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Wholesale, Closeout and Surplus Auctions by Liquidators

Wholesale, Closeout and Surplus Auctions by Liquidators
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SUBURBAN Spunk*: $7 Vanity Light Redo I'm almost done with the master bathroom makeover (see the vanity refinish HERE and the DIY framed mirror HERE), but I still had the light fixture to replace. We had one of those terrible old school vanity lights, as seen here- (Ignore the painters' tape and paint supplies, as we had just finished framing the mirror) I pryed the cover of the fixture off- And then ran into a huge problem... It may or may not have stayed like that for 2 weeks...ok, 3. In a rare stroke of incredible luck while visiting the new Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I saw this display- It's hard to read but that red sign says 'All brass lighting $2'!!! I also stopped by this aisle- and grabbed 5 glass shades for $1/piece. And my amazing man friend then used his electric drill and installed this 'new' fixture for me... Can you believe the grand total for this large 5-light fixture was just 7 bucks!?!? love, S

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Suggestions For Better eBay Gallery Picture Appearance and Effectiveness eBay is a search driven shopping environment. Shoppers type in what they are looking for and eBay presents a list of items that match the search criteria. The content of your item title primarily determines whether or not your particular items for sale will appear in any given search result. When you elect to pay eBay 35 cents for eBay's "Gallery Picture" feature, eBay will display a thumbnail sized version of your item picture in search results. Above are actual images created by eBay from much larger originals I uploaded to them To Begin With: Set your camera to produce only 1 to 2 megapixels photos Yes, that's right -- both for photos you plan to give to eBay for processing and for those you will be self hosting it's usually best to set your camera to produce pictures in the range of 1 to 2 megapixels. Self hosting or eBay hosting - for Gallery Pictures there's not much difference For convenience I suggest using eBay hosting for the one picture they will host for free.

THE LIQUIDATORS - Home Κατασκευή eShop, Δημιουργία eShop, eShop πακέτα, Sell Online, ecommerce - Έτοιμο σε 10' Άμεσα αποτελέσματα και άμεσες πωλήσεις. Εγγραφείτε - Εισάγετε προϊόντα - Πουλήστε. Γρήγορο και αξιόπιστο ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα μέσα σε 10 λεπτά. Πλήρως παραμετροποιήσιμο Επέλεξε ένα από τα έτοιμα θέματα του Papakishop, ή απλά δημιουργήστε ένα νέο θέμα από το μηδέν. Προσιτό Ξεκινήστε απλά και μεγαλώστε το κατάστημά σας με το ρυθμό που θέλετε. Ασφαλείς συναλλαγές Ασφάλεια για εσάς και τους πελάτες σας, Με ένα σύγχρονο σύστημα πληρωμών και διαχείρισης. Nέος τρόπος εξόφλησης αγορών! Τώρα οι πελάτες σας μπορούν να εξoφλούν τις αγορές τους και μέσω PayPal! Επιλέξτε το θέμα που ταιριάζει στο δικό σας eShop , ή κατεβάστε ένα από τα έτοιμα θέματα και παραμετροποιήστε το! Τo Papakishop Simulator είναι ένα πρόγραμμα εγκατάστασης και επεξεργασίας θεμάτων , μέσα από το οποίο μπορείτε να κάνετε προεπισκόπηση του θέματος που δημιουργήσατε ή παραμετροποιήσατε για το eshop σας & να το εξάγετε για να το εγκαταστήσετε στο δικό σας Papakishop. Download Ναι. Τι βήματα πρέπει να ακολουθήσω;

Free POS Software / Free Cash Register Program. This software can be used in a classroom setting. Set up your own classroom store. Have your students take turns being the sales clerks while the rest are customers. Make up your own "money" or use Monopoly money. Practice buying things at a store, counting or making change. My daughter has used this program to be the "cashier" at our annual home grarage sales since she was 7 years old. This program comes with a minimal set up and can be used as soon as downloaded (and unzipped) as a generic store. This program can also be used for school money. This program can be run intermittently, turn it on or off at will and it will still keep track of sales. This software can be used to run an actual business. This program is a "look and feel" copy of cash register software that I used at my department in a nationwide department store chain for over 6 years. It can be set up to track up to 26,000 different stock items in 256 catagories from 256 different vendors with 10 different tax rates.

Fashion-Isha: MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH PINK AND AQUA (plus more last minute Mother's Day gift ideas) Waking up on a bright, sunny spring day always brings a lightness to my heart and I easily get inspired by the colors around me. There's no greater joy than beholding a newly budding cherry blossom tree or rose bush against the background of a dreamy azure sky. I'm having such a love affair with pink and aqua that I made up a pretty little collage inspired by these colors. They work in fashion, interior decor, jewelry, home accessories, gifts....anything your heart can dream of! Here are 5 gorgeous aqua/pink inspired gifts for Mother's Day (all for $100 or less) Have a gorgeous day and keep believing in the beauty of your dreams. xo Sharon

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020: Kat Simpson – “That Kat” is a trusted eCommerce author, speaker, educator, and entrepreneur | So You Wanna Sell On eBay 020: Kat Simpson – “That Kat” is a trusted eCommerce author, speaker, educator, and entrepreneur 3 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 3 Google+ 0 LinkedIn 0 inShare0 3 Flares × Kat Simpson is a trusted eCommerce author, speaker, educator, and entrepreneur. She has been a successful eCommerce merchant for over 10 years; is an eBay Education Specialist and Gold Level PowerSeller, as well as a successful Amazon merchant. Failure When she started, Kat didn’t know the difference between a trend and a fad. Success Kat is very proud of reaching gold power level seller and selling $10,000 a month on eBay. Current Business Kat sells 80 percent on Amazon and 20 percent on eBay. Life Before Current Business Kat was a stay at home mom who often had a job to bring a little extra money in, she sold Avon, and Stanley and Tupperware and worked at Woolworth’s. Helpful Tools: Kat buys liquidation lots from Contact Information Sponsors Listen to the Episode Below

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