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Motion graphics y diseño generativo En este curso te enseñaré distintas técnicas de animación mediante el uso de expresiones en After Effects. Tus animaciones podrán cambiar de forma, color o movimiento usando sencillos controladores. Parece increíble, pero modificando cuatro ajustes podrás generar distintas versiones de un mismo logotipo de forma fácil en un tiempo récord. ¿Qué incluye este curso? Haremos un breve resumen de las posibilidades que nos brinda el uso de la programación en el terreno gráfico. Daremos una pequeña introducción a la programación con algunos conceptos básicos y sencillos. ¿CUÁL ES EL PROYECTO DEL CURSO? ¿A quién está dirigido? Este curso va dirigido a todo aquel que quiera iniciarse en la programación aplicada al diseño, la animación o el arte generativo, así como el que quiera aprender nuevas técnicas de animación en After Effects. Requisitos La verdad es que los requisitos no son muchos, deberas saber utilizar el After Effects (CS5 o superior), Illustrator o Photoshop.

répète pour voir ? On m'a demandé comment faire pour qu'un son se déclenche automatique à un évènement, et puisse se répéter à chaque fois que cet évènement se produit, sans devoir recopier 200 fois le calque son en question. C'est une question intéressante, dont la réponse dépend de votre situation. Je vais donc essayer d'être le plus clair possible. Comme vous le savez, quand vous appuyer sur la touche * et qu'aucun calque n'est sélectionné, cela vous crée un marker de composition. Pour votre fichier son, il faut bien évidemment activer le remappage temporel, et écrire ceci pour l'expression : T=thisComp.marker.nearestKey(time).time; time-T Et si vous placez vos marqueurs sur le calque, ça donne : T=marker.nearestKey(time).time; Oui, c'est tout... Alors, expliquons un peu le pourquoi du comment. On demande à T de trouver le marker le plus proche, et d'en enregistrer sa position temporel, ou en d'autres termes, à quel moment il se situe.

le freelance saucisse-after-effect-expressions Mattrunks - Formations vidéos créatives sur le Motion Design Daniel Gies -Tutorials ELEMENTED is an original animated adventure story that needs your help to break through the status quo. Please watch and share our concept trailer. Your views count! Find yourself immersed in a world of science, intrigue, and adventure on a curious, beautiful planet where 12 year old Wren, her best friend Ash, and her secret accomplice Memoir investigate the mysterious big and small happenings around them and learn about the periodic table of elements along the way. Although the story and setting are fictional, the applied science is real and vetted by subject matter experts in the field. Music credit: Safe Now (Captain Phillips) Henry Jackman - 2014 Liked what you saw?

openfootage The 9 Best Places to Find Motion Design Inspiration Motion design isn’t just about After Effects and Cinema 4D — it’s also about finding inspiration and inspiring others. Let’s gun the creative engines with a tour of nine websites where you can find motion design inspiration. Be sure to bookmark these sites and check in frequently! 1. Art of the Title Art of the Title is a curated website that focuses on the art of film and television title sequences. 2. Vimeo is an incredible resource for finding motion design inspiration. 3. Mograph is a website/forum dedicated to mograph artists. 4. If you’re a designer, then From up North should already be bookmarked in your browser. 5. After Effects templates are a great way to discover new looks and techniques. 6. Behance is a fantastic site for artists looking to share their creative work with others. 7. Abduzeedo is a web site dedicated to all things inspiring when it comes to design. 8. Inspiration Grid is exactly what you think it is. 9. Dribbble offers great inspiration for all designers.

Peder Norrby on Vimeo Upload User Stats Profile Images User Bio Creator of the Trapcode External Links Following + See all 184 Related RSS Feeds Featured Videos Clip ID:134354016 Delivery:progressive Playing:720p@25 Embed size: CDN:fastly TM + © 2016 Vimeo, LLC. Made with k in NYC. Create a Photo Montage with After Effects Layers Magazine | Layers Magazine A Photo Speaks a Thousand Words Lots of programs and plug-ins create cool photo montages easily and quickly—handy for such things as photo DVDs and slideshows. But what if you don’t have those programs or plug-ins, or you want something a little more creative (yet still as easy to replicate and reuse) using a software program you already own? A few tricks and techniques in After Effects will have you up and running in no time at all. If you’d like to download a finished movie for this tutorial, visit and navigate to the Magazine section. 1 IMPORT SLIDESHOW ASSETS In After Effects, double-click in the Project panel to bring up the Import File dialog, then locate and import the images you wish to use. 2 CREATE COMP & ADD ELEMENTS Select your chosen background texture image (ours is called “Paper 1280.psd”) and drag it onto the Create a New Composition icon at the bottom of the Project panel. 10 LAYER REPLACEMENT Now for the easy part—replacing all the images!

After Effects Expression examples Dan Ebberts provides example expressions and tutorials for learning how to work with expressions on his MotionScript website. For example, Dan provides an excellent page about collision detection. Trish and Chris Meyer provide a series of articles about expressions on the ProVideo Coalition website. These articles contain many useful examples. Colin Braley provides a tutorial and example project on his website that show how to use expressions to make one layer repel others in a natural-seeming manner. The AE Enhancers forum provides many examples and much useful information about expressions, as well as scripts and animation presets. Rick Gerard provides an example on his website that demonstrates rolling a square object along a floor so that the sides stay in contact with the floor plane. Carl Larsen provides a video tutorial on the Creative COW website that demonstrates how to use expressions and parenting to relate the rotation of a set of wheels to the horizontal movement of a vehicle.

Project Files - The Pictures AE CS3 project - VideoHive Simple, but stylish image slideshow that can hold 17 images and your logo. One minute in length. Customizable background – 7 color presets included or you can create your own. Easy to customize. Help file included. Audio used in preview video can be prchased separately from: AudioJungle No additional Plugins needed. Where to Find the Best Explosion Elements There’s no need to blow up your backyard! These explosion elements can be dragged into any video project to create a realistic VFX sequence. Let’s take a look at a few of the best places to find explosion elements and discuss how to integrate them into your work. 1. Image via VFX Central VFX Central is an awesome place to find 2K, 4K, and 6K explosion elements for video. 2. Not only is Shutterstock the best image and video library on the internet, but it’s also home to some of the best explosions for video editors. 3. When it comes to explosion elements, there really aren’t a lot of products that can equal Video Copilot’s Action Essentials 2. 4. In addition to being an all-around great guy, Mitch Martinez offers free downloads of 4K stock clips to anyone who wants them. Working on a microscopic budget?