviewing the 4 types of parenting styles and their effects on our children. The first parenting style is Authoritarian Parenting – A lot of dads might identify with this style. Authoritarian is strict. Permissive Parenting Vs. Authoritative Parenting: What Is Your Parenting Style? Some parents may be unaware that their parenting style could influence their children's behavior. While experts find it hard to have an actual cause-and-effect connections on how parents impact child development, researchers have discovered substantial links between parenting styles and its effects on children. What is Parenting Style? Parenting style refers to the broader pattern of parenting practices.

The authoritative parenting style: An evidence-based guide © 2010 - 2017 Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., all rights reserved What is authoritative parenting? The authoritative parenting style is an approach to child-rearing that combines warmth, sensitivity, and the setting of limits. Parents use positive reinforcement and reasoning to guide children. They avoid resorting to threats or punishments. This approach is common in educated, middle class families, and linked with superior child outcomes throughout the world.

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