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Census Bureau Home Page

Census Bureau Home Page

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Market Segmentation (Business Reference Services, Library of Congress) Compiled by Ellen Terrell Business Reference Services January 2005 Updated March 2013 "Know your market" is a mantra for marketing professionals. Sellers and advertisers want to be able to determine what the potential market is for their product or service, as well as the best ways to reach potential consumers. The World Factbook People from nearly every country share information with CIA, and new individuals contact us daily. If you have information you think might interest CIA due to our foreign intelligence collection mission, there are many ways to reach us. If you know of an imminent threat to a location inside the U.S., immediately contact your local law enforcement or FBI Field Office. For threats outside the U.S., contact CIA or go to a U.S.

Jim Vallandingham Sentence Drawings Stefanie Posavec is known for her manually curated and hand drawn visualizations that illuminate variations of structure and form in great works of literature. In this remix, automation is used in place of thoughtful analysis to recreate a selection of her First Chapters, in which a layout technique she calls "sentence drawings" is used to display the first chapters of classic books. Implemented in D3. Automatic Sentence Drawings Track Tag Love Christianity and Sex, A Free Man's Worship from the book Why I Am Not a Christian and other essays on religion and related subjects by Bertrand Russell Christianity and Sex, A Free Man's Worship excerpted from the book Why I Am Not a Christian

The Fortune 500 and Breaking Business News - Fortune on Companies are ranked by total revenues for their respective fiscal years. Included in the survey are companies that are incorporated in the U.S. and operate in the U.S. and file financial statements with a government agency. This includes private companies and cooperatives that file a 10-K or a comparable financial statement with a government agency, and mutual insurance companies that file with state regulators. It also includes companies that file with a government agency but are owned by private companies, domestic or foreign, that do not file such financial statements. Excluded are private companies not filing with a government agency; companies incorporated outside the U.S.; and U.S. companies consolidated by other companies, domestic or foreign, that file with a government agency.

Database of the Power Elite Welcome to the Power Elite portal on Included here is a database of the "Power Elite" in the U.S. as of 2011-2012, defined as the intersection of the boards of directors of the corporate community, the extremely wealthy and well-connected, and the boards and trustees of the policy-planning network. Note that this definition does not include politicans; you will not find any current or former presidents in the database. (See "The Class-Domination Theory of Power" for more information.) There are four different kinds of searches you can do, each of which yields slightly different results. If you search for a person's name and set the results type to People, you will receive information on each person whose name matches the pattern you entered.

Mike Bostock December 27, 2014Mapping Every Path to the N.F.L. Playoffs December 20, 2014How Each Team Can Make the N.F.L. Playoffs November 5, 2014The Most Detailed Maps You’ll See From the Midterm Elections Adam Kokesh and Transvestites, Potheads, Anarchists and Atheists “ I will be praying for Adam Kokesh, for his safety, that God will guide him. ” Those were the final words of my column last week. Despite my prayers, Adam is now in a Federal Detention Center, being held without bail, charged with assaulting a federal officer and resisting arrest. But there’s one problem: Administrative units and Statistical units Administrative units / Statistical units In addition to the general copyright and licence policy applicable to the whole Eurostat web site, the following specific provisions apply to the datasets you are downloading. The download and usage of these data is subject to the acceptance of the following clauses: The Commission agrees to grant the non-exclusive and not transferable right to use and process the Eurostat/GISCO geographical data downloaded from this page (the "data"). The permission to use the data is granted on condition that: the data will not be used for commercial purposes; the source will be acknowledged. A copyright notice, as specified below, will have to be visible on any printed or electronic publication using the data downloaded from this page.

Start — Small Business Nation What Are The Basic Steps For Starting A Business [SBA] Great tips on everything from financing to choosing a location What Are The Most Important Pre-Launch Business Decisions [SBA] Checking these boxes will ensure you’ve thought through key moves How to Find a Co-Founder [Guy Kawasaki] Tips on building your exec team from the famous Silicon Valley VC What You Need to Know About Your Market [SBA] Walkthrough on learning about your customers, your competitors, and your industry How to Put Together a Market Opportunity Analysis [Udacity] Great tips for completing a comprehensive market appraisal and developing a robust business plan Jim Vallandingham Update: I moved the code to its own github repo - to make it easier to consume and maintain. Update #2 I’ve rewritten this tutorial in straight JavaScript. So if you aren’t that in to CoffeeScript, check the new one out! Recently, the New York Times featured a bubble chart of the proposed budget for 2013 by Shan Carter . It features some nice, organic, animations, and smooth transitions that add a lot of visual appeal to the graphic. This was all done using D3.js .

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