background preloader - Simply the Web's Best Financial Charts - Simply the Web's Best Financial Charts Wall Street Journal - Index:Baltic Dry Index - BDI (BALDRY) The Baltic Dry Index is a daily average of prices to ship raw materials. It represents the cost paid by an end customer to have a shipping company transport raw materials across seas on the Baltic Exchange, the global marketplace for brokering shipping contracts. The index is quoted every working day at 1300 London time. This index can be used as an overall economic indicator as it shows where end prices are heading for items that use the raw materials that are shipped in dry bulk. Composition of the Index What the Index Means To Investors Economic Implications This index is one of the purest leading indicators of economic activity. Price Increases Passed To Businesses/Consumers In the current scenario any rise in price of consumer goods is not possible but if this trend continues for an extended period the companies tend to pass on the prices to the end users to maintain its margin Key Trends and Forces Example of Global Ports Congestion Index Report Other Indices Winners/Losers U.S.

AAII Piksu buyupside Jon Markman's Trader's Advantage: Jon Markman's Trader's Advanta Coverdell Account The special rules that apply here are favorable in some ways and unfavorable in other ways. The tax law provides somewhat unusual treatment under the estate and gift tax for both Coverdell accounts and 529 plan accounts. On the whole these rules are favorable, but they have unfavorable aspects. Contributions A contribution to a Coverdell account is treated as a completed gift of a present interest. However, a contribution to a Coverdell account does not count as a tuition payment that can be excluded from gift tax treatment. Withdrawals Given that you're making a gift when you put money into a Coverdell account, you would expect to find that you're not making a gift when you take money out. Change in Beneficiary When you change the beneficiary of a Coverdell account you're changing the owner. Treat the beneficiary's spouse as being in the same generation as the beneficiary, no matter what the difference in ages. Gift Greater than the Annual Exclusion Amount Estate Tax

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