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World War I, 1918-1942 : Europe plunges into War

World War I, 1918-1942 : Europe plunges into War

The map as history Antiquity – The Greek world - Mycenaeans - colonization – the Hellenistic kingdoms – a city-state: Athens – Athenian democracy - the Pan-Hellenic sanctuaries – Alexandria, a Hellenistic city – the Greco-Persian wars - Marathon - Salamina – The Peloponnesian war – the Athenian Empire – the conquests of Alexander the Great – Issus – Gaugamela Ancient Greece played a major role in the development of Western civilization and laid down the foundations of democracy. This series evokes Crete and Mycenae, colonization and Greek cities, wars between Persia and the Athenian empire, Sparta and the Peloponnesian war, Alexander's conquests and the Hellenistic kingdoms. In an evolving geographic area, its two thousand years of history have inspired our imagination. The evolving Greek world The Greek world was an ever-changing geographical reality throughout three million years before Christ. Geography of Greece Greece is dominated by two main geographical features: sea and mountains. Colonization Mycenae

Over the Top - A First World War Free Online Adventure Game Introduction Over the Top is an interactive adventure game that allows YOU to experience life in the trenches during the First World War. As a young Canadian soldier stationed somewhere along the Western Front in the late Fall of 1916, you will live through some of the excitement, despair, brutality and sheer horror of trench warfare. Over the Top is based on the real-life experiences of Canadians who lived and died in the trenches during the First World War. Throughout the story, you will come across many words and expressions that were quite common at the time. Your goal in Over the Top is the same as that of thousands of Canadians who served in the trenches during the First World War: merely to survive. So pick up your rifle, put on your helmet and get ready for a truly unique experience! *Flash Player version 6 required Best viewed at 800x600 resolution Low-Graphics Version Virtual Museum of Canada.

Civil War Letters Collection Home » Civil War Letters Collection Tis hard to see the mighty prancing war horse, trampling the dying and dead beneath their merciless feet. No dear wife, near to speak a word of comfort. No living sister or Mother to administer relief in that hour the most sad in the history of humanity. O the humanity. A selection of original Civil War correspondence between soldiers from the battlefields and their family members and friends on the homefront. "The battle has been raging all day in the distance and I am unable to ascertain whether any thing has been gained or not. The letters and original writings have been transcribed as written, with no attempt to change spelling. About the Database The Civil War Letters Collection was created with the CONTENTdm software's innovative new program, JPEG 2000, which enables materials to be displayed in a higher quality, more usable online format.

Conversations and Observations - Every Single Student Had a conversation with one of my Math Analysis students yesterday about the flipped class. I guess one our other math teachers decided to have the students do a statistical analysis with some data this teacher got on the flipped classroom that "proved" it doesn't affect student achievement. Several of my students are co-enrolled in both courses, so of course those that prefer the traditional classroom took it as an opportunity to loudly share their opinions in that class, while the others just kind of sat there quietly. I don't really want to discuss that situation any further, but more so what came about because of it. Anyways, this student who told me about it is one who loves the flipped class, so it was an interesting conversation to have. "Imagine I was teaching you about the Trig Functions today. I then asked him to take a glance around the classroom right then. EVERY SINGLE STUDENT was working. EVERY SINGLE STUDENT was engaged. Or, THEY are doing something right.

World War I Letters - 1 The following letters are from Lloyd Maywood Staley (my grandfather) to his sweetheart Mary Beatrice Gray (my grandmother, of course!). They were all written during World War One. (Photos courtesy of Marjorie Layton, Lloyd's eldest daughter) Take a look at Lloyd's "dog tags." Here's his official army photo. EDITOR'S NOTE: There is a seven month interval between letters at this point. "My army career began August 5, 1917, at Garnett, Kansas, which was the headquarters for Company K. EDITOR'S NOTE: The photograph of Camp Doniphan (linked above) is courtesy of Tom Johnston of Oklahoma. "Our company was now part of the 35th Division U.S. On to next section of letters Back to Personal Stuff

The Christmas Truce — This Day in History — 12/25/1914 Just after midnight on Christmas morning, the majority of German troops engaged in World War I cease firing their guns and artillery and commence to sing Christmas carols. At certain points along the eastern and western fronts, the soldiers of Russia, France, and Britain even heard brass bands joining the Germans in their joyous singing. At the first light of dawn, many of the German soldiers emerged from their trenches and approached the Allied lines across no-man's-land, calling out "Merry Christmas" in their enemies' native tongues. The so-called Christmas Truce of 1914 came only five months after the outbreak of war in Europe and was one of the last examples of the outdated notion of chivalry between enemies in warfare. Fact Check We strive for accuracy and fairness.

Internet Catalogue East New York - Brooklyn My 32 years in East New York was quite an ordeal. I saw and experienced a great deal. * a man shot to death right in front of my school * a car being stripped behind the school by two different teams of car strippers * drugs being dealt at a house across the street from school & undercover police using my room as a surveillance spot * drive by shootings * a bullet hole in the window and wall of my library * prostitutes plying their trade on the school block * teachers being led out of our school in handcuffs * packs of wild dogs chasing after cars "Situated in Brooklyn's Community School District 19, described as one of the toughest and poorest areas in New York City.... Newspaper Stories I collected about our students and teachers: "Indict 5 Teenagers in Killing of 3 Elderly Men" "Nab Suspects in 27 Holdups" "Youth Slain in IRT Holdup" "Three Hurt in Battle at Playground" "School Administrator Attacked by Gang" (Our principal attacked during school hours) "Streets of Death"

GCSE Bitesize: Causes of the Depression WGBH American Experience | Teachers' Area The Great Depression and World War II (1929-1945) Special feature 24 records found Jimmy Carter Boyhood on the Farm [Video] Watch video and read Carter's recollections of his rural Georgia childhood. Mount Rushmore Home Movies [Video] View three video clips of Gutzon Borglum and the workers as they sculpt a national monument. Carving a Mountain [Flash interactive] New York: The Center of the World Online Forum [Text-based] Experts answer your questions about the Trade Center, Manhattan's urban development, and New York's role at the center of the postwar economic order. Partners of the Heart Pivotal Decisions [Non-Flash interactive] Take a low-paying but interesting job? Public Enemy #1 Online Poll [Opinion (poll, submission, forum)] Do you think criminals are born bad, or do they learn to lead a life of crime? Whodunit? Do you have what it takes to be a forensic expert? Newsreels [Video] Crime Spree [Text-based] Track Dillinger through his last year alive. Riding the Rails Added Obstacles [Text-based]